Woody Allen
Woody Allen Пре 15 сати
Contestant: Aaron, I’ll take “Discount Double check” for a thousand. Aaron: This should be fun? Aaron: This Bears linebacker sacked Rodgers and broke his collarbone in the 2013 season. Contestant: Who is Mike Singletary? Aaron: It might as well have been. No, it was Shea McClellan. Where is he now?? Teehee.
1982Nightwing Пре 15 сати
Bring back Rogers!!
Smokey The Sir
Smokey The Sir Пре 15 сати
I'm screaming get them right please for my sake
Ruth Snyder
Ruth Snyder Пре 15 сати
CAnt find the last week of jeopardy shows hosted by aaron Rodgers
John Kreese
John Kreese Пре 15 сати
I only got the 200 dollar question right...I suck at this category
Chris Spendlove
Chris Spendlove Пре 16 сати
Tucci gang Tucci gang
SuperJohn12354 Пре 16 сати
I think Rodgers did a good job, there’s a guy called Matt “Money” Smith that would be great as the new host
Johnny G
Johnny G Пре 16 сати
MaryAnn Duran
MaryAnn Duran Пре 16 сати
Didn't care for him.
Sylvia Crane
Sylvia Crane Пре 16 сати
This gentleman has the most soothing, and velvety voice. Loved his style. Hope he returns for keeps. ,
Todd DeGennaro
Todd DeGennaro Пре 16 сати
Perm host!!! Please !!!
Todd DeGennaro
Todd DeGennaro Пре 17 сати
Bring him on permanently!!!!!!
HeimBatman Пре 17 сати
MarmosetTacos Пре 17 сати
Future minnesota viking Aaron Rogers
MangoMan Пре 17 сати
I want to try it out one day
Jeffrey Bate
Jeffrey Bate Пре 17 сати
You are a great host, but I'm getting sick of guys winning shit. Last white woman win was on march 31. White woman better win soon. Because of the tournament soon, that's will be my pick for the finals, 3 white woman contestant.
chuck vader
chuck vader Пре 17 сати
Aaron Rodgers is great, he should be the permanent Host
Jenna Wingate
Jenna Wingate Пре 17 сати
*A* Clockwork Orange
E C Пре 17 сати
I knew two answers before they were asked. Top Gun and Dirty Dancing.
Calvin Picard
Calvin Picard Пре 18 сати
got them all insyantly
Dean McCrorie
Dean McCrorie Пре 18 сати
They weren’t zombies!!! They were cordiceps!!!
Chris Daniel
Chris Daniel Пре 18 сати
"I'm old " lol
Woody Allen
Woody Allen Пре 19 сати
An awesome category on the board could be: “Coaches who passed on Packers head coaching job bc they think Rodgers is an arrogant asshole “ Holding out hope that they add that soon.
Do not Sub
Do not Sub Пре 19 сати
Best part of this is that bungie made halo
Rob Hamrick
Rob Hamrick Пре 19 сати
Can’t believe nobody got that. I know jeopardy contestants are notoriously bad at sports questions but this one was pretty easy imo.
North Valley Community Foundation
North Valley Community Foundation Пре 19 сати
Our hearts are overflowing! Our sincere thanks to the entire staff of Jeopardy! and Aaron Rodgers for this amazing opportunity! We are excited to get this money out into the community to support our small businesses right here in Butte County.
Derek Ilopan
Derek Ilopan Пре 19 сати
Ah, poor Katie.
J O Пре 20 сати
I'm speechless. For not guessing what are Green Bay Packers the team of Aaron Rogers, the result is a 15 yard penalty 🏈🚩
TheRealDunham Пре 20 сати
I swear on everything I said Stanford, completely out of my ass but I was right lmao
John Hendrickson
John Hendrickson Пре 20 сати
The Green Bay Packers were so good in the 1960s that they won 3 straight NFL championships before the NFL created the Super Bowl - which the Packers won the first 2!
Michael Simmons
Michael Simmons Пре 20 сати
This was an easy one. It's also the reason I tried to explain to some people, the new millennial didn't start until January 1, 2001.
Raider Reign
Raider Reign Пре 20 сати
Alex was the best
Timothy Moynihan
Timothy Moynihan Пре 20 сати
Legend has it, Jim still carries his BlockBuster rental card in his wallet.
10Sethg Пре 21 сат
Note to self: if you spend your life on video games you will have wasted it in multiple ways.
Roamer M
Roamer M Пре 21 сат
Aaron is clearly the best option for host replacement. Anderson Cooper the adrenochrome consuming CNN shill will be a disgrace.
Mark Rodriguez
Mark Rodriguez Пре 21 сат
4 out of 5,I've got right.
Michael Mc
Michael Mc Пре 21 сат
I knew about the ostriches in Joust and that's about it
Brian Smith
Brian Smith Пре 22 сата
Gavin new some destroyed business. Now it’s a charity. Disgusting.
LordAaronus Пре 22 сата
wasn't egghead from marvel tho
Bryan Hamby
Bryan Hamby Пре 22 сата
Michael Rickett
Michael Rickett Пре 22 сата
He's an excellent host!
Man Incognito
Man Incognito Пре 22 сата
Smart people don't play videogames. They make them.
alida flus
alida flus Пре 22 сата
He’s so good as host. The first few episodes were a little low energy but he started to get into a groove and he’s had cute little moments like this.
Bran L
Bran L Пре 23 сата
It took 35 years to see someone like this it will probably take the same amount of time to see someone like him again!
Lin Kuei Dragon
Lin Kuei Dragon Пре 23 сата
Dragon Age V: Skyrim sounds about right to me. Sarcastically, obviously. Don't even get me started with Pixar Infinity.
jkmattp Colorado
jkmattp Colorado Пре 23 сата
😑I got them all right😑
Ami Dark
Ami Dark Пре 23 сата
Fucking nerds don't know video games...Smfh, get out! None of ya win!
The Book Was Better
The Book Was Better Пре дан
They should have done one from The Man With One Red Shoe.
Buddha Belly
Buddha Belly Пре дан
The black guy is like: “Who is Tony Stark?” 😂
Mcnz Пре дан
Good on them,who farkin cares about video games...oh wait...losers do
No One In Particular
No One In Particular Пре дан
They used the Joker on a $200 clue? That's just begging for trouble.
Joseph Hite
Joseph Hite Пре дан
You know they all were like, “ Crap! Should’ve listened to my kids!”
Brandon Davenport
Brandon Davenport Пре дан
Aaron rodgers is terrible
Potty Pranks
Potty Pranks Пре дан
Anderson Pooper has a loose sphyncter
Buddy Lembeck
Buddy Lembeck Пре дан
This game was so bad it ended up in the city dump. What is E.T on Atari? Wrong..the correct answer is the last of us 2
ultimateawseome Пре дан
What is with the Aaron Rodgers fandom? Dude was drier than a French fry
Braden Houser
Braden Houser Пре 20 сати
you will hate joe buck then
Alexander Forbes
Alexander Forbes Пре дан
It's funny how when you know a lot about a topic the jeopardy questions (technically answers, I guess) usually seems fairly surface level. That's the key to any trivia game really, not to know a lot about one thing but a little about a lot of things.
John Thomson
John Thomson Пре дан
My #12 is Tom Brady but Aaron Rogers did a great job. He made me like him.
playbackproductions1 Пре дан
Shoulda guessed "Danky Kang"
Devon Sundgren
Devon Sundgren Пре дан
The Angry Cowboy
The Angry Cowboy Пре дан
Aaron is the dude.
Tony Пре дан
All that movie binge watching in the 80s finally payed off.
Sir GzOnE
Sir GzOnE Пре дан
Joust got me
The Chad
The Chad Пре дан
I honestly really enjoy watching jeopardy with Aaron hosting. Sincerely. He’s serious and calm and yet he can be hilarious too. Give this nfl thing one last year, and then please come to jeopardy and be the host for the next 35 years
Cody Vandal
Cody Vandal Пре дан
Thats why he's thinking about it. He wont make as much money hosting as playing but he could literally do it for decades if he wants (only like 50-60 days a year of filming)
WeTheSheeple Пре дан
Turns out some people don't give a shit about video games
Joe Hess
Joe Hess Пре дан
I will not watch... talk about ratings killer
Mike Fitz
Mike Fitz Пре дан
What's up with psycho boy holding his wrist that way?
Vegetafett Пре дан
Im just glad that Eldercrolls was on Jeopardy.
Josh Bean
Josh Bean Пре дан
Ok are we just going to sit here and not mention the lady in the middle using her index finger to push the button on the buzzer? Who does that?
kevinfan726 Пре дан
VINCE GILLIGAN!! I was rooting for him at the time. I never miss Jeopardy.
Kevin Grace
Kevin Grace Пре дан
Let Aaron be the host for good
Michael Burmy
Michael Burmy Пре дан
"A brand of freezer pops, it fittingly did a tie-in promotion to '97's 'Batman & Robin'"
Brandon Shaver
Brandon Shaver Пре дан
The Joker, not Joker. Yes, everyone should be happy I'm not a Judge on Jeopardy. THE Penguin Yes everyone should be happy I'm not THE Penguin. Sorry, but Humpty Dumpty is not an egg. Read the Rhyme. No mention of what Humpty Dumpty actually is. Also, Host has zero personality
MR. M Пре дан
I'm sorry what it feels like an snl skit... Any does speak a little louder be a little more entertaining to monotone n softspoken..... Who is stick to football
Rigo Flores
Rigo Flores Пре дан
Go Bears!
jeopardy60611 Пре дан
Alex's medical problems do make good subject matter for a Jeopardy category.
NoraTheFish Пре дан
I got that answer..😆🛵! Aaron would be a great Jeopardy host.🏆
TisEyerish1 Пре дан
I would love to see him behind that podium every night for years to come!
ducky_S14M07 Пре дан
Hearing him say battle royale just feels too right.
Sam Coll
Sam Coll Пре дан
😂😂 why would she wager any money if she didn't know the answer...