Could Nikola Jokic actually average a triple-double? | The Jump

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On The Jump, Rachel Nichols, Paul Pierce and David Fizdale play “Stat Market,” discussing Joel Embiid’s career-best field goal percentage, Nikola Jokic averaging a triple-double and the New York Knicks having two of the top three minutes-per-game leaders with RJ Barrett and Julius Randle.
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Skeeter Johnson
Skeeter Johnson Пре 10 дана
I doubt he really cares. Unlike Westbrook, you'll never see him padding stats just to get triple doubles.
Bozha Kapetanovic
Bozha Kapetanovic Пре месец
He is surely one of the best centers of all times.
Ju Pin
Ju Pin Пре месец
In todayd rigged league, no doubt.
Dalai Farmer
Dalai Farmer Пре месец
Dom Panetta
Dom Panetta Пре месец
“He’s playing 7”😂😂😂😂😂
Sun rise
Sun rise Пре месец
No, no he can’t.
Crystal Butter fly
Crystal Butter fly Пре месец
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Kyle Wilkins
Kyle Wilkins Пре месец
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Mence Пре месец
Imagine if Europe could have 1 team instead of having One team for every country. Doncic pg dragic sg bogdanovic sf Giannis pf jokic c. It would be a legendary team.
Tom Sugars
Tom Sugars Пре месец
i would love to see kawhi on tibs team
Kyle Green
Kyle Green Пре месец
I don’t see why Jokic couldn’t average a triple double, he’s a center so rebounds should be easy, he’s obviously going to be averaging more than 10 points a game, and he’s one of the best passers in the league so 10 assists a game doesn’t seem far fetched.
Nikola Braco
Nikola Braco Пре месец
Jokic mvp
Funny Wolf
Funny Wolf Пре месец
Jokic stat padding
Zakaria Пре месец
Y’all want joker to average a triple double but when Russ does it he’s a stat padder 🤦🏾‍♂️
CedRock Starr
CedRock Starr Пре месец
“Newtrishaniz”?? Lol
IndomitusGaia Пре месец
Doesn't matter why 10 is remarcably better than 9. What's important is winning and playing good. 3ple double is just a dumb stat
Mike Wazowski
Mike Wazowski Пре месец
Braysheep Пре месец
Children'sBooksforAdults Пре месец
FG% is such a garbage stat that I had to check Embiid's stats, and it's not just shooting fewer threes and hitting them better: his 2p% so far this year is 57%. His previous high was 53.5%.
Assi Barulpan
Assi Barulpan Пре месец
The jump used to have elaborate and serious discussions with some great sports analysts and savvy ex-players, and it was great. now it's all 'make or miss' and stat market when you have 2 minutes at best per topic and it's just so toyish and lacks depth.
Dude Litte
Dude Litte Пре месец
Lebron is so likeable nice 👍
The00Artist Пре месец
Modern day Larry bird
Luka Brenjo
Luka Brenjo Пре месец
Even if he does, he'll never achieve anything with Denver nor with any other team. Simply NOT that type. Don't wanna say he's a looser, but deffinitely not a leader. To anemic, to disinterested and dispassionate. Just look at tonights game against Utah. Again fine numbers for him,35pts,14r,9a, but another lost game. Had 6to, 5 extremly stupid fouls at.c. All of it in very crucial moments of the game.
jalyssa peters
jalyssa peters Пре месец
The past sense reilly squeal because move ostensibly approve unto a diligent summer. tasteful, superb pisces
jr da boy
jr da boy Пре месец
he’s doing it right now
pepehorne Пре месец
If Jokić averages triple-double he should be an MVP
Only Facts
Only Facts Пре месец
EMBID never shoot 50% 00:20 thats shocking ...NO SHOCKING is that the MEDIA still thinks he is in the TOP 3 of centers... Where is SABONIS / VUCEVIC / KAT / JOKIC ..all of them play in small markets thats why they never talk of them..
Only Facts
Only Facts Пре месец
HE could average 50 POINTS that MEDIA wouldnt give him a MVP vote..
nestra two
nestra two Пре месец
mvp if he can sustain his current averages also need to be in playoffs.
Mike Panton
Mike Panton Пре месец
sad thing is that if Jokic averages a triple-double, people will say it wasn't a full season
Aidan Chung
Aidan Chung Пре месец
I won’t
LoveSalsa Пре месец
Of course he could if he wanted. He currently averages it in the flow of the game, without stat padding like Westbrick. He is such a better player than Russ.
EmpErroRq Пре месец
Embiid said he searched "white guys shooting threes", imagine if white nba player said something like "I've searched black guys dunking basketball" there would be riots
Jonnie5 Bgood
Jonnie5 Bgood Пре месец
Not really. That's not a negative stereotype.
Luke Hansford
Luke Hansford Пре месец
Go the Joker
VII Central
VII Central Пре месец
Stop this lebron clearly mvp as of rn. Best player best record w less minutes
raja Пре месец
When Jokic and Embiid took care of the body the leagues is over....
Justin Van Houten
Justin Van Houten Пре месец
Anyone know what kind of glasses Paul has on?
Paul Jenkins
Paul Jenkins Пре месец
Jokic's assists will drop below 10 by Feb. Would still be cool if he tops Wilt's 8.6 though.
Daniel Kurtović
Daniel Kurtović Пре месец
Most probably , he ain`t chase the stats. He already sit in 3rd Q and do not enter in 4th, not first time happend.
Vankai Пре месец
Nikola Jokic getting a triple double is more meaningful to a team than Westbrook
Ohm Patel
Ohm Patel Пре месец
someone give Drummond is respect
Erin J
Erin J Пре месец
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Green Lion
Green Lion Пре месец
Chokic will NEVER win a ring.
R3ap3r Пре месец
haterz gonna hate
Luka Calov
Luka Calov Пре месец
Paul Pierce: Im better than all these player combined
Kawaii Potatoes
Kawaii Potatoes Пре месец
It depends on his teammates if they hit those open shots.
Jojo maybe the MVP
D D Пре месец
Yeah the big difference is Russ was 100% focused on his stats, even if he had to force it, but Joker is just taking what the D gives him and trying to get wins.
anwjuice Пре месец
Jokic is disrespected and underrated for one reason really and that's because he is a white serbian. Gianni's gets love but doesn't win but he is black. Now it's not just because he is white he is hated on either because let's be honest if he was white american he would be great white hope but he is serbian which is a former russian country and I was kid in 1980s alot of popular culture was USA vs Russia. If he was black Frenchman he would be loved. People would praise him but he white and serbian so he gets under ranked. Please don't tell me this doesn't happen either cuz I watch with my own eyes the disrespect every game jokic gets from refs who are black. I think to myself dang if he was black he wouldn't get that be call on him. He gets more phantom calls on him not for him more then any other current player and I guranteeni watch more hoops than most of y'alli dvr games even and got league pass and I got sirius xm listening to games when in car
anwjuice Пре месец
Been saying it for 3 yeas but Jokic is a 2000s hybrid of Larry Legend Tim Duncan Moses Malone Moses Malone is the most underrated player ever period. The only person to win ring in 80s when Magic and Bird was going back and forth was Moses Malone..jokic rebounds like Malone. If Malone played today he would play like Joker
Triqkshot Пре месец
If he wanted to stat pad yes he could easily but that’s the difference between great leaders like him and people like Westbrook.
Zakaria Пре месец
Lmao if u think joker is a better leader than Russ then you’re a casual
truth truth
truth truth Пре месец
Paul Pirce Shaq and Jefferson are only ones who give credit to Joker Stephen A. is straight hate
Aidan Chung
Aidan Chung Пре месец
He’s racist
theReal JayZ
theReal JayZ Пре месец
Russ cheapened the triple double. It’s not as impressive as it once was
aleksey aleksey
aleksey aleksey Пре 9 дана
eventually there will be an asterisk to his seasons
Jackson Carey
Jackson Carey Пре месец
from a center with good efficiency it’s worth more. not like russ stat padding
Evan Buntoro
Evan Buntoro Пре месец
Center leading the league in assist is unbelievable Center averaging a triple double, that is bonkers The scary thing is Joker can do this for the next 5 seasons or so
Void Vortex
Void Vortex Пре месец
He is 25, allways has been healthy and he doesn't rely in athleticism, so 10-12 seasons should be no problem
beastmry Пре месец
greatest pick in the 40s in history?
Dozer Mramur
Dozer Mramur Пре месец
He litteraly doesent care about stats unlike khm khm ESPN and many other media that is there for the hype and money that players can bring to the show.
Gee Cee
Gee Cee Пре месец
Jokic or Embiid (healthy)?
kasper rieberg
kasper rieberg Пре месец
But Embiid can never stay healthy !
petar pavic
petar pavic Пре месец
Dominique Brown
Dominique Brown Пре месец
Noëlli Christin Mong
Noëlli Christin Mong Пре месец
Kevin love and Draymond can pass the ball
anwjuice Пре месец
Yes but not like Jokic
S T Пре месец
Im a big Jokic fan but he puts team before himself so i dont know if he will go for stats or wins, sometimes wins dont bring triple doubles
Laikon24 Пре месец
Wins. Jokic doesnt care about stats, only winning a rin
TOAST Thoughts Of A Stoner T.V
TOAST Thoughts Of A Stoner T.V Пре месец
Rachel is amazing at her job. I love her keep her forever
thunderstar254 Пре месец
Molly on the other hand...
O K Пре месец
Did you know 4 of the 5 NBA performance winners in 2020 were foreign players.. American players better wake up
Umont12 Пре месец
It’s an international game.
Vanegas Strouse
Vanegas Strouse Пре месец
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Tyler Grey
Tyler Grey Пре месец
First center to average that??
THICCshake dabber
THICCshake dabber Пре месец
Bro her voice 🤮
T D Пре месец
For anyone who isn't aware he picked up his game to another level this season entirely. He's in great shape, which couldn't have been said before, and he looks a little quicker on defense with a better jump. The other night he almost had a quadruple double with 7 steals, and in an interview after the Warriors game he mentioned Mike Miller called him the Cookie Monster.
Hyde Jekyll
Hyde Jekyll Пре месец
So joker > westbrook
kasper rieberg
kasper rieberg Пре месец
Haunted Astolfo Beantown plushie
Haunted Astolfo Beantown plushie Пре месец
He would be the first since Oscar Robertson to average a triple double without stat padding. Amazing!
DOMlas360 Пре месец
what's his percentage against Gasol?
DOMlas360 Пре месец
@Death Angel thanks man! Someone knows👍
DOMlas360 Пре месец
@John Dogan lol😂I meant what would Joel Embids percentage against Marc.
Death Angel
Death Angel Пре месец
@John Dogan I'm sure he's talking about Embiid
Dominique Brown
Dominique Brown Пре месец
@John Dogan jokic looked like he was having trouble with dwight howard on him in the playoffa
Giovannie Brady
Giovannie Brady Пре месец
Pierce was loving that Euro step at 1:08
Rico Пре месец
that was so slow
Young Satch
Young Satch Пре месец
Paul Pierce and Fizdale as a combo more often please!!
Basketball Fundamentals
Basketball Fundamentals Пре месец
Yes he can because he is the best passing big man of all time.
M M Пре месец
Me in 2015: Nuggets are disrespectful to Melo giving this dude #15. Me in 2021: He's the better #15 in Nuggets history.
nixck Пре месец
This man sell snap backs for a living the way he 🧢
MLGEnDeRclanGaming Пре месец
@Davin Rucker he’s getting more athletic by the day. His little shuffle is entirely reliant on it, and he really just chooses not to use it. He will most definantly be the best in the league
Miguel Rodriguez
Miguel Rodriguez Пре месец
Robert Gaj
Robert Gaj Пре месец
@Davin Rucker Hmm top 5 and the best center in the league, sure. maybe he'll also have an MVP season. But the very best player in the league seems like a stretch to me.
Davin Rucker
Davin Rucker Пре месец
theReal JayZ I could see him becoming the best in the league even with his limited athleticism. He’s that good
Sports Actuary
Sports Actuary Пре месец
Jokic appears to be in very good shape.
Veon Noire
Veon Noire Пре месец
Since i started watching nba in 05,Ive never seen an offense like denver,its an slow pace old school offense that revolves around a big,evertime he post up high or low he gets doubled and he can kick it out to shooters or pass it to cutters,and if its one on one its bbq chicken,if jokic keeps this pace he will the mvp this season...
anwjuice Пре месец
And you are not very smart calling denver offense slow when the numbers show they run an up tempo offense
anwjuice Пре месец
You to young to know but it's called Motion offense. Alot of college teams run it. It's all about players moving,cutting, sharing the ball. Nba runs a ton of iso and this is why bball purist prefer college game over nba game. They play as one. Nba it's all bout me me me
liu travis
liu travis Пре месец
Wesbrook be so confused : I thought you people don't like averaging a tripple double!
milan jovanovic
milan jovanovic Пре месец
Jokić already passed corona so no worry for Nuggets about that
Joe Knapp
Joe Knapp Пре месец
Fizdale’s such a cool cat yo, wanna smoke a joint with that dude sooo bad 😂✌️
Joe Knapp
Joe Knapp Пре месец
@straight shootah insecure af 🤣🤣🤣
straight shootah
straight shootah Пре месец
sus af
Jared Thomas
Jared Thomas Пре месец
i just don't see it, jokic isn't a stat pad type guy. to avg. a trip-dub, you gotta stat pad
Bill Rich
Bill Rich Пре месец
Good thing Joel didn't watch me shoot threes. Though at least I can jump.
Lord Borus
Lord Borus Пре месец
Dayum Embiid never shot over 50% before? Gzz how? Bro 7 ft tall just turn around and shoot. Joker will average a trip double for the season. Russ showed us how meaningless and easy triple doubles are to get. & Keep up the good work Knicks 👏
Jared Thomas
Jared Thomas Пре месец
it's cuz he shoots a lot of 3s lol
Eduardo Madrigal
Eduardo Madrigal Пре месец
Jokic for MVP if he gets a triple double. 🙏 I'm a big joker fan and I'm not even a nuggets fan
Greek Young buck
Greek Young buck Пре месец
@Jared Thomas why?
kasper rieberg
kasper rieberg Пре месец
They could both be mvp in the future ! But they would need a better team record, in order to win mvp. Both teams are roughly 500 teams now
Jared Thomas
Jared Thomas Пре месец
i got luka for mvp
Eudy Brand
Eudy Brand Пре месец
In today's game? Absolutely yes
Jared Thomas
Jared Thomas Пре месец
i don't see it, he doesn't care about stats
Youtubefan2017 Пре месец
The Truth is buying into Jokic, Let’s Go!
daniel souza
daniel souza Пре месец
Aidan Chung
Aidan Chung Пре месец
Wait if jokic wins the mvp this year, is he the first person in history to win mvp despite being drafted in the second round?
John Elway
John Elway Пре месец
@Jared Thomas just any year dude
Jared Thomas
Jared Thomas Пре месец
luka i think is mvp
casey douglas
casey douglas Пре месец
They do know he takes mid range and three pointers ? Lmaoo ,his field goal percentage is pretty impressive for the shots he takes
Dominique Brown
Dominique Brown Пре месец
@Adriano Atuati no go to ben simmons's instagram comments on his latest post. Hes playing so bad right now it looks like he may be out of the league soon and the fans are pissed. Embiid is averaging more points that jokic despite having to carry a scrub
Adriano Atuati
Adriano Atuati Пре месец
@Dominique Brown So your point is that Jokic has a better FG % because he's a better player? I can take that. :D
Dominique Brown
Dominique Brown Пре месец
@Igor M jokic has more space than embiid and teams are more reluctant to triple team jokic because jokic is a good passer
Igor M
Igor M Пре месец
It's not impressive. Take a look at Jokic's field goal percentages over the years. There's only one season when he didn't average above 50% from the field (in 2017-18 he averaged 49.9%)... Or KAT for example. Those field goal percentages are impressive.
Berry Mckockiner
Berry Mckockiner Пре месец
Jokic>Embiid Jokic is more efficient then Embiid, the only things Embiid is better at, is defense. Also Jokic will be MVP.
kasper rieberg
kasper rieberg Пре месец
@Jared Thomas To you point, Luka need the Mavs to be atleast top 3-4 seed to win mvp, and i doubt they will be
Лексо Саичић
Лексо Саичић Пре месец
@James Woodard child please. Can you not come up with an original thought of your own?
T D Пре месец
Joker's getting better at defense, he had 7 steals the other night and 4 blocks in another game. People forget he just turned 25...
Berry Mckockiner
Berry Mckockiner Пре месец
@James Woodard Jimmy Butler not Embiid, the heat was proof of that and Embiid getting swept further cements the fact. Jokic>Embiid
James Woodard
James Woodard Пре месец
@Berry Mckockiner And Embiid took TOR to 7 games and a buzzer beater while they destroyed the rest of their opponents that year🤔
J D Пре месец
A center who could lead the league in assists for the season. Let that sink in
Da real Met0r
Da real Met0r Пре месец
@Igor M I watched one of his full games I think it was 18 blocks in one game
Igor M
Igor M Пре месец
@Anon ymous Wilt wasn't the most talented basketball player, or most decorated. But he was, psychically, the greatest athlete of all time. NBA did not recognize blocks as an official stat until after Wilt retired. He probably had numerous quadruple-doubles. The era he played in wasn't easy, he made it look easy.
Anon ymous
Anon ymous Пре месец
T Bates in a much much easier era
T Bates
T Bates Пре месец
Wilt did it already.
R3ap3r Пре месец
@Not Sus He's just beginning bro
KingSerbon7 Пре месец
Jokara brat!!!
Tim Cleezy
Tim Cleezy Пре месец
Brooks Orlando
Brooks Orlando Пре месец
Jokic is gonna go down as an all time great. Best 2nd rd pick of all time
Ra No
Ra No Пре месец
@Jared Thomas you could make a case for manu, but not for triple single.
Gadjiglo Znone
Gadjiglo Znone Пре месец
@Jared Thomas Gtfo
Brooks Orlando
Brooks Orlando Пре месец
@A Z Yea for sure. I factored both of them in when I posted this. Dray and Manu were never #1 player on a champ contender. Jokic is
A Z Пре месец
@Jared Thomas joker better than dray and will end better than manu
Jared Thomas
Jared Thomas Пре месец
manu ? draymond ?
LeeTravius Mckay
LeeTravius Mckay Пре месец
Jokic is the best passing big man
Srdjan Lekic
Srdjan Lekic Пре месец
Best player at the moment
Baseball Pimp
Baseball Pimp Пре месец
@Vandit Gupta it’s impressive for Jokic though because he’s a seven foot center that doesn’t move that well 😂
@Dominique Brown Stastistics do not lie.
@Dominique Brown Man plays in life form.
Vandit Gupta
Vandit Gupta Пре месец
@Dominique Brown Westbrook made triple-double just too common ... that's why it's not an impressive feat anymore.
LeeTravius Mckay
LeeTravius Mckay Пре месец
I mean stats don't mean much I would like for jokic to win an MVP
kasper rieberg
kasper rieberg Пре месец
I’m with you ! But for him to win the nuggets needs a top 3-4 seed at least and right now they are a 500 team
#1 YouTube Fan
#1 YouTube Fan Пре месец
quit stealing comments you dingus.
Jared Thomas
Jared Thomas Пре месец
he doesn't care about stats
Life Is My Opportunity - Channel
Life Is My Opportunity - Channel Пре месец
Due to the pandemic I lost my job. As a result I started this channel, now my job is to inspire the world 🌍
BT HD Пре месец
Isn't he already averaging a triple double....
BT HD Пре месец
@Jay Styles aight lmk sum
Jay Styles
Jay Styles Пре месец
They talking for the whole season
24SparrowJack Пре месец
nah Jokic isn't that selfish
Jared Thomas
Jared Thomas Пре месец
true, he's a team-first/giving player
Tuck Presley
Tuck Presley Пре месец
I think we take Jokic for granted. He is easily one of the rarest players in NBA history! The fact that we’re even talking about a center averaging a triple double is insane. We’re lucky to be witnessing the talent into today’s league. Cherish it while we have it!
Tej S
Tej S Пре месец
He looks so slow its crazy and suddenly he has 20/15/10
Arturo Cortez
Arturo Cortez Пре месец
@Jared Thomas honestly jokic isn the best player to make a casual fan ... a basketball fan , he’s flashy pass is the the most fun thing to watch in the nba
Tuck Presley
Tuck Presley Пре месец
@Jason Milly yeah I think the Nuggets are still at least a piece away from winning a championship. They need another all star caliber player alongside Jokic and Murray. Like you said, it doesn’t seem like they are willing to go all in for another superstar unfortunately.
Jason Milly
Jason Milly Пре месец
I just hope he stays healthy and the Nuggets can contend for championships. Everyone else needs to step up and play at the peak of their career tho and gotta keep drafting well b/c Nuggets fans know they won't build around him via big trades/signings...go all in.
Igor M
Igor M Пре месец
@Bruno .Doinel You're saying that "you can't compare players from different eras", while incessantly comparing players from different eras. And I wonder what do you mean by "more skilled"? Ok, Olajuwon didn't shoot 3s. Yet his Field Goal Percentage for his career is lower than Jokic's? Ok, you can say that stats are inflated nowadays, but I see all the greatest players of Hakeem's era (and older) on the top 10 lists I mentioned (career leaders in WS/48, PER, BPM, etc.). He's not there.
Nebojsa Njegovanovic
Nebojsa Njegovanovic Пре месец
He could easily do it if he wanted, but he doesnt really care... only this season in 2 games he walked out with 1 rebound short from trpl-dbl in the 3rd quarter and didnt play the 4th... and last season i can thinknof 10 games where he done the same.. 1 rebound or assist short and didnt play in the 4th coz of blow outs.. so if they were important to him he could have had 15-20 more during his career so far...
Rayn D
Rayn D Пре месец
@J C Yeah, Westbrick is mr. Fake 3D guy... Joker is the real one.
J C Пре месец
@Robert Gaj countless times were he would play for triple doubles at the cost of his team. 1st year was his better year
Alex Escutia
Alex Escutia Пре месец
@Robert Gaj he’s talking about since then you can’t deny since then the triple double becomes his staple that’s what sets him apart so he always pushes for it just watch him play
Robert Gaj
Robert Gaj Пре месец
@J C That first year without KD he got that team to 47 wins and had a bunch of clutch plays, I think you are reaching with that it's only about him in this case.
kasper rieberg
kasper rieberg Пре месец
@anwjuice He hustles allright, but he’s still a stat padder
Robert Lind
Robert Lind Пре месец
kasper rieberg
kasper rieberg Пре месец
Or Glen’big baby’ Davis
Techmania marko stojanovic
Techmania marko stojanovic Пре месец
I just hope this assists dont confuse him from the main goal.
Baseball Pimp
Baseball Pimp Пре месец
@T D I always thought the one player who’s really bothered the joker and guarded him well is Dwight Howard. But even then the joker started putting up good numbers in that Lakers series and started finding ways to score on Howard as well
T D Пре месец
His game relies around having the ball and being very smart with it. If a team wants to give him an easy shot he'll take it, but if anyone comes to help them Joker will get it to the open man on the hands 9/10 times. It's nearly impossible to guard, unless you're bigger than him and understand what he's trying to do like Boban in Dallas. He's focused and ready to win an MVP, it's the rest of the Nuggets who need to get their games together.
Techmania marko stojanovic
Techmania marko stojanovic Пре месец
@Hulagu, Chiefest and Greatest amongst Calamities u watch stevan A too@much.and the comment is in place
Hulagu, Chiefest and Greatest amongst Calamities
Hulagu, Chiefest and Greatest amongst Calamities Пре месец
It’s all within the system, do you even watch the games? This comment is blasphemous
Jared Thomas
Jared Thomas Пре месец
it's a part of his game
LPjunemark Пре месец
Dallas pls trade kp for jokic.
T D Пре месец
We'll take Luka, and all of your first round picks for 10 years. Still isn't enough, but that's just because Joker is so good and there has never been a player like him before.
John Elway
John Elway Пре месец
Need a lot more than that to get Jokic but it won’t ever happen because he’s stated only came here to be with Denver because he liked the team
Jared Thomas
Jared Thomas Пре месец
nuggets wouldn't do that for kp, they'd do it for LUKA tho
Berry Mckockiner
Berry Mckockiner Пре месец
Nah KP for Kat
Naturally toasty
Naturally toasty Пре месец
@Russell Westbrook yelling at woman and children I don’t want the trade in the first place jokic is cool where he’s at
Sacramento’s finest
Sacramento’s finest Пре месец
Jokic is also an immigrant so that’s a +
Robert Lind
Robert Lind Пре месец
US immigrants going to be running away from USA soon expect for the NBA players
Dimitrije Tucović
Dimitrije Tucović Пре месец
No. Because he is not chasing them like Westbrook. Jokić gets them naturally by playing the right way.
Jared Thomas
Jared Thomas Пре месец
true, you have to WANT to do that imo
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