Eden Hazard Substituted & Changed The Game 🤩

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Shpendi10CFC Пре месец
Many Madrid fans are frustrated to him after that laugh at the end in Wednesday. Just keep support him to see his magic when he is fully fit.
Oussama Chraïbi
Oussama Chraïbi Пре месец
Justin Anderson That’s really true. They don’t understand him Like in England.
ThisAndThat765 Пре месец
But do you really think that’s gonna happen lol. He’s done.. are you in love with him or something ? Like what the hell lol
Gorgeous Пре месец
@Steve who isn't?!
Gorgeous Пре месец
@Luca Fortunato Hazzard!!! Extra z for dangerous, dangerous for RMADRID
Gorgeous Пре месец
t8 Studios
t8 Studios Пре 9 дана
He just scored an decisive goal which that kept Real Madrid's title hopes alive
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose Пре месец
ചാരമാണ് എന്ന് ചികയാൻ നിക്കണ്ടാ കനൽ കെട്ടിലെല് കത്തും 🔥hazard💥
aola wili
aola wili Пре месец
Shauka Hodan
Shauka Hodan Пре месец
ചാരമാണ് എന്ന് ചികയാൻ നിക്കണ്ടാ കനൽ കെട്ടിലെല് കത്തും 🔥hazard💥
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose Пре месец
Luckiest goal i ever seen it was kroos who changed the game with one hell of a power shot.
mikea hiooi
mikea hiooi Пре месец
i hope he score more goals
aola wili
aola wili Пре месец
Madrid tactic so trash.
bilishu aliss
bilishu aliss Пре месец
Pique: "That extra times was too longgggg....."
Shauka Hodan
Shauka Hodan Пре месец
Lol. Don’t think anyone cares dude. Also why do you seem to worship him. He’s fat and finished now 🤷🏽
Yinka Yusuf
Yinka Yusuf Пре месец
Nope, put sentiment aside. For now hazard is not contributing a lot to Real Madrid. I wish he gets his confidence back.
mikea hiooi
mikea hiooi Пре месец
the chosen ones after all
Aldair Nuñez
Aldair Nuñez Пре месец
Donde está jazar 7 jazar 7 donde está, el fuertesito está llorando porque ya no ganan naaa Donde está jazaaar 7
sokin jon
sokin jon Пре месец
¿''Changed the game''?
Erick Aguero
Erick Aguero Пре месец
I want this dude hazard gone , like idc he just needs to stop playing for Real Madrid or if hes out there playing he needs to show respect to Real Madrid fans and take that 7 off his back
bilishu aliss
bilishu aliss Пре месец
¿''Changed the game''?
Geefwee Bodoe
Geefwee Bodoe Пре месец
It's his goal though, right?
Nokia King
Nokia King Пре месец
If I'm zidane I will buy kylian mbappe so the position will be like this RW:Kylian mbappe CF:Benzema LW:Vinicus Jr And Hazard I will put as Attacker midfield because he is more suitable as a play maker
Jairo Maldonado
Jairo Maldonado Пре месец
Look at the heel goal better angles in my profile
Puspa raj Gurung
Puspa raj Gurung Пре месец
edcvgftyu tgbhuji
edcvgftyu tgbhuji Пре месец
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པར་དིཔ་ ཏ་མ་ང་ Пре месец
didnot see doing good
Diego Barcena
Diego Barcena Пре месец
Nahhh he just pass the ball back
Yanis Agodor
Yanis Agodor Пре месец
Jesus love you, he died on the cross for you, accept him as your lord and savior he can change everything. For God so loved the world that he gave his only son, so that everyone who believes in him may not perish but may have eternal life" (Jn 3:16" But you must repent too. From that time Jesus went about preaching and saying, Let your hearts be turned from sin, for the kingdom of heaven is near. (Matthew 4:17):
Kenny Albert
Kenny Albert Пре месец
Us Chelsea supporters are much more behind him than his very own club supporter The lot of you are a fucking shame
Amaan Malik
Amaan Malik Пре месец
Luckiest goal i ever seen it was kroos who changed the game with one hell of a power shot.
ჯ BIG DADDY ჯ Пре месец
Madrid tactic so trash.
ThisAndThat765 Пре месец
Lol. Don’t think anyone cares dude. Also why do you seem to worship him. He’s fat and finished now 🤷🏽
Secret Wars - Michael Jordan vids channel
Secret Wars - Michael Jordan vids channel Пре месец
Write Hazard off at your own peril . He's one of the most talented players of all time. If he stays fit, I have a strong feeling he's going to dominate the upcoming Euros. He's one of the chosen ones after all
Secret Wars - Michael Jordan vids channel
Secret Wars - Michael Jordan vids channel Пре месец
People writing this guy off are naive. He's had 11 njuries since joining Madrid, most of them major. It's impossible to build any form of continuing or form when you're injured all the time. The incredible talent is still there. He just needs to stay fit. I'm also not convinced Zidane is the best coach for him
erre hache 420
erre hache 420 Пре месец
¿''Changed the game''?
ΚοnKon Пре месец
That title is 100% clickbait
xWesuvio Пре месец
lmao Hazard fanboys have no shame
Nino Salazar
Nino Salazar Пре месец
I still believe he doesn't belong to Real Madrid, if you don't agree with me is ok but I don't care either so don't answear this comment.
john connor
john connor Пре месец
They told him you better make a difference or your gana cry laughing
SA KILLER Пре месец
he just lucky
StarZu Пре месец
6 minutes?? wtf xD
Orlando SzRo
Orlando SzRo Пре месец
Wtf? 😂😂😂
András Horváth
András Horváth Пре месец
Amaizing goal OMG
Alberto López
Alberto López Пре месец
Hahahazard 😂
Orane Parkinson
Orane Parkinson Пре месец
Changed the game?? Lol sure
Nenad Bibic
Nenad Bibic Пре месец
Hazard will soon fit
Junayed Ahmed
Junayed Ahmed Пре месец
Boycott Hazard from Real Madrid! Boycott Hazard! Boycott Hazard!
F A Пре месец
Hazard at Chelsea was different...
Sebastian Rojas Bendezu
Sebastian Rojas Bendezu Пре месец
le sobra calidad, lo que tiene que hacer es mejorar su condicion fisica
bal si
bal si Пре месец
Brandon Smith
Brandon Smith Пре месец
Euren Lu
Euren Lu Пре месец
what the actual fuck is this video about he didn't do shit in the match so please you still have time to delete this crappy video and by the way he doesn't even know how tf he scored even he wanted to move his foot from the ball and still managed to score smh
rodrigo csantos
rodrigo csantos Пре месец
He was shit, stop overhype everything average, u can see how he loses the ball pathethicaly
we love to see it
MAXIM The InternetBreaker
MAXIM The InternetBreaker Пре месец
Kroos always saves us with that special ground shot.
Noah888 Пре месец
I think everyone hating on him is giving him motivation to try harder.
Adem Kilinc
Adem Kilinc Пре месец
Wait so is that a hazard goal? Hit his foot and went in also it looked like it was going off target
drew 10
drew 10 Пре месец
Bale>>>>Hazard but I still believe he will be back to top form🔥🔥🔥
Julien Huveners
Julien Huveners Пре месец
Give him n10 he is not a winger. He's the playmaker that Madrid needs.
Steve McGarry
Steve McGarry Пре месец
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Roberto Steve
Roberto Steve Пре месец
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Roberto Mario Пре месец
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Roberto Mario
Roberto Mario Пре месец
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Alexis Bell
Alexis Bell Пре месец
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E Trizo
E Trizo Пре месец
6 damn minutes
FARHAN PMB Пре месец
Creep Пре месец
I will never stop believing in him. He played pretty well. Let's go Eden!
Rahman Akhlaghi
Rahman Akhlaghi Пре месец
Whaaaaaaat???!!! HE did nothing so far for real and he will not, the only way is departing, I hope real send him as soon as possible away.
Ice Cool
Ice Cool Пре месец
1.22 of backward passes and shit touches
Muhammed Shazin
Muhammed Shazin Пре месец
That kroos goal is Hazard's goal
Haroon Khan
Haroon Khan Пре месец
If feel like the only group of fans that is supportive towards Eden Hazard are the Chelsea Fans💙💙💙
Dragos Popescu
Dragos Popescu Пре месец
Scenes if this goal wins the league for Real.
أسامة مغفور
أسامة مغفور Пре месец
It was a Lucky goal he is lame i want him to leave Réal.
Filip Čole
Filip Čole Пре месец
Lmao he was bad every game accept than madrid fans
Atiyanganba Ningthoujam
Atiyanganba Ningthoujam Пре месец
He should be at Chelsea, winning champions League, he was legend there, here he is a legend of injury
yy uu
yy uu Пре месец
Change ur ass
Niama 92
Niama 92 Пре месец
Hazard the big flop 🤢
Sumaiya Chowdhury
Sumaiya Chowdhury Пре месец
Hazard scored
Telmo Fernandes
Telmo Fernandes Пре месец
We must be watching diferrent games......
Game lover
Game lover Пре месец
It seems like when your boss say you will fire if you don't do your work properly 😂😂😂
Ze_ Abracadabra
Ze_ Abracadabra Пре месец
Madrid fans be patient. Being a chelsea fan I know he can reach his potential once again and he is a beast on his day. The kind of beast that's on Messi Ronaldo level.
Bryan LMD
Bryan LMD Пре месец
Its been 2 seasons, how long exactlyu are we meant to wait?
Jaden Katrina
Jaden Katrina Пре месец
Mate it’s been two seasons what do you mean be patient?
TrueiB Пре месец
Even Though I'm A Barca Fan This Was A Entertaining Match
Darius Shimz
Darius Shimz Пре месец
He hid all this quality against Chelsea. Anyway we all have a bad day sometimes.
sharif ise
sharif ise Пре месец
Glad to see him healthy and back✊🏿
Nitay Hen
Nitay Hen Пре месец
Why are you trying to make him sound good... he is awful every time he steps on the pitch, this goal was one in a million, never intended
Pond I
Pond I Пре месец
All he needs is getting hurt anymore
Kev Пре месец
How is the goal not credited to Kroos tho 😅🤣
Shreyank Hunsikatti
Shreyank Hunsikatti Пре месец
Hazard gets the last laugh in this game as well..iykwim😏
Vishnu Thankan
Vishnu Thankan Пре месец
This was never his goal . Such a fluke. Man u guys praise him fr that?
Noé Grossiord
Noé Grossiord Пре месец
what a goal from Eden Hazard ! Happy to see him in shape again
MR. GabbaR
MR. GabbaR Пре месец
lol. We don’t need this shit
Gabi_S Jesus_s
Gabi_S Jesus_s Пре месец
Is it a joke?
Gabriel Yeap
Gabriel Yeap Пре месец
Lol no I wouldn’t call that changing the game
Aayush Paul
Aayush Paul Пре месец
Why are people hyping hazard so much for this goal it was a deflection and it was just lucky😂
RBR gamer
RBR gamer Пре месец
Go out to Real Madrid please 😭😭
Gato 69xxx
Gato 69xxx Пре месец
He plays so predictable, arms spread open and shield
Karson Lusi
Karson Lusi Пре месец
I wanna see him wearing the 10 again
susan magar
susan magar Пре месец
What a goal by hazard
Hazard out of Madrid now
I think tony Croos change the game not hazard .😂😀😂😂😂
Nate Karben
Nate Karben Пре месец
Yall clown courtois last year and now eden. Good things fans are not directors or else players would move every transfer window and never given a chance to prove themselves
Adik Rahwana
Adik Rahwana Пре месец
Pique: "That extra times was too longgggg....."
Mohammad Hasnain
Mohammad Hasnain Пре месец
Finally the beast has come .
Swagatam Debnath
Swagatam Debnath Пре месец
Not saying this relating to the goal, but next season, Kroos and Hazard combo will be an important combo for Madrid. They r connecting well.
15 Shirsendu Dhar
15 Shirsendu Dhar Пре месец
So good to see him giving a performance like this. So many Chelsea fans still believe in him.
Abhijit Padhi
Abhijit Padhi Пре месец
Look at this channel trying to make the most out of a FLUKE.............
somanath Pradhan
somanath Pradhan Пре месец
Mostafa Soliman
Mostafa Soliman Пре месец
And He Scores! !
And He Scores! ! Пре месец
Ball accidentally touches Hazard and goes for goal.... Fake Madrid fans: The GOAT is back! 😅😂😂😂 It seemed more like an own goal! 😂😅
And He Scores! !
And He Scores! ! Пре месец
Well Legends say that he was wearing Chelsea shirt underneath! 😅
Nokia King
Nokia King Пре месец
Gazi Özcan
Gazi Özcan Пре месец
Accidentally he scored eventually ahahahah
Logen M
Logen M Пре месец
Fans being angry at hazard cause he was laughing with his own teammates after the defeat are just salty that they lost.
Logen M
Logen M Пре месец
@ryan sp yeah 💯
Logen M
Logen M Пре месец
@Jesus Cueli obviously he wouldn't laugh with Madrid players after a loss. Besides, he only laughed with "Chelsea players" cause they were his mates and it was literally his former club. But Madrid fans are angry like he goes and laughs with every opposition teammate after a loss, smh.
ryan sp
ryan sp Пре месец
they're just looking for a scapegoat. an excuse to ignore their team is shit
Jesus Cueli
Jesus Cueli Пре месец
He laugh with Chelsea players, no Real Madrid players, that's the reason in Madrid are so furious with him.
FOR FRANK Пре месец
Love Hazard 🤍💙 Chelsea fan
Den Washington
Den Washington Пре месец
He need to go back to Chelsea or Losc or maybe PSG/ManU we all know he isn’t happy at Madrid. The fact that he couldn’t control his emotion after seein his friends after bein disqualifies of CL say a lot.
Oh no Oh no Oh no no no 😂 #shorts
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Oh no Oh no Oh no no no 😂 #shorts
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Ajs Nigrutin & Smoke Mardeljano - Umro je trep [Official Music video]
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Novak Đoković stigao u Beograd posle Rolan Garosa
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