Emanet 131. Bölüm Fragmanı | Legacy Episode 131 Promo (English & Spanish subs)

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Yaman Kırımlı is a successful and young businessman who had a rough childhood but never gave up, on the contrary he even became stronger with every obstacle. He started his life from the bottom and became very wealthy. All he has in his world, is a family that he has to take care of after his father’s death. He closed his heart to all romantic feelings a long time ago and his only weakness is his 5-year old nephew… Little Yusuf is very well protected under his uncle’s arms, but he craves loves and sympathy. The only happy image in his mind is his aunt Seher.

Seher is a beautiful and humble girl living with her grandfather. Her life is shaken by the death of her sister who was the bride of the Kırımlı family. From now on, she has a legacy she has to take care at all costs: Her little nephew Yusuf. This adventure will arise the long hidden secrets of the Kırımlı mansion; while a whole another legacy will start to grow in Seher and Yaman's hearts.

Klip Zamanı
Klip Zamanı Пре месец
Ya cnm benim trendlere girmişsin mi sen😍
Cille Taraftarı
Cille Taraftarı Пре месец
Pone subtítulos en español..Y DONDE ESTAN!!!
Lilly S.
Lilly S. Пре месец
The writer thinks that the audience are dumb
مصلاوية Пре месец
حسام باسم
حسام باسم Пре месец
اعصابك يمان مع سحر المظلومه انشاء الله تكشف الملف المزور وتندم ع كل عمل عاملته إلى سحر 👍😭💔😭💔😭💔 حسام باسم من العراق بغداد
Posja Daniels
Posja Daniels Пре месец
Hi I'm very disappointed in Yaman to treat her like that.
Colleen Elias
Colleen Elias Пре месец
When will the truth come out. This is crazy. He is so mean.
How many episodes has yet the emabet?? Can someone telling me please 😼😼😼
Sevil Abdullayeva
Sevil Abdullayeva Пре месец
Yaman Artık Anla Gerçeyi Bıkdık Artık... İy bi Davranış Bekliyorum Senden Hadi...Sehere Üzür Borcun var.. Artık İy davran ona.. 😳
Süheyla Cankilic
Süheyla Cankilic Пре месец
Sadece iki bölüm izledim depresyona girdim. Bu nedir ya? Sürükleyici senaryo yok boş boş bakışmalar. Yaman tam bi camış Seher de bön bön bakıyor inek gibi
Диана Джавадова
Диана Джавадова Пре месец
seher her weyi ogrensin artik ya . kewke ogrendigin bowanmak istese.
Zucmi Bacorizo
Zucmi Bacorizo Пре месец
Me Encanta Esta Serie
Zucmi Bacorizo
Zucmi Bacorizo Пре месец
Pero A Tomado Un Giro Vastante Malo Osea Estos Capitulos Se Fueron Por Otro Lado
slayzzzッ Пре месец
Happy International Women’s day😭🙈
Fatima Abıyeva
Fatima Abıyeva Пре месец
Bün gerçəklər üzə çıxsın
x x
x x Пре месец
Yaman bey, what is this behaviour??😠😠😠
Kaynat Hassan
Kaynat Hassan Пре месец
When will this episode come out ?
Poyigu123 Пре месец
English please....🙏🏻
Dua Zahra
Dua Zahra Пре месец
When will Yaman find Iqbal's manipulation?!! Its too long now!!
Jogamaya Mohanty
Jogamaya Mohanty Пре месец
Now I vote for Ikbal,😃😃😃😃 Seher always crying. . In beginning from Yaman now for Yaman. 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺 it better go for Ikbal always winning. At the end when Seher know about Ikbal nothing will happen after for Ziya she excused her. My point is in every angle Ikbal have the jackpot. So.....side change.😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃
Myriam Vargas
Myriam Vargas Пре месец
Yaman le dijo todo eso a Seher para que supera que no lo había engañado (supuestamente), así como que se puso el parche antes, d decir, tu creíste que me engañarias pero fui yo quien te engañó, au que todo es mentira y desde el dolor.
Amparo Toro
Amparo Toro Пре месец
El esta sufriendo lo doble que ella 😭😭😭
Erdal Murude
Erdal Murude Пре месец
We do not see the series until the campaign is Friday. Kampanya cumaya kadar diziyi görmüyoruz. Olay cözülmezse diziyi isteyen takip edebilir ya da bitirebilir
Arlene David
Arlene David Пре месец
Ha!. I know it!. This gonna more-more ruined the story. (Just like the others tukish drama). Why I bother watching the whole episode that i can watch for 30sec and expecting they gonna more ruined it. 😆.
Genny in M ninja
Genny in M ninja Пре месец
turkish series is always like this.cant wait yaman know the truth....and he do everything to make it up to seher.still so many episodes bfore they will make us happy 😂🤣🤣
Баги Шамал
Баги Шамал Пре месец
Пусть хороший конец яман и сехера ни как клятва посли рейхан а не смотрю
Sevda Kerimov
Sevda Kerimov Пре месец
Seher kötü giyor
Sonim Machinao
Sonim Machinao Пре месец
Come on be patient.... U or I would be tha same as yaman...its not an easy task to handle trust issue..but after knowing the truth he is going to love her... More than himself
Amparo Toro
Amparo Toro Пре месец
Mayank Garg
Mayank Garg Пре месец
Feruza Mushtalova
Feruza Mushtalova Пре месец
Ya bu fragmanda Yaman yok ere sinir yapyor halbuki kendisi detailca arashtrsa hickimsaya demadan bulur boshuna sinir yapyor 💖💖💖
Leyla Karataş
Leyla Karataş Пре месец
Seher yamani AF etmeyecek,dahda savasci seher GÖRECEYIZ DIYER bölümlerde.
Гуля 1984
Гуля 1984 Пре месец
Ben heo turk filimlerin izliyorum hepisi ayni. Hep kotuler kazaniyor ne bu ya. Bir az farkli yapin😟
Maria Carelli
Maria Carelli Пре месец
Continuerò a vedere la novella mi sono affezionata,la vedrò fino alla fine senza però nessuna emozione,come ho fatto prima,solo curiosità di vedere la fine.
Jaisa Mara
Jaisa Mara Пре месец
Cenger vai salvar esse casamento!! 🙌🇧🇷
Lily Afro
Lily Afro Пре месец
Creo todo sigue su curso...veamos como Zuhal controla esta situacion...a ver si no cae en su propia trampa y los acaba rejuntando sin querer....
Ана Дадалова
Ана Дадалова Пре месец
Nedim es el mayor enemigo de Yaman. Está en alianza con Iqbal todo el tiempo.
Amparo Toro
Amparo Toro Пре месец
No creo, ojala que no
Irma Troncoso
Irma Troncoso Пре месец
Bueno . Una de dos . Si Nedim investigo bien y le dijeron que las pruebas eran reales ( No se a vi si eso tambien se lo dijo a Yman ,lo de las voces grabadas. A lo mejor si le dijo y no me di cuenta) Pero Ikbal le dijo a Zuhal , que tuvo que pagar mucho dinero para poder convencer al hombre que dijiera que eran reales . A lo mejor Nedin solo fue a donde el hombre que las fabrico . Porque Yaman le pidio nombre y todo a Zuhal de cual era la persona que habia hecho la investigacion . Entoces si fue asi , Nedim es un completo inepto . Y puede ser que este del lado de las Mujeres esas . Y este representando su papel muy bien y me tiene bien despistada , porque yo no creo que este del lado de ellas . Bueno ahi veremos .
Ана Дадалова
Ана Дадалова Пре месец
Nedim, Yaman'ın en büyük düşmanıdır. Her zaman İkbal ile ittifak halindedir.
Evelina Ramazanova
Evelina Ramazanova Пре месец
Herkese merhaba.! Aktörler ve aktrisler, yönetmenler hepinize güzel bir gün dilerim.!!!! Ve 8 Mart'ta tüm kadınları, kızları, büyükanneleri ve çocukları tebrik ediyorum.!!!!!!! Hepinize sağlık, mutluluk, başarı, şans, sevgi, esenlik diliyorum.!!!!! 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹
Teresa Oliveira
Teresa Oliveira Пре месец
O autor está se perdendo da história. Para nossa cultura alguém que trata dessa maneira uma mulher ou outra pessoa e um desequilibrado.
Φωτεινή Φάνη
Φωτεινή Φάνη Пре месец
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00 00 Пре месец
I have compiled the main theories for this current plot taken from what people are saying on twitter and here on youtube, i did this cause i get a weird vibe about this current plot these theories added to that vibe, these are not my theories credit to those who came up with them. Some ideas in extra info for these theories at the end are my shared ideas with other fans. Credit to those aswell. Its a long list sorry was a lot to compile.☺ Theories for plot 1. Cenger is the saving grace will reveal truth to yaman (Not sure how seher would forgive yaman but writer is twisted so she will forgive). 2. Yaman is playing zuzu ever since she exposed she had a evidence file. Yaman now thinks she is traitor & behind yusuf custody and is waiting till that is resolved(adoption) he knows seher would want yusuf put before herself & them yaman knows she is strong & can take his anger she has done it before he is acting over the top to make it more convincing. Once yusuf safe yaman lets seher find pic & recorder, so she goes to confront soups after this yaman tells his truth( seher would be able to forgive him).(will do anything to keep yusuf from being taken away) 2.1 & 2.2 follows on the same lines as .2. Theory but with extra detail. 2.1. Yaman after car accident has told seher what he is doing because could not bare if she got hurt like that again, told in a scene we have not been shown( read below as to why), she is now part of the plan. 2.2. To keep the snakes from enjoying their work, He will treat seher like normal in front of everyone but make it seem behind closed doors he mistreating her, snakes will hear this and come to the conclusion that he is doing this to get yusuf, they may not try anything because they think they have won and can live with a child that can be manipulate like his uncle because they know he will flee overseas if he has too like last time and they do not want that. (T.2,2.1,2.2 have alot more extra ideas below, seems a fav among fans). 3. Seher will find the file and confront soups, be the one that finds the truth to prove her own innocents and shoves it in yaman face.(everyone that was pro sehyam will hate yamans guts minus snakes).(Also a fav among fans). 4. Ikbal is playing zuzu & soups because they weak links will be her downfall, her plans work when she does them alone case in point kevser slander worked and she killed her all my herself. Extra parts: •(1)Cenger will take the file and work his magic finding everything that can disprove zuzu file. •(3)Seher herself will come across the pics and confront soups, yaman may follow her and hear soups confession of the trap. Seher then confront yaman infront demanding he tells her what the hell happened to trusting, knowing me. •(3)Mad seher confronts zuzu ending zuzus smug face putting her in her place. •(4)Ikbal putting the jewels in room after it was emptied planting them to trap zuzu not seher. •(4)Ikbal returning the money soups took after transfer. •(2+)Soups has doublecrossed snake and has told yaman his part of the plan trap.(bullet graze part of yamans plan), Soups may disappear or leave town. •(2+,4)Zuzu will take blame once confronted may try to harm seher. Ikbal will sacrifice zuzu to yaman. Zuzu crazy hospital or jail. •(2+)Yaman will watch ikbal more closely take his time so ziya does not suffer now does not fully trust her look into past, cause seher trap similar to kevser events. •(2+)Yaman will then spend his time making up for all the pain he put seher through in finding the truth and protecting their family. •(2+)Yaman saying it is all messed up, meaning the messed up plan of zuzu, that she has been poison the day she arrived, that how can someone do this to a pure soul and pure souled boy, to plot to get rid of them for what for money because she believes she is better that seher and that seher does not deserve this life. For what? ( well yaman because her sister corruped her and now she thinks she loves you). •(2+)From the moment yaman left the honeymoon hotel till cenger found him at his office he has been investigating it himself and that it is fake but done very well, locks onto the recorder being the weak link. So made sure after asking zuzu for detective info and she heard him telling nedim to investigate and she would think of the recorder being weak and try to cover herself. •(2+,4)She got in that studio too easy for it being surrounded by men.Yaman knows she bribe the guy & detective. (he may have paid them more, he has more money than snakes). •(2+)Yaman is getting letters checked to prove forgeries to show zuzu when exposed. •(2+,4)Money transfer, he knows where seher was at that time/date he was with her. •(2+,4)Yaman thinking about what zuzu said about stolen card thinks zuzu if she planted them they would be in seher old room, yaman does not know yet that when ikbal got wind of his doubts that she put the jewels in the room. •(2+)He has had the jewelry store cctv looked into and found zuzu on tape. •(2+)Yaman meets with soups soups tells the truth, soups doublecrosses snakes to make it look believeable yaman grazes soups leg with a bullet. •(2+,4)Yaman knows zuzu will want to tell her partner in crime that the folder has been given, soups tells he has been shot they panic that soups may tell police which in turn expose them and convince him not to but actual he is playing them and has agreed with yaman to leave town for good inexchange for not being taken to police( gets away with a bullet wound, karma). •(4)Ikbal was the one who when to soups to stop him from talking he would expose both not just zuzu •(2+)Yaman has a secret man doing the investigation that snakes do not know about so they do not catch in him. If they have a secret person it is possible he does to. •(2+)Yaman will show zuzu a folder full of all the proof the evidence she gave him is fake or has been tampered with. •Writer is showing us only want they want us to see so not to give the true plot away. •There are obvious holes in the plan that yaman & nedim can not see, because they are written to not see them if they did this plot would be over in 2 episodes no drama. •Writer is dragging for dramatic sake, she dragged the planning of the plan and showed us holes in the plan that we thought would be seen straight away again to delay true plot. •To make it more dramatic yamans reaction & action towards soups & treatment of seher is way over the top making it seem believeable, we are reacting as if it has happened in real life(drama at its best if our reactions resemble that of real life reactions). •Right now we are seeing a fake plot and the real plot will be revealed in exposing of zuzu with flashbacks and yaman explaining things. ☆Thats what i could find with fan theories and extra ideas to explain those theories, What do you think, got any other ones i missed comment them below would love to know what you have come up with.
Amparo Toro
Amparo Toro Пре месец
Wantana Jung
Wantana Jung Пре месец
@Irma Troncoso anything can happen in this show.yaman can help her in time when she was buried alive.
Irma Troncoso
Irma Troncoso Пре месец
@Wantana Jung But how could Yaman believe that Selim kidnapped her ? And its not part of the game that she was playing according to him? At least that Firat finds out from Seher what he did to her and investigate . And shows Yaman the real evidence .
00 00
00 00 Пре месец
@Wantana Jung Good one, selim loses it in desperation and kidnaps seher, like this one.
Wantana Jung
Wantana Jung Пре месец
All are possible, but the current situation could be real too.seher might found the files herself then went to see selim.selim can't give up so he kidnap her, Yaman come to rescue... the truth come out.
Rufet Imranzade
Rufet Imranzade Пре месец
Bugün.kadınlarbayramı. Bizəhediyyəolaraq.yamanlasəhər.barışsın.nazmuyə.hanım.nəolur.
Сархадова И.
Сархадова И. Пре месец
Ayni Omer ve Zehra. Omere Sabah yardim etmisdi. Yamana kim yardim edecek ajaba
Rada Lukic
Rada Lukic Пре месец
Kapten tetty
Kapten tetty Пре месец
YAMAN......i think this only by the words not by heart....you will suffer too.....
sunshine03 Пре месец
He will definitely suffer as Seher pulls aways from him, he will want to get closer to her unknowingly and when the truth comes out he will have the deepest regret on what he did to his soulmate.
Maryam Fatima
Maryam Fatima Пре месец
Kindly upload your all drama with English dubbing at least with English subtitle.
Anjum Ara
Anjum Ara Пре месец
It seems like sehar will reborn on the international women’s day 🤔
Sarah Mohammed
Sarah Mohammed Пре месец
Don't know about the reborn things but it's hurtful to watch torture on her on women's day
Jogamaya Mohanty
Jogamaya Mohanty Пре месец
I recommend one song for Yaman......I only feel alive when I dream at night....😀😀😀😀😀
Angie Rene
Angie Rene Пре месец
Seni sizi hala konuşturuyor ya kalem, ona kimse bir şey diyemiyor ya 🤮 yalan entrika her şey siz de ya....... Yaman KIRIMLI konağı yengenin üzerine kayıt yaptırt ve tenha ücra bi köye taşın eşini yeğenini al da yetti gari 😶😒😏
Helmi Syahrial
Helmi Syahrial Пре месец
Saya menunggu episode 131 bukan cuplikan nya
Ewa P
Ewa P Пре месец
Hopefully the evidence of Seher's innocence will soon be discovered and Yaman will realize what a big mistake he has made. I don't want to watch Seher mistreated for too long. I want to see Yaman try to redeem his guilt, but Seher won't believe his good intentions anymore. How can you tell someone that she is different, special and then, after the moments spent together after the wedding, say that she is nobody. In this situation, he wants to watch Yaman suffer, not Seher, but they both suffer anyway.
Esther Scanlan
Esther Scanlan Пре месец
Its better shoot a movie instead of a series .fans doesn't know if is a violence or love stroy or twisted series .or hurting seher the most n let those f 🐍 🐍 🐍 🐍 contuining with there stupid part .the he'll with it .Emanet series dead .😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
Esther Scanlan
Esther Scanlan Пре месец
Emanet series is dead dead series Disgusting writers is a loser worse wores writers in Turkey .ridiculous .get over with the series .
kusum Kumari
kusum Kumari Пре месец
English subtitles
Yaşar Qafarov
Yaşar Qafarov Пре месец
Allah vurub onları.
Poornima k
Poornima k Пре месец
Hw a girl can stay along with this type of a man. I am really scared. Yemen is mentally nt fit only zuhal can stay along with him coz she is also the same. Wtever writer do Yemen 's image is gone from viewers mind. Nw he is nt a hero. I hate him.
Norma fp
Norma fp Пре месец
Que buena es esta novela emanet bravo brabisimo muy. Buena su novela desde 🇨🇱
Noelia Bertone
Noelia Bertone Пре месец
Duele y mucho.
LowDip Пре месец
Your are 'MY' Nothing..to me... to my eyes... to my heart... What an expression! How could he survive it?
DOM 13
DOM 13 Пре месец
His abuse will backfire because they spend more time out of their room than in..his supposed pretense of love and a blissful marriage in public will affect him more than he realizes making his inner struggle that much more complicated and difficult for him to handle...yep...I see a soul in great turmoil ahead.
Naty París
Naty París Пре месец
No entiendo como Yaman deja que Zuhal se quede en la mansión. Obvio que Ikbal no le va creer que no creé en las pruebas...de lo contrario la vivora menor tendria sus maletas en la calle. Yaman al único que engaña es a él mismo...que miserable te vas a sentir cuando te des cuenta de que Seher es inocente.
Sherri A.
Sherri A. Пре месец
Excelent play, Halil and Sila doing marvelous job. Salute to both!
Magali Suclupe Ñique
Magali Suclupe Ñique Пре месец
Lo que va a ser yaman va hacer muy doloroso y cruel para seher, es una burla que delante de los demás muestre atenciones hacia ella y a solas la trate mal no me parece justo.
fazeela mohamed
fazeela mohamed Пре месец
Why the writer has Nedim covering for the two witches. Yaman shouldn't behave like that when he told her that she make him start trusting a woman. He us so quick to judge others and can't see Iqbal. Fed up with the last week episodes .
Samaa Bibi
Samaa Bibi Пре месец
The only reason I haven't stopped watching this drama is because i cant wait to see the look on yamans face when he finds out seher is innocent 😌😌 Anyone with me
Liliana Beltrán
Liliana Beltrán Пре месец
Por favor en español
Olga May Harrison
Olga May Harrison Пре месец
Best to fast forward to the end of each episode. It's becoming ridiculous.
ShortieQue Пре месец
Just Think March 8, 2021 Is International Women's Day And EMANET Is Condoning Verbal Abuse, Child Abuse And Overall Hatred Towards Women On The Show! What A Way To Celebrate Being A Woman. I Don't Know Naz But She Is One Sick And Twisted Sister!😡
Suely Mendes da Silva Cardoso
Suely Mendes da Silva Cardoso Пре месец
Aí eu estou com medo e dó da seher, sabe se lá que tipo de tortura ela vai passar, tenho medo só de pensar, mas acho que o yaman vai aproveitar e fazer coisas que ele não fazia em nome de sua vingança, porém depois ele vai se arrepender de tudo que ele fez a ela, vêm dias difíceis por aí, o que mais mim doeu foi ele pensar se ia socorre lá, deixou ela no hospital e se não bastasse ele disse que ela não é nada, doeu
Ilwad Abdi
Ilwad Abdi Пре месец
This show everybody is blind nobody see anything nobody hit anything except the two villain this woman the writer she promoting a lot of violence against women that we don't have enough of that telling the girls take it and stick around that's all wrong
Ilwad Abdi
Ilwad Abdi Пре месец
You guys if you want to see something scary walking Dead is Amazon now instead of watching something you don't even understand it doesn't have no English and it's a nightmare this show we watch every day walking Dead is something you can watch and see the evil die not like this one
Sihirli.mutfak__ AYgül akkaya
Sihirli.mutfak__ AYgül akkaya Пре месец
Hiç türk izlemiyormu bu diziyi hep yabancılar aklım almıyor
Michelle Cortez
Michelle Cortez Пре месец
No dan los avances en español. Tal vez esto sirva para q seher se defienda y cambien su forma de reaccionar ante tanta injusticia en su alrededor.
Keziban Cankir
Keziban Cankir Пре месец
Birsey var bunda .Yaman oyun oynuyor olabilirmi?
Ima Harun
Ima Harun Пре месец
she can put her rings and bracelet in his room and leave..
Raquel Пре месец
Habilitame en español por favor
ML Naidoo
ML Naidoo Пре месец
I love this series. hate having to wait for new episodes. love Halil
Aleksandra Cvetanovski
Aleksandra Cvetanovski Пре месец
Kada ce 131 epizoda?
Lexi Kinshella
Lexi Kinshella Пре месец
Yaman is clearing out the closet 👕👖👗👔👚😂😂😂sehar you getting a new fashion line😂😂😂ask for shoes too don't forget. 👠👡👢you going to need a beautiful pair of heels to walk away from this dumb fool😁😁
sunshine03 Пре месец
Yep and when she breaks away from the shock Yaman will see he broke the wrong woman's heart. She will walk with head held high, full of grace and kindness and her silent goodness and beauty and it will eat him alive. Dry those tears Seher all women are rooting for you we know you will literally break that hard shell of his with your grace and courage. He will fall even more in love with you realizing you are not his mother but the love of his life. Good times will come after these hard ones. Just have to have patience we will enjoy seeing him on his knees.
Eli Aslanov
Eli Aslanov Пре месец
Bu dizin bu bölümleri bir qarıp aşkı hatirlatdi yani kusi arnavi ama səhərə inansaydi. Dizi bombastik olurdu çok secilerdi
Doris Beltre
Doris Beltre Пре месец
Mirella Carrrascoso
Mirella Carrrascoso Пре месец
Amiga cada día que suben capítulo tenemos dos bellas amigas que nos traducen el capítulo completo y lo suben acá entre todos los comentarios.... y los capítulos los encuentras acá en RSplayer.... Un abracito desde Colombia....
Cozetta Landry
Cozetta Landry Пре месец
Guess nobody talks bad about Yaman Kirimli except him. At least he told Seher that. What a hypocrit. Guess she can sleep on the couch now. Seher needs to say she’s going to help Nadire with her house since she had a flood and not come back. Seher could let Nadire know what’s happen and I’m sure Yaman will not want to face her. She could leave when Yaman or snakes aren’t around
Cozetta Landry
Cozetta Landry Пре месец
@Sam Aftab let’s pretend they are on holiday
Sam Aftab
Sam Aftab Пре месец
She can't leave Yusuf
Adriana Trif
Adriana Trif Пре месец
Rivedendo alcuni capitoli, leggendo e rileggendo le opinioni dei partecipanti al gruppo, riporto la mia opinione e alcune considerazioni che ritengo rilevanti. Alcuni cancellano personaggi, criticano offensivamente gli attori (confondendo la finzione con la realtà), gli sceneggiatori (principalmente per violenza) ecc. Tuttavia, senza alzare bandiere, nessuno di noi che quotidianamente seguiamo Emanet, rileviamo che nella finzione, l'autore denuncia la violenza, in tutte le sue forme, rapporti abusivi, anche tra familiari; denuncia anche le conseguenze che si possono verificare per mancanza di dialogo, fiducia, omissioni e bugie, pre-giudizi, pregiudizi e vecchi concetti che nuocciono alle relazioni interpersonali. Le conseguenze sono terribili: mancanza di amore, sfiducia, mancanza di rispetto, invidia, desideri di vendetta, insomma sofferenza. Allo stesso modo, vedo tutto questo come un allarme per quelle persone (uomini e donne) che vivono questo tipo di rapporto: non dovremmo fantasticare su una relazione (come tutto andrà meglio dopo) ma piuttosto affrontare le nostre paure a testa alta, Non lasciare niente per dopo. Per quanto riguarda gli attori, mi congratulo e plaudo alle loro performance; la gamma di sentimenti che possono trasmetterci, le emozioni che ci fanno sentire, l'amore, la rabbia, il dolore, la felicità, ecc. mettendolo per confondere il pubblico di ciò che è finzione e realtà. Dobbiamo prestare attenzione a questo e non offendere gli attori, sceneggiatori che quotidianamente ci presentano il loro lavoro. Inoltre, complimenti per l'ottimo lavoro, Halil Ibrahin Ceyhan, Sila T ürkoglu. Congratulazioni per averci presentato Emanet, Nazmiye Yilmaz!
H T Пре месец
I’m so heartbroken from yesterday’s episode. This writer needs to stop torturing us. I was watching Yamin but same story and main characters getting killed off. I have a suspicion that Nadim might be helping Ikbal. There have to be some connections otherwise he can’t be that dumb.
zmac Пре месец
Nedim may not be on side with the vipers, he may suspect but can't probably prove anything because as we know Ikbal has a way of covering her dirty deeds, she always has a backup plan before hand, so if anyone does take a fall Zuhal and Selim will be really good candidates, and she will come out again smelling like roses, but the only person at this stage could be Ziya if he overhears the vipers talking about the slander they set up for Seher, and he has another bad meltdown lets it blurt out about Kevser being pushed off the balcony by Ikbal, and besides Zuhal knows what she did because she told her. Nice people!
Sam Aftab
Sam Aftab Пре месец
He never caught Zuhu or Iqbal-even it seems quite easy for him I think Yaman will suspect him after the truth will come out
leja rudi
leja rudi Пре месец
Yaman 😡😡
Eliana Пре месец
Yamancito cómo te estás equivocando!! La ira lo está haciendo cometer muchos errores. Tendremos capítulos tristes pero hay dos cosas buenas: la primera que las hermanas malvadas con todas sus trampas, no lograrán su plan; Yaman no echará a Seher de la mansión! La pobre protagonista le tocará sufrir porque Yaman actuará de distinta forma adelante de la gente y a solas con ellas, pero siempre a su lado; no la va dejar irse con Selim,; la segunda es que cuando Seher demuestre su inocencia, Yamancito tendrá que hacer muchas cosas para lograr su perdón.
Yaqub Y
Yaqub Y Пре месец
RÜZGAR Üzr istəsə belə, ağacın budağı qırıldı çoxdan
Devendra Acharya
Devendra Acharya Пре месец
Yaman and yusuf both get emotional in behind the scenes where saher crying...siting on the bed.
Miosotis Torres
Miosotis Torres Пре месец
We want a strong sheet after the REAL TRUE is out!! We are in 2021 woman's doesn't take any bullying or bullshit from nobody even is the person we love the most. Enough!!!
Ranko Zdravkovic
Ranko Zdravkovic Пре месец
Pustite seriju 131 molim vas.hvala
Eee Mi
Eee Mi Пре месец
Sutra u 19 h
Nayomi Samanthika
Nayomi Samanthika Пре месец
Oh Arif baba.. where r u??
Cozetta Landry
Cozetta Landry Пре месец
He doesn’t listen to Arif anyway
Marg Khedr
Marg Khedr Пре месец
Der verletzte Löwe mit den zwei cobras . .
Rehab Qaddourah
Rehab Qaddourah Пре месец
Stupid episode no one act like this our generation power women beside men help each other please don't play in women mind make them dump even Trump he can't do that
Vefa ismayilova
Vefa ismayilova Пре месец
Kanal 7de olan seriallardaki kisilerin hamisi ozunu haqli sayir, sonra pesman olur
Shukri Abdirisaq
Shukri Abdirisaq Пре месец
Pleas Subtitles
Cristina_ Angela
Cristina_ Angela Пре месец
Cengar: Lord Yaman, if you will allow me, I can pick it up. Yaman: Let him stay. Now everything is too scattered to be picked up. İkbal: You haven't eaten a single bite. Isn't there a problem? Yaman: I keep telling her, but she doesn't listen. "I'm on a diet". She doesn't need anything. She is beautiful like that. The flowers you like. Zuhal: how come this woman is still not in the mansion ...? Yaman: I will make this speech once. I don't care about tests, I don't believe in any of them.
Shukri Abdirisaq
Shukri Abdirisaq Пре месец
Plz plz subtitles
Shukri Abdirisaq
Shukri Abdirisaq Пре месец
Plz plz plz Subtitles
Shukri Abdirisaq
Shukri Abdirisaq Пре месец
Plz plz plz Subtitles
Azal Azal
Azal Azal Пре месец
اكو عرب بطياره 📩
leticia munoz
leticia munoz Пре месец
Como si unas simples flores puedan arreglar el maltrato qué Seher a sufrido desde que conoció a Yaman, no entiendo como pueden justificar y romantizar una relación que ha estado llena de abuso físico y verbal, solo porque el hombre es guapo y con dinero, ¿sí fuera todo lo contrario físicamente y feo lo justificarían?
Aranza Marco marti
Aranza Marco marti Пре месец
La cuestión es que personalmente todavía no he encontrado a ningún protagonista de telenovela que sea feo,pobre hay algún que otro,pero feo no y además antes podíamos identificar al "malo de la peli o novela" porque no era tan agraciado como el protagonista ,parece que alguien se dio cuenta de ello y ahora los villanos suelen ser tan ricos y atractivos como el protagonista,todo un dilema para mí, no sé si decantarme por el pobre pero atractivo protagonista o por el rico y atractivo villano🤔🤔🤔ok creo que me voy a decantar finalmente por...Yamaaaaan 🤗🤗🤗
Las flores y los elogios simplemente es por FORMALIDAD.... Yaman sé lo dijo que esa habitación será su prisión... pero de puertas para afuera todo seguirá siendo lo mismo....
Bogor Baru
Bogor Baru Пре месец
I want Yaman to be the man who when there is trouble says. "My wife let's fix this problem" Not being a child!!! Who left and suddenly ignited him...👍👍👍👍🙏🙏🙏
Sam Aftab
Sam Aftab Пре месец
Yaman is truly behaving like an angry child
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