Ferguson vs. Gaethje | Best Moments

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Best moments featuring Tony Ferguson \u0026 Justin Gaethje in UFC 249

Nem Zeppelin
Nem Zeppelin Пре 2 дана
Next Conor vs Justin how does that sound?
Zenicul Пре 4 дана
holy fuck he was getting the shit beat out of him
jasper booth
jasper booth Пре 7 дана
Fighter music always stinks. You're still good though, Larone
CATO Пре 23 дана
Justin gonna be champ again soon I guarantee it. Gathje vs Chandler would be crazy.
Taalib zaman
Taalib zaman Пре 26 дана
I don't justin but he ruined the greatest Lw match and arguably tony Ferguson's career.
Raw Remedies
Raw Remedies Пре 26 дана
Gaethje is and has always been one of the best fighters iv ever seen. he is an absolute pleasure to watch every time 🔥🤘✌️
Retrominimalist Пре 26 дана
Dana sounds like Kevin from the office on this one
Arian Dito
Arian Dito Пре 28 дана
17:33 damn Justin hits hard
Arian Dito
Arian Dito Пре 28 дана
17:03 maybe if he used his jab things would have gotten different specially with that massive reach advantage that he didn't use, his Jab was always the best part of his boxing.
Arian Dito
Arian Dito Пре 28 дана
Tony was literally walking in to punches after round 2 ended didn't even try to use his reach, it's almost like he didn't know Justin is an accurate counter puncher with lots of fire power.
Arian Dito
Arian Dito Пре 28 дана
14:45 this is why taking Justin down is really hard
Arian Dito
Arian Dito Пре 28 дана
Tony shouldn't fight someone like Gaethje on short notice specially when you were training ground game only
Arian Dito
Arian Dito Пре 28 дана
Tony had 7" reach advantage and he didn't even throw a jab
Arian Dito
Arian Dito Пре 28 дана
the first time I saw Gaethje on Joe Rogans podcast they were saying he's a monster and I was like no way this nerd is a high level MMA fighter?
Arian Dito
Arian Dito Пре 28 дана
Tony took so much more damage than people realize man this was enough damage to knock out 5 different LWs those hits sounded like gunshots
Arian Dito
Arian Dito Пре 28 дана
Justin improved so much after he lost back to back and stopped being a brawler and developed a really tight and calculated stand up game when the crippling leg kick, Tony shouldn't have taken the fight. Tony's only chance was to use his amazing jab that he has which he's too stupid to use for some reason, or on the ground which he didn't try to take Justin down.
Joel C
Joel C Пре 28 дана
This fight was amazing
Danny Choi
Danny Choi Пре 28 дана
Gaethje hits the hardest in LW
Snuffle bunns
Snuffle bunns Пре 29 дана
12:13 when the CTE brain spasm kicks in
Andrew Watson
Andrew Watson Пре 29 дана
Tony the type of guy to go on a three fight lose streak on purpose to start over in top 5 and beat them just to have bragging rights
Joshua slosser
Joshua slosser Пре месец
Sad to see tony the way he is now especially since he was once at this point
Wakky Пре месец
This wos the being of the end for alpocowiy tony
Alberto Kingston
Alberto Kingston Пре месец
Tony didn’t get knocked out wtf, toughest sob alive
ladycblu Пре месец
I think there’s a certain special something about having almost silent fights, because you can really hear just how damn heavy those blows are. Gaethje tore Tony up…congrats to Tony for staying on his feet.
Duke Nukem
Duke Nukem Пре месец
so sad that tony had to fade away
Dean_dazz Пре месец
When being too tough is your own kryptonite he legit took so much damage he’s on a 3 fight skid idk if he can even get back
Usta Soft
Usta Soft Пре месец
That fight definatly messed up Tonys head. He wont be the same anymore
Evan Williams
Evan Williams Пре месец
Tony took too much damage this fight man. Too tough for his own good.
TC Swag
TC Swag Пре месец
This was honestly one the few matches I was 100% pumped for like tito-chuck 2 or khabib-connor or Amanda vs cyborg etc . Justin ended Tony in this fight he hasn't looks even close to his old self ever since
Joseph Ragosta
Joseph Ragosta Пре месец
I’ve also watched ufc and boxing for 10 years and just learned what interim champ means lmao
Julian Midgley
Julian Midgley Пре месец
This fight changed El cu cuey forever
Death's Gaze
Death's Gaze Пре месец
I hate this fight...
Matt Walker
Matt Walker Пре месец
17:43 Excellent coaching by Trevor Wittman
hazey edits
hazey edits Пре месец
4:31 anybody knows that songname?
aditya Пре месец
Who's Here after tony lost to Dariush 💔
Death Wish Dan
Death Wish Dan Пре месец
I like Tony but Justin broke him in this fight. He may as well have KO'd him. It is too cruel to re-watch.
Vegamatic24 Пре месец
tony needed to get his ass beat like that, he was way to full of himself..
Buddy Boyer
Buddy Boyer Пре месец
The downfall of Tony :( never the same after this fight.
I am the belt
I am the belt Пре месец
To be honest before they fight he fought cowboy and cowboy was actually doing well against tony that's a bad sign lol
Naziv Računa
Naziv Računa Пре месец
18:25 "Being an asshole will get you nowhere". That aged well, oh the karma.
Zach Tavaris
Zach Tavaris Пре месец
Too bad Tony forgot to watch his own training video's before this fight. His fighting days are over, he should save his out of the ring gimmicks for his own reality show on HBO.
Sajj Khan
Sajj Khan Пре месец
This was the end of Tony's career. Too much damage. Just some guy whose never fought opinion.
H Пре месец
Retire Tony, you are way to old to be fighting these young kids.
Leo Dupont
Leo Dupont Пре месец
Whats tony entrance music ?
The Blazing Dead
The Blazing Dead Пре месец
These videos are my new addiction. Larone is the GOAT 🐐
Aakash Mhasvekar
Aakash Mhasvekar Пре месец
tony is not the same after that fight and tony was overrated GLAD he got exposed now he lost all 3 fights ROAD TO BELLATOR
George Coull
George Coull Пре месец
Damn, after last night maybe Justin did break Tony. Damn shame he wore sun glasses inside and tripped over a wire screwing himself.
misha uri uri
misha uri uri Пре месец
Gaethje really ended tony's carrier
James Owens
James Owens Пре месец
Ramiro Aguilar
Ramiro Aguilar Пре месец
Umm Tony had no defense man....gaethje is good as heck but Tony just let Justin hit him all night looked like Tony expected takedowns
R L Пре месец
Can't wait for oliveira vs ferguson best moments
mahesh anirudh
mahesh anirudh Пре месец
Gaethje is a good man he could have hurt Tony much worse after Tony was rocked true professional huge respect
Imam Wahyudi
Imam Wahyudi Пре месец
Tony sucks
Robin Visser
Robin Visser Пре месец
Tony to the canvas: im coming at you harder, ufc 249 blablabla
Bob Cat
Bob Cat Пре месец
CTE Smash Bros.
DOCUMAX Пре месец
That schooling beating, punishment, in the fight at the end, is unique. It's something else. And the final moments and right after - are spooky, but compelling.
Try Hard 77
Try Hard 77 Пре месец
Justin beats that shit out of Tony 👍
Wade Eightyeight
Wade Eightyeight Пре месец
The day when the never crowned king, the Duke of destruction fell.
The Great White Shark
The Great White Shark Пре месец
I see larone is still undefeated with his craft. Another excellent job my man
marcos jose martinez uribe
marcos jose martinez uribe Пре месец
This was super necessary
Joshua Ziccarelli
Joshua Ziccarelli Пре месец
Love to see whitman look gaethje in the eye an say yea you got this against khabib hahaja he knew hed get smoked.
Rustin Cohle
Rustin Cohle Пре месец
Tony has THE WORST taste in music 🤣
CheeseClic Пре месец
Tony is the type of Guy to buy and support Richie, a charity cryptocurrency for good causes. I let you google GetRichie ! Great team behind the project ! Come on Tony !!!
Brian Clinton
Brian Clinton Пре месец
Max effort is all I expect from myself. Simple yet brilliant.
Sᴛʀᴇss_ Fʀᴇᴇ_Rᴀfʏ
Sᴛʀᴇss_ Fʀᴇᴇ_Rᴀfʏ Пре месец
It sucks that Tony never got that Khabib fight, I wonder how it would've gone down since Tony has held for a while every submission he's in.
Ameya Shikhare
Ameya Shikhare Пре месец
He got mauled and coudnt do shit against his last 2 opponents and he calling out kHabib who’s the best grappler in the world...kHabib would hv destroyed tony..
muhammad najmi
muhammad najmi Пре месец
he gonna get beat so bad..khabib to strong for tony..even skinny olivera throw him no effort
carlos k
carlos k Пре месец
Geathje coach was the difference maker here if not for him telling to take some power off his punches to wear Tony down Gaethje was at risk of punching himself out and getting caught...
Plug 4 You
Plug 4 You Пре месец
This is so gross... Feels HORRIBLE watching this back. Props to Justin its either him or Tony. Seem like he wanted to take him out quick but tony doesnt have any QUIT in his body!! CLASSIC FIGHT
MelonPython Пре месец
He should've said I want Khabib, GIVE ME KHABIB. We need this to happen.
Salvatore Campoli
Salvatore Campoli Пре месец
Ferguson is a warrior.
Synepix Пре месец
21:23 "I want the biggest challenge in the world, that's Khabib Nurmagadamedov" lmfao
Rain Пре месец
Man I hope Tony Ferguson bounce back
13me40 Akash
13me40 Akash Пре месец
He shouldn't have accepted this fight with that early notice...
Emre Karaçam
Emre Karaçam Пре месец
khabib nurgadamedov 21:24
awesome man
awesome man Пре месец
Tony the real king of cringe!
Albert Guerrero
Albert Guerrero Пре месец
Dont like Gaychee, showed zero respect for the interim title and so glad he got humbled and destroyed vs Khabib.
Johnathan myers
Johnathan myers Пре месец
Tony deserves a rematch god damn
D' sories
D' sories Пре месец
I love kind of types guy like him. Nice guy, didn't trashtalk. Respectful, have manner but still. Can smash the sh1t outta his opponent. Types of scary guy. Quite but most dangerous. Also khabib describe this perfectly
Abruhigoham Пре месец
16:53 tony with the classic leg punch 😂
Kanalu Pascua
Kanalu Pascua Пре месец
I feel this is the fight where people look back and say “tony was never the same after that” and I really hope that’s not true
Royce Kenneth Minor De Vera
Royce Kenneth Minor De Vera Пре месец
Name of the song at 2:34?
nom prenom
nom prenom Пре месец
I hope that tony will return as a top fighter
pat max
pat max Пре месец
WHOS D 1st 2 BlowOut An Ankle Gaethje or Chandler?💥💥
soda Пре месец
people saying tony doesnt have it anymore are so weird, just look guys like jan (champ), stipe (previous champ HW, #1 contender), glover (#1 and challenging), wonderboy (top 5), and brunson (top 5) all 37+ and killing it
Dylan Saucy
Dylan Saucy Пре месец
imagine going undefeated for almost a decade and not getting a title shot
Gray Goodwill
Gray Goodwill Пре месец
How tony managed to stay standing all that time is insane
nom prenom
nom prenom Пре месец
That was hard to watch
ImVellyy Пре месец
u can tell that mad justin really happy when tony decided to show some love
Justin Chang
Justin Chang Пре месец
17:13 Kung Fu leg sweep followed by the sand confuses Joe Rogan 😂😂😂
T Dawg
T Dawg Пре месец
This fight broke me
Owen Giraldo
Owen Giraldo Пре месец
This was such a good fight
Waynez World
Waynez World Пре месец
The best moment of the fight was the end. How can you be a fan of Tony Ferguson and watch that fight comfortably? The reason why this fight is crucial is because it might just be Tony's last and it all started with Gaethje.
m6chael Пре месец
gaethje ruined it all
Doc Potts
Doc Potts Пре месец
Loved this fight 2 warriors . Justin fought smart instead of his usual slug fights. Stoppage was good , tony wouldn’t of stopped and probably a serious injury in the process . Ffs a bit and kahib proved too much for Justin . Still one of my fav fighters , his fights are never boring . Hat off to Tony , hadn’t lost in 10 years
skrib skrab
skrib skrab Пре месец
justin didnt have the heart to punch tony even more moments before the stoppage
skrib skrab
skrib skrab Пре месец
0:45 was justin talking to the ref or donald?
jordan5221 Пре месец
The amount of damage Ferguson took in this fight was just inhuman. Gaethje had that man twitching on his feet and El Cucuy still wouldn't quit.
R. Dinesh
R. Dinesh Пре месец
Justin God Mode🔥💯💯
Dana Blue
Dana Blue Пре месец
11:27 finally she got a taste of her won, she calling every one goes to whight in babe tony : f*ck u 🤣🤣
Dana Blue
Dana Blue Пре месец
@talldarkshark no he didn’t bro he clearly said f u
talldarkshark Пре месец
He said 'phu¢k yeah'
Danilo Garzona
Danilo Garzona Пре месец
Logan Johannes
Logan Johannes Пре месец
Hold on I'm crying brother😔😔
Dandy Chiggins
Dandy Chiggins Пре месец
Joe “oh my goodness” Rogan
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