Joe Rogan - Bas Rutten on Jon Jones

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Пре 3 године

Joe Rogan asks Bas Rutten for his take on Jon Jones and tainted supplements.

Universal Turtle92
Universal Turtle92 Пре 5 дана
Smfh “tainted” substances 😂 your kidding yourself these athletes are juiced to the fucking gills
ItchyGoomie Пре 13 дана
So sad to see Bas right bicep He was a complete monster
Quinn Jones
Quinn Jones Пре 14 дана
The only time you’d have to worry about coke being in creatine is if it’s being sold in ziploc bags.
S.W. W.420
S.W. W.420 Пре 17 дана
get Bas back on the podcast, like yesterday son
Pablo Mansini
Pablo Mansini Пре 20 дана
Bas is legendary. Truly a terrifying person fight
billyclub56 Пре 23 дана
Weed & Coke aren't PEDs. I've done it way back & it hindered my training. Let the guys do it, they're punishing themselves.
jared seels
jared seels Пре месец
Joe covers for the ufc everyone knows the ufc let jones cheat for ratings to repay the billion spent to buy the company.....
Thomas Kirklin
Thomas Kirklin Пре месец
Jones is a trash bag cheater. Get him out of this sport. I dont care if hes a good fighter hes a trash can.
Marc Ritorto
Marc Ritorto Пре месец
love bas rutten
Geno X
Geno X Пре месец
Joe "must have been accidental." Lol
shnarfy Пре месец
Jon Jones was caught cheating so his record should always be suspect.
Ronin Пре месец
Bas is THE dude. such a legend
stephen cohen
stephen cohen Пре месец
Would you Stop Joe Rogan jesus christ Jones is super talented but he cheated c'mon man it was just a little bit 😒💯😅
morphs an more
morphs an more Пре месец
Bas Rutten is the man
Sandeep Athwal
Sandeep Athwal Пре месец
Creatine is cut with Coke! Okay Joe!😆😆
mike thame
mike thame Пре 2 месеца
surprise people are not complaining about jones's champion privilege
mark warne
mark warne Пре 2 месеца
Joe- yes they found it on the shelf,Bas-is it
Saarim Khokhar
Saarim Khokhar Пре 2 месеца
It definitely Ken be
Dash Rendar
Dash Rendar Пре 2 месеца
Jon roids Jones
Peter Fitzpatrick
Peter Fitzpatrick Пре 2 месеца
Who buys cheap creatine from China ? A professional fighter ? 🙄😂😂
greg spencer
greg spencer Пре 2 месеца
Joe Jones - Bas Rogan on Jon Rutten.
It sucks that youtube removed all Joe Rogan full podcast, including one of my favourite with Bas Rutten
Sex Guru
Sex Guru Пре 3 месеца
U got o check the taint
G.W.H.G Пре 3 месеца
Tyson Fury travels with his own pallets of water n guarded lol
Aiden Tomlin
Aiden Tomlin Пре 3 месеца
Bas gluten
Marco Poblano
Marco Poblano Пре 3 месеца
Bas is such a solid guy. Able to analyze Jones's fight style and life mistakes objectively
Richard Spinelli
Richard Spinelli Пре 3 месеца
Joe i love you but please hear this you don't cut coke with creatine it will fuck it up .Im a convicted felon you use inositol and acetone and put in a microwave. Everytime i herd you say you think jon sniffed some coke that had tainted creatine in it i just cringe. No drug dealer in thier right mind would use it some use very fine baby laxatives but inositol is the best i hope you read this
Jose Gutierrez
Jose Gutierrez Пре 3 месеца
Jon Jones is the perfect example of not living to your true potential and how drugs affect your life... even the best get hooked, sad.
Sweet toof
Sweet toof Пре 3 месеца
Oh, Joe. Jones is a cheater. Stop making excuses for that guy. Anyone cheating at MMA should be banned for life. Someone could get killed.
blake miller
blake miller Пре 3 месеца
bas knows jesus ... joe doesnt that explains everthing
Nick Sam
Nick Sam Пре 3 месеца
Joe Hogan, smoking the heefer!
Agustin Yoga
Agustin Yoga Пре 4 месеца
Can I have the same drink than Bas?
Jax Teller
Jax Teller Пре 5 месеци
Its funny how Joe steps back from a critical evidence-based pov here..
joe Пре 7 месеци
Credibility: A lifetime to attain, a few stupid comments to lose
John Brock
John Brock Пре 7 месеци
If he trained for four years jon jones would still resort to poking his opponents eyes eye poke jones a.k.a hit and run jones is right were he belongs to be not inside the ring
Andrew Kent
Andrew Kent Пре 8 месеци
Can we just make a fighting league where everyone is as juiced up as possible? I’d pay to see it
Jeff Hampton
Jeff Hampton Пре месец
Just watch Pride replays.
David Lalor
David Lalor Пре 8 месеци
Baz well spoke as always .
I'm Just Saiyan
I'm Just Saiyan Пре 8 месеци
Everyone’s on steroids
JRG OWNS Пре 8 месеци
Jones got bad coke I'll die believing this
stephen cohen
stephen cohen Пре 8 месеци
Jesus Joe why can't you just say he cheated .👀🤨
Amir Mcclain
Amir Mcclain Пре 8 месеци
Love these clips
Dennis Frey
Dennis Frey Пре 8 месеци
Bas speaks that truth
Olli Kärkkäinen
Olli Kärkkäinen Пре 9 месеци
Bas Rutten is really honest, clever and funny dude.
Ryan Пре 9 месеци
Not a celtics fan, but I'm a Larry Bird fan. I WANT JOE'S SHIRT! Anyone know where I can find it?
APM M Пре 9 месеци
Tainted product ! Oldest one in the book 😆 he just got caught, enough of the bs !
Thomas Пре 10 месеци
Jon 'Cokehead' Jones.
Jerry Shigan
Jerry Shigan Пре 10 месеци
Who cares if JJ micro'd. He's still unreal.
AJ Пре 10 месеци
Sometimes Joe shill rogan is just bowing down to people. NOBODY cuts cocaine with creatine lmao... Y the fuck is het saying that
djeeee911 Пре 10 месеци
2 things, First a lot of enhance products are not tested. Second it's scientifically proved if you go on roids, even if you stopped, the gain are here for at least 10 years.
Imran Baloch
Imran Baloch Пре годину
I reckon bas rutten in his prime would've beaten Jon Jones
Maya-AMF Пре годину
I don't understand how Joe just goes "riiight" as if it's a revelation to him when Bas breaks down what Jones did that should've landed him in jail. I mean this was one of the worst example of the 2 tiered justice system in the US. The guy drove intoxicated (making him a multiple offender), caused an accident, fled the scene of the accident, leaving an injured victim who happened to be a pregnant woman, and had illegal drugs in the car. Not only would a normal person would've gone to jail, they would probably have been locked in a federal prison for over a decade. He got away with a slap on the fingers. Joe is making it sound like him losing his title was somehow way overboard. Are you kidding me.
Shadow61616 Пре годину
The best thing about this interview is every year Jon Bones Jones is in some type of shit so it’s always applicable.
BestGlaive in the world
BestGlaive in the world Пре 10 месеци
And still the champ 😂
MarcuAventador Пре годину
did joe mention steroid out of BATS?? 1:52
Mohd Ibrahim
Mohd Ibrahim Пре годину
Eye poking fuckers must be eliminated
Manu-Camus Пре годину
Give Bass a podcast, he is not a bitch!
Nani Pu
Nani Pu Пре годину
Joe “JJ’s cock taste so sweet” Rogan
Michael James
Michael James Пре годину
bas is a joke compared to the real champs of the day
vernitico Пре годину
Joe is such a Jon Jones fanboy.
Bleek Skaduwee
Bleek Skaduwee Пре годину
Vitor did the same set up with his kicks when he ko'd Bisping in their fight.
APM M Пре годину
Joe are you under pressure from dana to defend ufc fighters who test positive?
Botond Bakos
Botond Bakos Пре 4 месеца
He definitely is
APM M Пре годину
Joe your losing your credibility if your trying to tell your viewers john is innocent!
dzopik Пре годину
Thats the problem. When guys like JOE ROGAN defends him it makes him look like avictim and then people want him to fight when he actually cheated fr a long time
Deangelo Dillon
Deangelo Dillon Пре годину
Man don't nobody kno no shit it could have been tainted he could have been cheating ain't no telling how many of your favs are drug addicts and all other kind of shihh stop judging people based on past events
Rob Marston
Rob Marston Пре годину
Tap water in the UK tests positive for cocaine as do most bank notes.
kingart813 Пре годину
How about dont take anything
Usljebrkizam Пре годину
Imagine how Jonny Bones would be murkig ya boys if he didnt party. He can do whatever he wants.
DrStrange1000 Пре годину
I don't know what but I really Enjoy listening to Bas.👌🏼
Tyler Keller
Tyler Keller Пре годину
Daayum, Bas's arms is fucked up.
KesagiriChopSquad Пре годину
Jon Jones could literally run over a dozen kittens and some dumbfucks would still say that the kittens kinda made this happened...
Mat Walker
Mat Walker Пре годину
MrDasilva8383 Пре годину
Come on he is a drug addict
Nicholas H
Nicholas H Пре годину
Joe " It was tainted with coke, creatine, and DMT" Mencia.
Fadhlallah Baklouti
Fadhlallah Baklouti Пре годину
"Bas, you crazy, you don't do cocain?!"
MnMs002 Пре годину
Jon Jones is a cheat...But so are A LOT of others, including Lesnar,Overream,JDS,TJ Dillashaw,Chael Sonnen,Anderson Silva,Vitor Belfort, and Many others...Jon shouldn't be held to any less or any higher of a standard...Just give him what someone doing what he does a fair sentence and be done with it...
Stefan Ostman
Stefan Ostman Пре годину
I feel sorry for people who believe this shit.
Tyler Nelson
Tyler Nelson Пре годину
Had to come back to this to see all the dumb ass internet scientists that just hate Jones. One guy was even saying he had a degree. Like shut the fuck up. If you had a degree you wouldn't be discussing this on a youtube comment section
Gorkie Пре годину
somebody put drugs into my heroin...
jason robinson
jason robinson Пре годину
I respect bas especially when he said a normal person would have been in jail real shit 😂
News that matter
News that matter Пре годину
Jones has never fought clean.
D. C.
D. C. Пре годину
Jon “Picograms, Hit n’ run, snitch, eye poke” Jones. The most overrated fighter in MMA history.
Fuckles !
Fuckles ! Пре 5 месеци
Not really. Popped 2 times and was also aquitted, there were way worse than JJ. Hell no one wants to mention the opponents he beat that were also on steroids like Vitor. Vitor even broke Jons arm in a submission and Jon ended up winning with his own submission with a broken arm lol. Haters gonna hate.
jignaeri Пре 7 месеци
hahahahaa fucking hater
Joe D
Joe D Пре 8 месеци
You forgot "stripper assaulter"
Tyler Bergen
Tyler Bergen Пре годину
Bas is the man!
KodakBlacksBrain Пре годину
But have you ever tested positive for DMT?
KodakBlacksBrain Пре годину
Joe “but heres the thing, the Coke Jon snorted had trace amounts of creatine that was accidentally tainted with turinabol that some random asian company made” Rogan
Des Nebula
Des Nebula Пре годину
Look at these nut huggers. John Jones never won a fight without eye pokes of knee kicks. Hes dirty thats how he got to the top. Rampage would have fucked him up if it was a fair fight.
Timothy Kring
Timothy Kring Пре годину
Bas Rutten lots of common sense.
Robert Newell
Robert Newell Пре годину
The issues around our Supplement Industry is extremely sketch.... thank you Senator Orrin Grant Hatch you lousy rat bastard
Ted Forrester
Ted Forrester Пре годину
What stores carry these tainted supplements? I need to go buy them to keep the public safe!
parabel Пре годину
fuck the gear taking. he fucking fled after a car crash with a fucking pregnant women. what kinda "man" does that. you have to be very fucking low to be able to look up to someone like him
Buckets Пре годину
DON'T DO COCAINE!!!! 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯
Me Myself
Me Myself Пре годину
Ban drug cheats for life that's the only way to stop it. Maybe they should open a fighting championship where everyone is on drugs oh hold on wait they have it's called the UFC 😂😂😂
Mark Albright
Mark Albright Пре годину
IDK I think its probably the same lab Joe gets his DMT from damn Chinese
blocburial Пре годину
Joe my mate. Im not steroid user and i dont know much but i train with powerlifters who are on juice and they cycle them. they're natty for few weeks/months a year, that's when their blood might show traces of 'tainted supplement' LOL But it doesnt mean they accidentally took 1mg of TRT. You shouldnt say that your grandma made u cup of tea with dianabol in it, cmon. They earn millions of dollars let them be professional and responsible for their actions.
tigerweet Пре годину
The thing that irritates me is that Jon Jones is legitimately a good fighter, could very possibly be smashing everyone anyway. However, no matter how good he is people will always wonder how much of an effect drugs had to play. He’s just detracting from his argument for him being the GOAT.
Pedro Rivera
Pedro Rivera Пре годину
Bas just speaks common sense!!!
GoKoreanZombie Пре годину
Bas was ahead of his time. He would be so perfect for todays MMA world.
w. arano
w. arano Пре годину
Joe and his father
Shawn Simmons
Shawn Simmons Пре годину
THANK YOU BAS! Hey if it is illegal in your sport whatever it is DONT DO IT!
Sidney Dykes
Sidney Dykes Пре годину
Joe “don’t do cocaine?” Rogan.
The One Who Knocks
The One Who Knocks Пре годину
Joe Rogan defending JJ per usual. Fuck off bruv
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