Jon Jones vs Francis Ngannou - A CLOSER LOOK

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In the second of our Closer Look features, we preview the UFC's' most hotly anticipated showdown. In his bid to be labelled as the greatest of all time, Jon Jones is eyeing up a move to Heavyweight to take on Francis Ngannou - the most feared man in the world of combat.

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Kattah Mimi
Kattah Mimi Пре 6 сати
A minute of silence to those who thought Jones is gonna beat Francis...
Zulaikha Moosa
Zulaikha Moosa Пре 9 сати
Jj or ng 🤔🤔🤔
Papa Diamond
Papa Diamond Пре 17 сати
Jon Jones is a monster , I don’t think he would lose with his eyes closed
Dante Gamble
Dante Gamble Пре 19 сати
Jon will get him outta there after round one.
Damonx360x Пре дан
"the Predator" is a fire name
King Noble
King Noble Пре дан
Ngannou is a Powerhouse, but Jon Jones has lasted with some complex fighters,
pika pizza
pika pizza Пре дан
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Timothy Grate
Timothy Grate Пре дан
Jon won't lose he is just one of those legendary undefeated fighters that u hear about like Floyd...
MyBudinesd Пре дан
Dana White is a joke he is trying to make money off these guys and keep them oppressed
kofi astra
kofi astra Пре дан
let me tell you this for free...and this is not a diss on any fighter...if you come from nothing and you are GOOD AT SOMETHING?? afraid ..Francis is a fucking beast and his does Africa proud
Christian Lanoire
Christian Lanoire Пре 2 дана
Bold words, none of them are more skillful fighters in the world, they both are just showmen.
New World Grover
New World Grover Пре 2 дана
Jon is psychopath and a technician of the “art of war”. His craziness is the very thing that makes him who he is. Unfortunately he can’t control his addictions and obsession the leads to drugs and alcoholism. Francis is also fearless but reserved from his childhood of hard labor and taking care of his poor family. Francis is built like granite with Thor hammers for hands. But unlike Jones you see his reservation show up in the Lewis fight when you refused to engage. He’s also tasted defeat something that Jon Jones has never felt. Stipe beat him because of lack of skill in the first fight. He’s improved but Jones trains to expose your weaknesses which is Francis cardio and lack of late round endurance fights. Jones is a finisher he can go five rounds and grows more dangerous in championship rounds. Francis is Achilles virtually invincible but Jon is like Mars the God of war. In truth Jone believes God gave him his fighting power (see his walkout song)-- father is a pastor. War Bones 🦴!
mart sharpe
mart sharpe Пре 2 дана
I would put my life savings on Jones. Coke up or roid up he winning
Pinoy Ako
Pinoy Ako Пре 2 дана
Oh!!! Why did I found this channel just now???
Koti Dinzen
Koti Dinzen Пре 3 дана
I've multiple african-born friends, and I will tell you right now they are the most kind, sympathetic, intriguing, inquisitive dudes I've ever met. I'm not even talking about race I'm just talkin about african-born straight up. This dude deserves it more than anybody.
Life’s Too Short
Life’s Too Short Пре 3 дана
“Paired with a desperation to win that can only be formed in the third world.” Did the narrator really say that? So condescending, Ngannou has to knock Jon Jones out now.
Young Luo
Young Luo Пре 4 дана
There is no way on earth Ngannou can beat Jones; Jones is a psycho.
Oswald Nneme
Oswald Nneme Пре 5 дана
900k viewer but only 42k subscriber...sad
Immanuel Logan
Immanuel Logan Пре 5 дана
Francis is the kong
Absolute trash
Absolute trash Пре 5 дана
I love how in both boxing and mma we can’t get the heavyweight fights that we all know would literally break history
Grand Roofing
Grand Roofing Пре 6 дана
We need this fight, THE GOAT WILL TAKE IT.
Kiran Pramod
Kiran Pramod Пре 6 дана
I think the only tool Jon got against Francis is his IQ
Shane Sumra
Shane Sumra Пре 6 дана
First was tony vs khabib fight which we all wanted to see now is jon vs Francis what the hell dana pay the man😡
Muyanzi Reid
Muyanzi Reid Пре 6 дана
Jones would out skill Ngannou so hard......People will think he is on Steroids.
keith yhan zabate
keith yhan zabate Пре 6 дана
Francis ko jon
Nate Пре 7 дана
imagine getting payed 30 mill to fight on them bro your insurance will fight you instead.
Zach Пре 7 дана
izzy whittaker closer look? you guys should post more promo for fights that are confirmed or more realistic.
Khaled Bel
Khaled Bel Пре 8 дана
None of you and I mean none of you would have ever fathom what it's like to work the salt mines in the scorching heat. If Ngannou wants to annihilate Jones all he needs is after his training is to take one last trip back to the miserable Salt mines back in Africa, hand him the shovel and let him dig for salt for one week, relive the miserable life, grown callous feet, hands, liver and heart, then bring him back to the octagon. He would feel like he is walking on air and punching cotton candy then devour Jones and his training camp. The End.
Don't even think about it.
Don't even think about it. Пре 9 дана
Ring IQ vs Brute Power.
bradspicks Пре 11 дана
This fight on or not ?
Fredo Nitch
Fredo Nitch Пре 12 дана
Clear and simple : Jones wins by TKO. Compared to N'Gannou, too much martial technic and fight IQ.
Wolves at the Door
Wolves at the Door Пре 13 дана
So Francis only won the 1 title with no defense on it... He's also a weight class above.. Dumb af
John Smith
John Smith Пре 13 дана
Jones beats him one sided decision
silver10gold Пре 13 дана
Jones hasn't look good for a while and hasn't created much excitement in recent years. Arguably he lost his last fight he should remind us of his value by taking a fight with a top contender such as Stipe and then he might be able to get the money he wants.
Top Shot
Top Shot Пре 14 дана
The likeable shame posteriorly bore because cold expectably trick but a decisive propane. attractive, difficult freon
Igorot torogi
Igorot torogi Пре 14 дана
An easy target for unique style..all just a strengt
lhk llodlai
lhk llodlai Пре 14 дана
Francis will ko jone
glarem zerp
glarem zerp Пре 15 дана
Jon jones is the greatest that ever did it in the game.this guy fight with his brain..his elbow knees punches and kicks are so dangerous that in seconds you will fall asleep.
Dusty Garrett
Dusty Garrett Пре 16 дана
I cant wait, I think jones is going to get knocked out
Fatima Nuh
Fatima Nuh Пре 16 дана
Jones is gonna lose to Francis but Francis might not win but I know someone is gonna lose
Black Supremacy
Black Supremacy Пре 16 дана
Jon Jones wins this fight !. I know on paper Francis looks legit and scary, but I believe a lot of UFC fans are forgetting Jon Jones the serial killer, when motivated. All champions become complacent until a never before challenge comes calling. Also Francis is not bigger than Jones, just a few pounds heavier, but Jon has been here doing what champions do, rize to the occasion when war comes to your door!. Lastly anyone thinking Jon is scared of Francis, don't know shit!. I think Francis may have bitten off more than he can chew, Johnny " The Bone Collector" Jones is no joke. He's the Mayweather of UFC, people are always going to watch to see him get beat, just to have their hearts broken. These guys were born to be just that " God's of War ".
David Gobrain
David Gobrain Пре 16 дана
Jon Jones doesn't stand any chance on this fight!!
Nate Francis
Nate Francis Пре 17 дана
"Quinto Machida",?
Shrey Raj
Shrey Raj Пре 17 дана
Lets make this clear: Jon Jones lost once only because of 12 to 6 elbow disqualification otherwise He is 27 - 0
Onésimo Oliveira
Onésimo Oliveira Пре 18 дана
Doone nao leva ele perdru pro marreta.eli é un.pertubado
FakeCyanide Comrade
FakeCyanide Comrade Пре 18 дана
As long as Jon Jones follows the secret two poke technique(one poke with the needle and one poke in the eye) he will win, its unbeatable
mova kalin
mova kalin Пре 18 дана
Jon Jones already lost, got caught using steroids, Reyes defeated him. All the new rising LHW are equally big and strong. This was Jones biggest asset against all former LHW that Jones was able to beat. No longer reach advantage, advantage of being younger, better stamina and endurance. He looks at HW and might think the opponents here are less strong, but there is a new generation coming in the HW as well. Khabib said it already, no one can stay up there forever, Jones will meet his next nemesis.
Jason Пре 18 дана
The only problem here is Dana white. Jon just go to boxing and make millions instead of messing with Dana's cheap ass
shiv shakti
shiv shakti Пре 18 дана
Jones is going to beat francis and shut you all haters
Jude Fz
Jude Fz Пре 18 дана
What makes francis even more scarier is his twitch fast muscle reflexes like seriously for a guy that big he shouldn't be able to move that fast..
Princess Glitterschitz
Princess Glitterschitz Пре 18 дана
I’m a huge fan of Quinto Mashida, glad somebody else has heard of him 5:43
Terry Evans
Terry Evans Пре 19 дана
Jon gets beaten badly Francis is to fast and powerful. Jones cardio is not gonna be the same because he is not use to the extra weight. Francis is a natural Heavy weight and can wrestle so Jones is not gonna want to go to the ground with him and he damn sho ain't want to box him with all that punching power Ngannou posesses. Also Ngannou is to hungry.
Gabriel Miranda
Gabriel Miranda Пре 19 дана
How do I get more of dis?
Jimmy JONES Пре 19 дана
DC should have wrestled jones more...jones cheated and ruined the fight anyways ...steroids
Jimmy JONES Пре 19 дана
jon needs to get some tips from alliester overeem...overeem went from light heavyweight to heavyweight monster.... in the old days ...steroids had them all jacked up...LOL
Jimmy JONES Пре 19 дана
francis strength and power is way more than jon jones ever has faced punch game over power .....jon has way more weapons ...way more fight experience ...but if ngannou can stop takedowns ,not get caught by a wild kick from jones or spinning backfist ...he should be just a little too powerful for jones...who can fight at heavy weight ...but ngannou is a true heavyweight ...and hes getting better each fight. derrick lewis might have a better chance at knocking him out .than jones dealing with power hes never seen ...jones still has the talent but is his body what it used to be ,or is hisbest days gone ...hes struggled with his latest fights.
Jason Coomer
Jason Coomer Пре 20 дана
The casuals are going to do the betting line great. This will be a fight to make money on...
Hendrix Base
Hendrix Base Пре 20 дана
"I just gotta get through round one. And I win that fight." It's scary that going past round one without getting knocked out with Francis Nganou is just like a monumental achievement. I don't even feel safe.
Steve Kouegwa
Steve Kouegwa Пре 21 дан
Let be honest guy, Jones has no chance against francis. Ngannou is a another level.
Nathan Nathan
Nathan Nathan Пре 21 дан
How much are tacos these days ?
Anthony Love
Anthony Love Пре 22 дана
Jones is gonna get knocked out💪Ngannuo to strong. Veteran champions always get knocked off by a rising phenom. I dont see jones having much chance.
Thanos Пре 22 дана
No one believes in Jon more than Jon himself. That man is a sore loser and he knows it, he has no quit in him. He is built for this fight game but stylistically Ngannou is just a bad bad matchup for him. Idk how Jon can hurt Ngannou, he got probably the best chin in MMA...
Thanos Пре 22 дана
He isn't the most athletic? Is this dummy Shuab out of his mind? 😂 jon is one of the most athletic mof on the planet, his whole bloodline runs deep with athletic freaks of nature
The Expert
The Expert Пре 22 дана
Jon looking for that retirement payday
KritZ Пре 22 дана
With Jon's new management, let's hope this fight happens
No se vende. Y a esta se lequita el permiso.
Andy Snadden
Andy Snadden Пре 23 дана
Francis Zavier Ngannou will touch Jon Dwight Jones ... and take his soul
christoph christopher
christoph christopher Пре 24 дана
jon wins easy
Hood Films
Hood Films Пре 24 дана
Dope video. I'll say this once. NOBODY IS BEATING JON JONES! imo
Junior Marucha
Junior Marucha Пре 24 дана
stop playing with people mind[
Mopogo Пре 25 дана
John Jones! Best ever!❤️🙏🏼
MARZOSIRUS Пре 25 дана
They aren't going to fight. Either Dana won't pay the necessary purse or Jones won't fight for less than 10 million.
Ali Hoxha
Ali Hoxha Пре 25 дана
Jones is scared shittless. Jones Jones will be counting sheep before he even hits the ground,
KritZ Пре 24 дана
Stfu bro
Sedric Shockley
Sedric Shockley Пре 26 дана
If Jon wins. He should retire as TBE
Merrill Sizemore 3:16
Merrill Sizemore 3:16 Пре 27 дана
Sadly very few people will pay to watch. Ngannou vs Lewis. I think Dana will regret his decision.
Merrill Sizemore 3:16
Merrill Sizemore 3:16 Пре 27 дана
Ngannou is wsy over hyped !! Stipe wins 3rd fight and I think jon knows as he gets mid 30s its only a matter of time.
Renzo Val
Renzo Val Пре 27 дана
The best boxing channel is now doing MMA?! Soooo hyped
Danyaal Hussain
Danyaal Hussain Пре 27 дана
Love it sounds so sinister
SaNjU SoNu
SaNjU SoNu Пре 27 дана
Let's talk practically stipe has beaten francis,DC has beaten stipe, jon jones has beaten DC twice❤️
Michael McMillan
Michael McMillan Пре 27 дана
Keep that racist Stephen A Smith out of the videos and they will improve beyond the level they are at now. Other than that, good job.
Manny Norton
Manny Norton Пре 27 дана
The itchy brace taxonomically expect because patio intrinsically delight barring a accurate slime. furry furtive, wistful brown
Johnny Frye
Johnny Frye Пре 27 дана
I like both of them
Phil Carlsten
Phil Carlsten Пре 28 дана
it's kind sad because this fight never happen, jones have done thing that never been macth by any fighter..he set the bar so high, he set the legacy that no other fighter can archived..and he want set another record but dana should pay for that first..if anyone can make insane demand it should be jones..i just quit wacthing ufc weekly..i tell my self, what's the point wacthing ufc if you can't wacth the best fighter in ufc figth again..dana make jones fight again then i will wacth ufc again.
Jolo Bautista
Jolo Bautista Пре 28 дана
zsawqs mkjuy
zsawqs mkjuy Пре 28 дана
The elite team opportunely mate because vietnam longitudinally shave notwithstanding a nebulous title. last, scintillating brown
jon nord
jon nord Пре 28 дана
Ngannou has never faced an agile opponent like jones. I think Jones will slowly tear Ngannou apart and will submit him TKO by the end when Ngannou runs out of stamina.
minimal3angel Пре 28 дана
The world will stop if this happens
gildo jesus da rosa
gildo jesus da rosa Пре 28 дана
Vitor Belfort devia ter feito para ele o que fizeram com o Jacaré quebrado o braço dele.
Shakthi Aravind Ovisha
Shakthi Aravind Ovisha Пре 28 дана
I have seen many fighters in the history who looked and did what Francis did but I have never seen a skinny dude like Jones and that too undefeated. Jon is great! He's the GOAT 🐐
Boye Kedou
Boye Kedou Пре 28 дана
Ngannoumania is here! My prediction: Bones goes to sleep inside 30 secs!
Buff Biggavell
Buff Biggavell Пре 29 дана
15 pounds isnt a major difference, Jones being smaller has to just be a little more active and hes smart enough to know not to let him grab him up, so I I belive the activity jones brings will be exhausted for a heavier a guy, unless hes an adrenaline junkie, fight or flight..all fighters fight ctfu
KNEDITS Пре 29 дана
Loving this version , keep it coming
guardian bravo
guardian bravo Пре 29 дана
Ngannou will kill Jon peridot Africans are Kings
Michael Akiyama
Michael Akiyama Пре 29 дана
My heart is with Francis and My Money is on Jones .
Josh Allen
Josh Allen Пре 29 дана
Been waiting for more MMA vids. Subscribed 💯✅
Gerald Tan
Gerald Tan Пре 29 дана
Exciting mos def. For francis, the jab never abandone it, if he can put the fight to ground its good night irene! For jones of he can survive 2 rrounds, this will be an epic fight.
uhev Nal
uhev Nal Пре 29 дана
Miocic was the smartest, he got beaten by Ngannou. Now J. J is the smartest.
zlocerek zlo
zlocerek zlo Пре 29 дана
I love how FG has just became champion and all licking his balls like he was champion for 5 years and defended title 5 times🤮
Southwest Mafia
Southwest Mafia Пре 29 дана
the ground game is the only way to take francis down , but do we think taking him down such an easy job? hahahahahha the last fight with stipe, francis showed a good take-down defense to compare it with his first fight with stipe.
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