Jones vs. Saint Preux | Best Moments

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Best moments featuring Jon Jones \u0026 Ovince Saint Preux in UFC 197

Neo Anderson
Neo Anderson Пре 4 дана
"Thenthational" - OSP
Mickael Aubry
Mickael Aubry Пре месец
I hurt -DC
MistaGiant Пре месец
Gonna miss OSP more than jones when he retires
Deshaun Jackson
Deshaun Jackson Пре месец
love how jon talks about osp like he's a 23-24 year old fighter when osp is 5 years older than him
T squirrel
T squirrel Пре месец
Jon " I tend to not sleep with my wife leading up to a fight" Jones
Alex Dawson
Alex Dawson Пре 11 дана
Joe Schmoe
Joe Schmoe Пре месец
Either Jon just has a fucking chin or he has done something right in training by not sparring to hard because he has been hit with some bombs and yet I have only seen him staggered ONCE by Lyoto Machida
Koti Dinzen
Koti Dinzen Пре 4 дана
Oh and his beard is made of bone. Literally.
Koti Dinzen
Koti Dinzen Пре 4 дана
Yeah well he's super young still and his frame is huge
Jordon Welty
Jordon Welty Пре месец
Steven segal taught him that
toxic goat
toxic goat Пре месец
Ik osp will lose but i want him vs ngannou
dante arias
dante arias Пре 21 дан
Osp vs Jan blachowicz or vs manuwa rematch
Artic Shreder
Artic Shreder Пре месец
Jon Jones Vs himself best moments
Pirim Пре месец
10:19 Conor was right about Jose. He definitely knows English.
Jeffrey Napisa
Jeffrey Napisa Пре месец
And he started for Tennessee to in his college career, that says a lot itself.
Jeffrey Napisa
Jeffrey Napisa Пре месец
I remember watching ovince Saint preux in college when he played for Tennessee in football he was a good player and equally a very good fighter his athletic ability has taken him far.
JAH ! Пре месец
Jones was looking juiced
Ви́ктор смирнов
Ви́ктор смирнов Пре месец
He got pulled by usada at ufc200. Nice try lol
Abraham Farraj
Abraham Farraj Пре месец
OSP was overlooked going into this fight, understandably, but he had a few names underneath his belt like Shogun, Patrick Cummins, Gian Villante, and Nikita Krylov (first Von Fleux Choke). He's always been a mixed bag, especially after this fight, but it's not like he didn't have the skill to upset Jon.
Patrick star
Patrick star Пре месец
I see Jones I click
Delucavr Пре месец
8:15 izzy just a chauffer to this guy 😆
Peyton Clark
Peyton Clark Пре месец
Dude you gotta do Usman vs Masvdial 2
Noah Timmy
Noah Timmy Пре месец
Love this, I could watch jones fight for days, dude is insane
Lennon Fortey
Lennon Fortey Пре месец
Jon Jones is so good that even when he dominates a fight its considered a "bad" performance
dante arias
dante arias Пре 11 дана
For Him at that time it was a dissapointing result despite him winning, but nowdays he is content with wins like this or worse like the fights against Smith, Santos and Reyes
Dana Pink
Dana Pink Пре месец
He got caught alotttt and looked rusty as fuck Bad performance for someone who was a champion
Nigel Higgs
Nigel Higgs Пре месец
Every time I hear “unorthodox fighter” I basically assume that he means to say his terrible at striking lol
Koti Dinzen
Koti Dinzen Пре 4 дана
No usually means that they learn to fight before they were taught the better way or correct way. Either throw a punch kick.
Jaime Grimes
Jaime Grimes Пре месец
or else it’s just southpaw
ExTrEaMe LT Пре месец
Should have showed full Jones entrance
Namibia Пре месец
The man can't finish anyone without. Drugs
Victor Palacios
Victor Palacios Пре месец
The 🐐 with 2 uploads
stan smith
stan smith Пре месец
What’s that word I’m looking for? Thenthathional
Josh Milo
Josh Milo Пре месец
Larone back at it as per usual
Crxtical Пре месец
Babe, wake up Larone posted.
ERICK RBD Пре месец
Epaa 🙌🙌
Donny Read
Donny Read Пре месец
DC’s commentary was so biased lol can’t believe Dana let him commentate for this fight
I am dog
I am dog Пре месец
Jonny bones. Some say he’s not the greatest due to ped use but he’s the greatest. Y’all just mad
AV B Пре месец
The only reason why people can't call him the goat is due to not knowing how long he has been taking turinabol, so it can easily diminish his previous wins.
MinoritiesRlazy Пре месец
@Thorn380 he’s allergic to hotdogs
Thorn380 Пре месец
We just have the opposite opinion. Nothing more. But I'm ngl, Jon is one of the greatest. Top 5 regardless of circumstance. But GOAT goes in terms with the people, and Jon isnt so nice to those. Dude is the definition of a narcissistic sociopath. Jon is a piece of shit imo. Incredible fighter without a doubt, but a horrible careless person without a doubt
Alexander Lin
Alexander Lin Пре месец
OSP put up a better fight than I thought he would tbh.
Nanamma Kumari
Nanamma Kumari Пре месец
@Ben James Im pretty sure jones was juiced against OSP
Ben James
Ben James Пре месец
@Free Drose it’s true lol he’s still the goat in my eyes but post USADA he’s still won fights but they’ve been close
Free Drose
Free Drose Пре месец
@Ben James casual
Ben James
Ben James Пре месец
Anyone did whenever jones wasn’t juiced
Matty Sykes
Matty Sykes Пре месец
They were all talking like that other guy was a walk over!? That guy was fucking tough
CagetheKyle Пре 10 сати
@Koti Dinzen Think he just means OSP.
Koti Dinzen
Koti Dinzen Пре 4 дана
Who was?
Matty Sykes
Matty Sykes Пре месец
Or should of been one!?
Overlord Eblis
Overlord Eblis Пре месец
Larone is the goat
Hoodie Marrr
Hoodie Marrr Пре месец
Larone you the goat
Joey Tha Kyd
Joey Tha Kyd Пре месец
Lucky Пре месец
14:29 Cowboy vs Ngannou let's gooooo
ERICK RBD Пре месец
sebastian aarset
sebastian aarset Пре месец
«Did you say Jon Jones?» 😂😂
TheReal Xan
TheReal Xan Пре 11 дана
@dante arias rdcworld reference that’s all lol
dante arias
dante arias Пре 11 дана
Time stap?
TheReal Xan
TheReal Xan Пре месец
@Perez yes the one with the metal plate in his jaw 🤣🤣😭😭🤣iykyk
Perez Пре месец
@t dotss Lmao exactly
t dotss
t dotss Пре месец
i’d say the same shit like “wait you mean THEE jon jones?”😭😭
Honey Badger
Honey Badger Пре месец
OSP definitely brought it vs Jones. Should definitely be proud of this performance.
Amar Reezlan
Amar Reezlan Пре месец
@Trigzz Frl by rephrasing your statement, i too could say DC retire after his debut, which he did. i don’t say he retire directly after the debut. your word, i’m just giving different context. does my statement seems logic to you?
SolidArmy Пре месец
Who’s OSP
Trigzz Frl
Trigzz Frl Пре месец
@Amar Reezlan bro what?
Amar Reezlan
Amar Reezlan Пре месец
@Trigzz Frl by that logic, DC retires after his debut is an acceptable statement too right?
Trigzz Frl
Trigzz Frl Пре месец
@Jonathan Sharak so what’s your point? I said he popped after which he did I don’t say directly after the fight
Captain Gaming
Captain Gaming Пре месец
Damned Gamer
Damned Gamer Пре месец
In 3 weeks notice amazing performance.
Willy Brown
Willy Brown Пре месец
Robbery lmao
Alex Feri
Alex Feri Пре 21 дан
@Willy Brown Alexander Gustafsson was a fair score. Jon Jones won closer rounds. Dominick Reyes had a good night. Jon Jones may have underestimated him because he literally had to say "I'm taking you serious, Dominick. Know that." He never said that to DC, who was compared to him.
Ви́ктор смирнов
Ви́ктор смирнов Пре месец
@Willy Brown no mate. you people sitting behind ur screens, talking sh*t, downplaying your own hatred for guy you don't even know, are the real cancer😂
Thorn380 Пре месец
@k gIts funny how u dont laugh at his joke, yet u act like he can control that. Stfu buzzkill
Willy Brown
Willy Brown Пре месец
@ToPacyBits jon jones fans are cancer smh cant even take a simple fucking anything btw reyes fight and gus 1 was robbery!
ToPacyBits Пре месец
@Willy Brown cancer joke
Alexander Laloo
Alexander Laloo Пре месец
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