Logan Paul reacts to Floyd Mayweather brawl: "I didn't expect Floyd to try and k*ll my brother"

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Conor B
Conor B Пре 15 дана
Is Jake the problem child and Logan Paul is an angel
dcoog anml
dcoog anml Пре месец
“Jake was trying to bully Floyd and steal his hat for the cameras but got beat up” is what he meant to say
Rock girl
Rock girl Пре месец
Poor guy. He looks so scared and upset 🥺
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt Пре месец
The face of a man who knows this isn't going to be an exhibition any more
xDeNks Пре месец
This guy gonna kill floyd, best boxer in the world, always saying he the champ, but he ain't got a brother who got almost killed because his champ confidence couldn't get over a hat. No one could say how much Logan loves Paul, he always forgive him and try to protect him can't deny that. But now this thing is personal and this kid is full of muscles and anger. He said he wishes it was staged. Even mike tyson is shit now, the only think that gives strength to a boxer, it's motivation. Like the motivation khabib had when he fucked up Connor, he fucked him up because he talked about his religion. Now floyd gonna fall because he touched Logan brother. Maybe Logan was scared of him before the face off, but you can see clearly now he wants to kill him.
dcoog anml
dcoog anml Пре месец
They all shoulda stood aside and let Floyd let him have it, stupid security.
yasio bolo
yasio bolo Пре месец
Knock on Devils door long enough and eventually he will answer.
Man OfGod
Man OfGod Пре месец
Imagine a chump fighting a champ,Paul Logan will be the 1st chump his brother was a sucker.mayweathers is an all-time champ
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt Пре месец
Don't touch another man or lay hands on em n you won't get that reaction. All fun n games til it's not
The Cannonball Kid
The Cannonball Kid Пре месец
He acted like a disrespectful clown and got a slap for it?
Rock girl
Rock girl Пре месец
Jake is the type of guy to grab your hat and run... Into a light pole
J3ss3 Jam3s
J3ss3 Jam3s Пре месец
Floyd is Rasist,
Preston Wingate
Preston Wingate Пре месец
He looks scared as shit now, because of something his brother did, didn’t look staged at all. He was shook walking away
yasio bolo
yasio bolo Пре месец
Hahha "i didnt expect"?????? Now he literally shit in his youtube star pants hhahahahahaahhaha
jmsauza1 Пре месец
can I put a meme clown here and say that this will be NOT a fight and all that think that are CLOWNS
Carl Orton
Carl Orton Пре месец
Absolute tool 🖕🖕
iiXeno Пре месец
I mean... you mess with the bull you get the horns numsayin'?
Justin Lee
Justin Lee Пре месец
Floyd is a coward with like 10+ bodyguards at all times. Who TF has that many bodyguards?
seeni gzty
seeni gzty Пре месец
Yeah Logan is scared now 😂
J3ss3 Jam3s
J3ss3 Jam3s Пре месец
Liam Harbottle
Liam Harbottle Пре месец
The whole thing is a joke. Do people actually believe it ???
Black supaman
Black supaman Пре месец
Lol 😂 bellend
XN-TriQ Пре месец
They are like children, what does he expect, you can't play with people and not expect consequences, if somebody took the hat off my head I would smash them up as well, I think any self respecting man would, let alone the best boxer of our generation!
michael lilienfeld
michael lilienfeld Пре месец
Buy bitcoin.
Maestro Von Huge
Maestro Von Huge Пре месец
They all shoulda stood aside and let Floyd let him have it, stupid security.
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu Пре месец
Jake is the type of guy to grab your hat and run... Into a light pole
HSB Пре месец
Don't touch another man or lay hands on em n you won't get that reaction. All fun n games til it's not
King of the Unwanted
King of the Unwanted Пре месец
This man expects Floyd Mayweather to be ok with some one stealing from him Jesus the brothers have -1000 brain cells together
Paperboy Fiat Armstrong
Paperboy Fiat Armstrong Пре месец
Hahha "i didnt expect"?????? Now he literally shit in his youtube star pants hhahahahahaahhaha
nUk3M -
nUk3M - Пре месец
Little Mayweather crying 😢 over his hat 👒 I'm glad Jake Paul took that fool hat and made Floyd Rage like a Lil b0y😂🤣
nUk3M -
nUk3M - Пре месец
@oiuet souiu exactly 💯
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu Пре месец
Floyd didn’t do shit lol. His security guards did. All 5 of them Sumo wrestlers lol. Street fight Jake probably would have beat Floyd ass that’s why they rushed over there so quic
ShinruXL Пре месец
I Ben this on Ben askren. You let jake knock you out and give him an huge ego boost.
AJ Martin
AJ Martin Пре месец
This is what happens when you're oblivious to the real world. These 2 are proving more and more everyday that they have no idea how things work outside their following. You take a man's property you can expect to get a few punches to the teeth. Better just fire back or get your ass beat
Tim Young
Tim Young Пре месец
I give my hat off to Logan Paul to have a brother like that who does ridiculous things but yeah he still loves his brother you got to respect it
Notloc Jones
Notloc Jones Пре месец
One of these days he's gonna stop coming to save his little sister
Im_Not_Human Пре месец
Jake Paul vs Greg Hardy fight to the death lets make it happen
beasthunt Пре месец
"You got this fight, bro" I've heard some funny shit, but that's the greatest.
filipefalco Пре месец
You mess with the bull...
spicoli Пре месец
Logans little brother got smashed and kept shouting I got your hat whilst crying 😂😂😂😂😂
Isaiah Guerrieri
Isaiah Guerrieri Пре месец
What did u expect...
KP Пре месец
I can’t lie, after this interview it seems fake. Logan seems to be acting....
Chris Shutt
Chris Shutt Пре месец
Am I the only person who can't tell these two brothers apart? Seriously!
education654321 Пре месец
Floyd didn’t do shit lol. His security guards did. All 5 of them Sumo wrestlers lol. Street fight Jake probably would have beat Floyd ass that’s why they rushed over there so quick
garry whitelaw
garry whitelaw Пре месец
Holy shit these guys want to be Conor sooooo bad.
Poh Pang
Poh Pang Пре месец
Clown brother tryna get some money out of these boxer..
Cameron Пре месец
How in the actual fuck is this kid getting attention in the fight game and why in hell is Mayweather disgracing his legacy with such horseshit? Sign of the times, shit's going down hill at an alarming rate. Seek Jesus while you still can and be delivered by the truth of righteousness that only Christ Jesus provides. God bless 🙏 Hallelujah to the Lamb of God Praise be to our Heavenly Father Jesus saves
Nathan Cook
Nathan Cook Пре месец
Don't be pissed of Logan, this is the fight game.. U and especially Jake have been poking alot of bears recently with big sticks.. Even I know being from uk.. You don't poke bears cause when they wake up they will rip your head off... Jake just woke a bear up feel sorry for u Logan your brother just made it a hell of a lot worse for you
AARON Leonard
AARON Leonard Пре месец
When your used to everything being fake for RSplayer and shit gets real
A Andy
A Andy Пре месец
It's so obvious this was all planned
San Ansa
San Ansa Пре месец
this sort of hype definitely works, in pro wrestling, boxing, MMA and now these spectacle fights we are seeing. And that is the only reason why Connor McGregor is worth way more then other MMA fighters that have just as good a record as him
Ben Kreger
Ben Kreger Пре месец
0:41 is all you need to know.
IOU T Пре месец
😂😹 Floyd tickled Jake
Alberto Pineda
Alberto Pineda Пре месец
Why'd they censor kill
Gemma Barclay
Gemma Barclay Пре месец
Jake gets beat in a street fight Jake: it's not my sport.
Μιχάλης Περγουράκης
Μιχάλης Περγουράκης Пре месец
All for the money
mario20033 Пре месец
Two counts for brothers - they deserve what is coming for them.
Mr. Feeny
Mr. Feeny Пре месец
As they said in 2006....... QQ
Jake Paul always guns dumb s*** he had no business taking a man's hat off it was all funny games promotion yes hype to fight up but it got serious he f**** around too much that's why he got his mouth blew out bleeding from the mouth two black eyes and Van from the event go sit your ass down somewhere Jake Paul
Michael Juitsch
Michael Juitsch Пре месец
Just because of a hat! Floyed could bye 100000000 of it
Mohammed Farooq
Mohammed Farooq Пре месец
These 2 pricks are related to Charlie zelanoff
Angelito Ian Malit
Angelito Ian Malit Пре месец
crying baby jake
Gary Lee
Gary Lee Пре месец
Jake vs Logan next. Winner gets to use the last name to promote themselves. Special guest referee Floyd Mayweather.
Johnny Lewis
Johnny Lewis Пре месец
If Jake Paul Hadn’t tried to steal his hat, Floyd Mayweather wouldn’t have attacked him
Knifeaholix Пре месец
Well maybe if Jake wasn’t sick a fing d bag and try to always steal his brothers thunder people may not hate him so much. Nah They would still hate him
Jarvis Young
Jarvis Young Пре месец
He made a statement for the business that both of the Paul brothers have disrespected. Step on a snake and you'll likely get bit. Play with the big boys and you just might get hurt. Jake The Fake, you and your brother are not legit boxers.
E Gibs
E Gibs Пре месец
Lmao Floyd is gonna murder this dude
An Arriving Winged Hussar
An Arriving Winged Hussar Пре месец
If their personalities were represented by countries: Logan = France Jake = Nazi Germany
BRN_ Dooly
BRN_ Dooly Пре месец
tht nikka stupid thinking he could beat him
Fidu Пре месец
it must put a toll on Logan to have to try and clean up the acts of his stupid ass clown of a brother, not saying Logan wasn't influential on his behavior, we all know he was, but it's clear he doesn't want things to be like this anymore and Jake is still a jerk for no good reason to everyone in his way
Josey Wales
Josey Wales Пре месец
What's next Oprah Vs Whoopi Goldberg? If we are going to have celebrity fighting let's at least make it a death match like the MTV cartoon.
Mugen 177
Mugen 177 Пре месец
Bruh Logan soft af. Looking like prince charming from shrek 2
Lethal_SZN Пре месец
Jake Paul - got your hat Logan Paul - I didn’t expect that
Peterson Oliveira
Peterson Oliveira Пре месец
Boa noite FIRST vai amém bom
Buckboogie Пре месец
Buckboogie Пре месец
Logan will has out,, and Floyd will peace him up
BronzeBullBalls Пре месец
Fake news!
Mathew anderson
Mathew anderson Пре месец
This kind of shit it's bad for the sport these two kids should not be in there they didn't put in the work they don't respect boxing they don't respect the culture around it what the hell did you think was going to happen when your brother try to show off in front of Floyd you guys are honestly dumb not everything's a joke of course Floyd was going to try to kill your brother you disrespected him when the guys done so much for the culture of boxing what the fuck do you bring to the table
Panda Buddy
Panda Buddy Пре месец
This man was about to cry lmaooo FUCK the Paul brothers
Tim Marwick
Tim Marwick Пре месец
Lol. Jake is a liability. Would've been funny if he got a broken orbital and jaw.
Alperen Etik
Alperen Etik Пре месец
You guys are all tripping. He took his hat and you guys think he deserves to get brutally gang beat. It wasn’t about the hat it was about the hairline #exposed
Lockdown spinning
Lockdown spinning Пре месец
Yea who woulda thought ????
Lockdown spinning
Lockdown spinning Пре месец
This is all so gay
NeverGiveGaming HD
NeverGiveGaming HD Пре месец
What the hell did expect for floyd to just laugh it off boxing ain’t a game for kids that just proved it
Bob Bill
Bob Bill Пре месец
What a disrespect to the sport of boxing. What have we become?
Aziz Пре месец
I hated Jake Paul UNTIL He snatched that hat off Mayweathers head.The first best thing would have been to fart on the microphone and the second best was to take his hat.That was hilarious.
Libby Kersey
Libby Kersey Пре месец
Nathan Yo
Nathan Yo Пре месец
"Logan you got this fight bruh" smh these people.
M ullah
M ullah Пре месец
More faker by the day
MzNoemi Пре месец
Should've let Mayweather toss Jake around a bit, so he can go back and tell Logan he's going to lose.
jonathan harell
jonathan harell Пре месец
Logan paul: you're the champ and you just let my lil brother untie ur shoe and u didnt do anything about it. Also Logan Paul: I didnt expect him to try and kill my brother for taking his hat. Cant wait to not watch this bs fight
Пре месец
Ngl Jake should be happy cuz Floyd's bodyguards we're tryna defend him from Floyd's punches or else Jake Paul would've been killed by now
Juan 007
Juan 007 Пре месец
Teu irmão é um vândalo!
Reddit AMA
Reddit AMA Пре месец
Logan is shook to have witnessed what happened,it's in this guy's head and come time to perform its gonna affect him badly
er8sr Пре месец
Honestly what did he think would happen? If it was Diaz or Conor or any other mma. Fighter, it would have got a lot more chaotic, some folks don't play like that
Johnnie Newsom
Johnnie Newsom Пре месец
Charles Mckinley
Charles Mckinley Пре месец
He got what he deserved for trying to clown people for laughs on line😡☝️ Now he'll find out the hard way....... Don't be scared now🤣👈
little fish
little fish Пре месец
Oh mum there was a big bully who wouldn't let us play with his hat bo ho
The Villain
The Villain Пре месец
Where are they coming from? Most random shit ever.
The Kings Garage
The Kings Garage Пре месец
Great way to hype up the fight for pay per view !!
Celathian Aaron
Celathian Aaron Пре месец
Dennis T
Dennis T Пре месец
Tbh Jake really panted Logan on a bad light here. Him disrespecting foy like that at his brother's conference just wasn't good
El Zoo
El Zoo Пре месец
People reacting like this isn't staged. 🤦‍♂️
John Kelly
John Kelly Пре месец
Lol dam what a joke
Kyle Ching
Kyle Ching Пре месец
So white guy, " it was just a joke man. "
iamrichlol Пре месец
"Logan you got this fight bro " 😂😂😂😂. media people say absolutely anything to suck up to cElEbRiTiEs
drocpdp Пре месец
uhhh... floyd grew up on the streets... you grew up in the suburbs... of course you don't know... tsk tsk...
Texan Through and through
Texan Through and through Пре месец
Should probably let your lil brother take some responsibility for his immature actions. His card got pulled. Y’all are grown men, time to be treated as such, yeah? BUT! In that same breath. Jake just pulled in a more viewers for his brothers ppv. Everyone including Logan knew this fight didn’t make sense and knows Logan will lose under normal circumstances. Now this happened, people expect Logan to come out head hunting even though he’ll still get done in. Controversy sells...remember that. Meanwhile everyone wants to know the outcome of a grudge match, yeah? Jake, man...not a fan. He knows how to market and make millions...can’t hate on that
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