Magnus Carlsen : "Women hate me, I repel them"

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The Gorn
The Gorn Пре 16 сати
I like Fabi - he’s a decent man
ikarusxv Пре 16 дана
The question is totally dumb anyway
Mikki Пре 20 дана
Caruana friend zoned all his side chicks with this one simple chess move
G Conn
G Conn Пре 27 дана
I wanted to hear a follow up question; that reporter is clearly a genius. Give them a Pulitzer - really profound journalism there. I think their follow up question was "do you chew your food before swallowing it"
aRandom Donor
aRandom Donor Пре 28 дана
It's not that women don't want carlsen, it's just that he hasn't found a worthy woman
panicked honk
panicked honk Пре 29 дана
kwokwkow nama channelnya
SupaPLAi Пре 29 дана
subha baskaran
subha baskaran Пре месец
Is he trashing women or something
subha baskaran
subha baskaran Пре месец
I don't get this video
pantokrator1988 Пре месец
Caruana and his boring answers
Mitchell Haan
Mitchell Haan Пре месец
Haha magus is tha playa 6 steps ahead 😏 keeping them on their toes
puertousbmonkey Пре месец
" female friends... not imaginary female friends"
Zanuras Пре месец
Ask Jesus for the Holy Spirit, the bible is an idol and the mark of the beast.
Racoon Пре месец
lowkey telling us he gay
fuu Пре месец
Who the fook are these guys
Running On Fumes
Running On Fumes Пре месец
God Caruana is a bore.
Alex Ling
Alex Ling Пре месец
Best way to refute the queen's gambit is by accepting it. Thank you for your wisdom magzybogues
susan stefan
susan stefan Пре месец
Magnus is like 'shit I forgot to mention my mother
Marcelo Serazzi
Marcelo Serazzi Пре месец
*adding to the already existing joke* Girl: hi how are you? Magnus: E4 *Mated in one*
Vishal Adhikari
Vishal Adhikari Пре месец
Komugi would beat Magnus
vahidmirkhani Пре месец
Women would LOVE to have a hubby in the house staring at a chess board for hours. It's in our genes from the cavemen/cavewomen era: Cavegirldad: So your son knows how to hunt or tame horses? Caveboydad: He can't hunt but his horsie moves so crazy. True a story!
Renzy Carlo
Renzy Carlo Пре месец
* Magnus on a date * Girl : Hi how are you. Magnus : I'm gonna mate you in 10 ;)
SKULLS619 Пре месец
I don't know where i tripped and fell down this rabbit hole. where am I
VaaliG Пре месец
My respect for Magnus is doubled.
Ahmed Ahannach
Ahmed Ahannach Пре месец
Well. He sacrified the queen many times.
Freiza Gen
Freiza Gen Пре месец
RSplayer are you happy now?
Digital Sage88
Digital Sage88 Пре месец
oohhhhhhh Caruana gotta harem!!!!
Mahesh Пре месец
Every passing minute in Africa, people click on a new clickbait.
Woman hate him because he is a player and he is worlds best in what he does.
Iuliu Visovan
Iuliu Visovan Пре месец
Fabiano-s answer is so SIMP-y damn
blondewoman1 Пре месец
The chad self-deprecation VS the virgin auto-promotion.
Jack Dorsen
Jack Dorsen Пре 13 дана
he mentioned his mother first like most italian men that's a chad move
Mas Needsoss
Mas Needsoss Пре месец
literally this
mohammad amin sarabi
mohammad amin sarabi Пре месец
The guy who picked liv taylor is talking about women hates him.. its not true.
Rumon YT
Rumon YT Пре месец
The fact that the thumbnail doesn't matches with the title of this video.
Timjim53 Пре месец
I bet Hikaru is a pimp
Doctor M.
Doctor M. Пре месец
Sarà. Secondo me tromba un casino.
Zfast4y0u Пре месец
high five, being honest.
HellScream HellScream
HellScream HellScream Пре месец
Female's Gambit
Purple Strike
Purple Strike Пре месец
Siddharth Doshi
Siddharth Doshi Пре месец
It’s because Magnus goes for queen’s gambit on dates
Shark Map
Shark Map Пре месец
excellent answer
ali hamadi
ali hamadi Пре месец
The only female support he has is from the queen on the board
Ayrat Khalikov
Ayrat Khalikov Пре месец
I actually think Magnus is telling the truth. Magnus hates to lose. So, you know how that trait doesn't help with women.
Augustine Jose
Augustine Jose Пре месец
of course women will hate Magnus. Magnus sacrifices his queen easily.
timespaice Пре месец
Should we talk about the miniature ?
Ujwal Bharti
Ujwal Bharti Пре месец
I watched a hikaru vs magnus video now I'm stuck in chess time loop
Supercharged Petrolhead
Supercharged Petrolhead Пре месец
Sometimes to win the game you had to do a queen sacrifice...
Zena Nakazato
Zena Nakazato Пре месец
El Magneto repels women like a magnet. Seems right
Shimohira Reika
Shimohira Reika Пре месец
To be honest, smart and independent guy can easily get girl but at the same time most of them hate smart and independent guy. It is a mysterious, just look at Bobby fisher. He disliked women, and yet they are attracted to him.
Danielle Meyer
Danielle Meyer Пре месец
She was trying to "check" his "mate"
RobotikEmpire Пре месец
"how do you sleep, with whom do you sleep"
Fayez Halabi
Fayez Halabi Пре месец
I can relate to Magnus
Ali M
Ali M Пре месец
carlson is class
Mr Douche
Mr Douche Пре месец
chad magnus vs virgin whatever his name is
TheMrMRsmoke Пре месец
Magnus can turn his pawn into queens when needs be
Marcos Sidoruk
Marcos Sidoruk Пре месец
Ultimate chad.
Just Me
Just Me Пре месец
Even tho he has a queen, he usually sacrifice her
MAT0art Пре месец
Magnus should backfire with some yo mama joke
SheepHair Пре месец
Asking what their opening move is going to be would have been a better question lmao
Sindead28 Пре месец
Magnus' mom: Let's see how my son's doing Magnus:
Reyy Boyy
Reyy Boyy Пре месец
I also do have alot of friends including female friends. Nah bro u don't. Stop capping 😭😂
Himanshu K
Himanshu K Пре месец
After he had that hot interview with Tania, we all know that Fabiano has her big support!
Snow the Art Boy
Snow the Art Boy Пре месец
This kinda feels misogynistic aha..
The Brave
The Brave Пре месец
Girl : I love you Magnus Magnus : Check, your... is hanging..
Julio Espin
Julio Espin Пре месец
Best answer and wouldn't expect anything less lol
Allan Terraza
Allan Terraza Пре месец
So Magnus still managed to keep being the World Champion without female support? Go Magnus!
David Fonseca
David Fonseca Пре месец
if he had a woman, he would sacrifice her in the game to finish off the enemy king
no name
no name Пре месец
And the world will remember Carlson's answer and not the other guys.
UltraMegaZorus Пре месец
Feminism is infiltrating chess too omg
Pisces 28
Pisces 28 Пре месец
Agadmator be like:
Ameen Saif
Ameen Saif Пре месец
She tried.
Kevin Casayuran
Kevin Casayuran Пре месец
Magnus: Yes, I have my Queen with me in this game
Daniel G
Daniel G Пре месец
Magnus sacrifices women like he sacrifices queens.
sarbasov Пре месец
Is this a really correct question taking into account the current gender equality trends? There should not male or female people be distinguished anymore, should there?
Timothy DeLacy
Timothy DeLacy Пре месец
I’m pretty sure that that completely depends on whether or not there is an opportunity for leftists to squeeze a little more power out of the system.
John Diggle
John Diggle Пре месец
"You know how it is for me guys, girls just aren't into me that way, but it's alright tho"
Walthanar Пре месец
I thought Magnus, of all, would be able to invite a girl to dinner, and with the skill of his horse, use a fork and capture the queen.
InstaSound Пре месец
including female friends, my boy is an absolute alpha chad 😳
Lapislazuli Пре месец
Magnus' mom introducing him a girl Magnus: "That's a forced mate"
Matthew Butters
Matthew Butters Пре месец
Lapislazuli Well I hope he got consent first
Abdur Rahman Mujahid
Abdur Rahman Mujahid Пре месец
Leo Franklin
Leo Franklin Пре месец
Hahahah lol, good one, mate.
Dhilip Raja
Dhilip Raja Пре месец
KC K Пре месец
When Magnus with the girl on the bed ------- Girl : What kind of opening are you prefer the most? Magnus : Well to be honest I'm actually having more experience at this, so I wouldn't mind what opening are you gonna play with me cause I will go for wild attack against you and beat you down for sure!! Girl : You are bad bad 😏 (Just a few moments later, when the girl start to take off her clothes) Magnus: You know what I'm actually play almost all the opening before for example like Ruy Lopez, Italian Game, Sicilian Defense, French Defense, Caro-Kann Defense, Pirc Defense, Queen's Gambit, Indian Defenses, English Opening, Reti Opening.... (Two hours later) Magnus: .......The Sokolsky, Center Game , Danish Gambit, Bird's Opening, Blackmar-Diemer Gambit, Latvian Gambit, Elephant Gambit, Albin Countergambit, Budapest Gambit, The Grob..... (Two more hours later) Girl: WTF with you!!!!!!!😤😠 Magnus: Women hate me😥
Rashid Jurgens
Rashid Jurgens Пре месец
you dont become a world renowned magnet overnight
MrLambadus Пре месец
Average football players: have women screaming and throwing themselves on them on the streets, going half-naked on stadiums and writing erotic fanfics with them Literal world champions in chess: "women hate me, I repel them" "yes uh oh of course women support me, my mom"
Renan Rodrigues Mezzomo
Renan Rodrigues Mezzomo Пре месец
q porra de pergunta foi essa wtf
Pedro Cota Carrillo
Pedro Cota Carrillo Пре месец
Algún buen samaritano que me lo traduzca 🥺
Youngy Пре месец
The reject’s gambit
Debasish Ray Chawdhuri
Debasish Ray Chawdhuri Пре месец
Do you have any female support? Magnus: I normally start with a Queen on the board. Actually, all the pieces on the board other than the King are female. Because every pawn can promote to a Queen, and so the pawns are all female and then the pawns can promote to any other piece as well.
Roshan Surana
Roshan Surana Пре месец
Magnus loves to make the first move
Judgebarney Пре месец
Magnus, women don’t, hate your Money!
Justin Bohner
Justin Bohner Пре месец
I'm having trouble wrapping my mind around the profound stupidity of this question.
HiroClaw Пре месец
"Yes, I have many a friends, inclusive of the female variety"
Paul Dubiel
Paul Dubiel Пре месец
Ahh the polar opposite of TommyInnit
Diego Ponciano
Diego Ponciano Пре месец
Fabiano is such a gentleman
2x Tofu
2x Tofu Пре месец
* *Magnus on a Date* * Girl: Hi how are you Magnus: Mate in 4 moves
Bocay505 Пре месец
He needs some punnany
Rabona TV
Rabona TV Пре месец
How did I get caught up in this RSplayer chess loop?
Mr. OK
Mr. OK Пре 29 дана
just click in ¨not interested¨ youll find the exit to his fking loop
Je Moeder
Je Moeder Пре месец
I've never played chess in my life and my entire reccomended page is chess videos now tf
-_THE-DARK_- Пре месец
By watching king sacrifice video
Sir Sneezealot
Sir Sneezealot Пре месец
we are chosen
dee tee
dee tee Пре месец
Same lmaoo
The guitarist
The guitarist Пре месец
I wonder if it's because he tries to get them to play bash the bishop on the first date. 😂
NetroAlex Пре месец
I would've expected a "I play chess, that answers your question"
Derek Henderson
Derek Henderson Пре месец
The reason why Magnus repels women is that he doesn't want to get mated.
Vaclav Subrt
Vaclav Subrt Пре месец
Well, I think there is something I have in common with Magnus:-)
username checks out
username checks out Пре месец
That’s his secret
Shanon Gwynne
Shanon Gwynne Пре месец
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