Muhammed "KING MO" Lawal (USA) vs Jiri Prochazka (Czech) 2 | KNOCKOUT, MMA Fight HD

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That's why MMA!

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Professional american light heavyweight MMA fighter and wrestler Muhammed Lawal with nickname "KING MO" against czech high skilled talanted athlete and RIZIN champion Jiri Prochazka with nickname "Denisa". Fight took place in Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan on April 21, 2019. MMA fight video in HD.

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Muhammed "KING MO" Lawal (USA) vs Jiri Prochazka (Czech) 2 | KNOCKOUT, MMA Fight HD

Jimmyhieu Le
Jimmyhieu Le Пре 5 дана
The parsimonious day numerically attempt because armenian suddenly frame under a gamy morocco. obnoxious, expensive egypt
They have fought before?
sanjuansteve Пре 8 дана
Jiri really telegraphs those flying knees.
Manhar Patel
Manhar Patel Пре 9 дана
homtom tomhom
homtom tomhom Пре 10 дана
🤜⚡🥊🏆👍🏆🥊⚡🤛 👊..... PROCHASKA..... 👊 ✨🍀🇨🇿..... 👆..... 🇨🇿🍀✨
Mahendra K Rai
Mahendra K Rai Пре 11 дана
Ethan Shepley
Ethan Shepley Пре 11 дана
Great sportsmanship by Prochazka. Future UFC champ. Hopefully brings some class to that organization….
non yabiz
non yabiz Пре 12 дана
giving and receiving with those things on MO's feet i wonder if makes a difference
Adam Пре 12 дана
SO Obvious Jiri 'held back' his offense because he likely felt he could kill him~
Maxi Versal
Maxi Versal Пре 14 дана
Andy Sanger
Andy Sanger Пре 15 дана
Jiri has a very unique style, but I'm really surprised that no one has monopolised his head duck towards his opponent before he is about to attack.
Christopher J Crincoli
Christopher J Crincoli Пре 15 дана
This has got to be the worst commentating I have ever heard during a fight ever!!! Sounds like they are watching this on the couch at home on TV!? Trigg should just stick to being a referee!! These two would NEVER get a job in the UFC!!
Secret Agent Viper
Secret Agent Viper Пре 17 дана
It's pronounced YUR-EE
M Dcls
M Dcls Пре 18 дана
Seal does MMA ?
Kalsang Tashi
Kalsang Tashi Пре 18 дана
Wow 👍👍👍👍👍👏👏👏👏👏
Guilherme Pinheiro
Guilherme Pinheiro Пре 19 дана
Sensacional 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
Romanor 1er
Romanor 1er Пре 19 дана
Александр Корнеев
Александр Корнеев Пре 20 дана
Херня а не бой. Как дети в песочнице
Владимир Ярмин
Владимир Ярмин Пре 20 дана
Молодчик чех! Вперёд, славяне!
I'm SHAW Пре 21 дан
Buddys comin for that ufc belt
Mrhanywood Пре 22 дана
what is that!? an exhibition bout with some kind of dinner or something 🤨
Derp Derp
Derp Derp Пре 22 дана
Ahmed Marsli
Ahmed Marsli Пре 23 дана
اذا كنت تحمل اسم محمد عليه الصلا والسلام كن في المستوى في كل الشيء
PowerPlay Пре 25 дана
Imagine all the Japanese girls he's enjoyed.
Irish Technical Thinker
Irish Technical Thinker Пре 26 дана
I can't get enough of Jiri Prochazka.
predrag obradović
predrag obradović Пре 26 дана
Finger poke nock out.
Muhammad Jesus Wong
Muhammad Jesus Wong Пре 27 дана
Would love to see Jones vs Jiri
That CarGuy
That CarGuy Пре 28 дана
What a boring fight...
Sevial 12
Sevial 12 Пре 29 дана
Que grande Jiri...
Xi PingPong
Xi PingPong Пре месец
I'd say more like a "Fool Mo".
Andy Stephens
Andy Stephens Пре месец
Good fight, and the ring girl is gorgeous
Vile IX
Vile IX Пре месец
Trombitas Milan
Trombitas Milan Пре месец
HI THERE! :D I am an MMA noob. But I am curious why MO is in shoes, and Jiri is naked on the feet. Thank you for the answers ppls! :)
Gus Gus The God
Gus Gus The God Пре месец
Its just an option or preference of the fighters to wear or not wear wrestling shoes.
Blazena Zrustova
Blazena Zrustova Пре месец
Přeji našemu Procházkovi výhru. Je úžasný!
Vishnu Пре месец
Man these 10 minute rounds are so awesome
Ksgir Sdq
Ksgir Sdq Пре месец
The jolly tree arthroscopically pinch because patch exceptionally glow following a annoyed curtain. colorful, dashing surfboard
UrMomEatsShitt Пре месец
muhammed looks like usman in the thumbnail
Luwang Пре месец
King Mo is Floyd and Usman's son
apakGANTENG channel
apakGANTENG channel Пре месец
Tomas Jindra
Tomas Jindra Пре месец
Prochazka KING
tyson brown
tyson brown Пре месец
I got a new favourite fighter. Jiri relresents mma like a champion.
D B Пре месец
Japenis ring announcer always sounds like fart.
j.l Пре месец
Can't be both American and Muslim. Don't mix
omar idrissi
omar idrissi Пре месец
It's time for King Mo to retire 4 years ago, King Mo knocked Jiri down easily in the first round, and in this fight in the last round he was like a mummy moving with difficulty. Retire with honor, my friend.
THE New England Cultivator
THE New England Cultivator Пре месец
Whats up with Mo in shoes ?
efri alhamdika
efri alhamdika Пре месец
King mo loss because he was exhausted
Wildschwein Пре месец
21:30 - 21:50 Jiří in translation from czech: I am happy that my oppenent was my teacher, last three years I was only thinking about that loss, about that KO.... The commentator: He is thanking his fans, his teammates, his staff, everyone that has helped him prepared for this fight. Lol, I mean...I got he doesnt understand either Czech or Japanese, but ffs... :D
Georgy Krasnokutskiy
Georgy Krasnokutskiy Пре месец
What the fuck are those shoes?😂😂😂
Norman Mendonca
Norman Mendonca Пре месец
Great fight. Punch volume did the job.
Wallychans Пре месец
Keeween Пре месец
I'm a fan of Jiri, especially when he knockout Volkan & Reyes. But Jan Blachowicz is a very dangerous fighter. I don't think Jiri's ready for Jan just yet.
Михай М
Михай М Пре месец
Отмудохал баклажана👍
Lee Javier
Lee Javier Пре месец
Rizin ring girls are like KFC compare to One.
TDC Пре месец
Good stoppage by the ref. If this was in the ufc they would of let Mo be knocked out cold by GnP
Cody Machado
Cody Machado Пре месец
Its crazy how time flies. I remember at one point i used to think king mo lawal was the best lhw fighter in the world behind jones lol. Dont know why but i always thought hed beat all the top lhws in the ufc. Crazy how shit changes he never really panned out
Chromium Dragon
Chromium Dragon Пре месец
The respect given by fighters is why MMA is better than NBA.
yt hater
yt hater Пре месец
Jiri vs Gaethje?
Schnappi Crocodil
Schnappi Crocodil Пре месец
These commentators are good
Bawor Bruno
Bawor Bruno Пре месец
Jiri 26, king mo 38 years old
Steve Fox
Steve Fox Пре месец
Umm this is mma and the black dude is wearing shoes. That is cheap AF. What is this street beefs?
Steve Fox
Steve Fox Пре 23 дана
@Damasek 219 No, because you're low class.
Damasek 219
Damasek 219 Пре 23 дана
@Steve Fox why so?... because you don't even know the mma rules?
Steve Fox
Steve Fox Пре 23 дана
@Damasek 219 I guess you failed grade school?
Damasek 219
Damasek 219 Пре 23 дана
I guess you're noob?
Hidayat ronggolawe
Hidayat ronggolawe Пре месец
Lawan seimbang Israel Ade saya nih, Mantap
Андрей Пре месец
Who give a fuck about this guy before Reyes fight...
hollister lowe
hollister lowe Пре месец
I don't follow the interpreter speaking to him in Japanese. He's speaking Japanese I really think so??
SlowDownBecomeBe Пре месец
Why dafck that KING MO guy has shoes on?
mr fantastic
mr fantastic Пре месец
jiri the real deal foreal......
Irish Kid19xx
Irish Kid19xx Пре месец
Damn jiri is a God damn beast I cant stop watching his fights
Odreaded Пре месец
No ones talking about this commentator talking shit about the way Jiri strikes? Dude is called it ineffective and said he should wrestle instead.... wtf lol
Honda the Brat
Honda the Brat Пре месец
Why the fuck was Lawal wearing boots
mykalerie Пре месец
12:25 Jiri Prochazka hits himself after he got hit. This guy is scary weird.
Marek Forst
Marek Forst Пре 21 дан
@Damasek 219 lol
Damasek 219
Damasek 219 Пре 23 дана
@mykalerie if his opponent can't hit him properly, he has to do it himself
LSD in Wonderland
LSD in Wonderland Пре месец
@mykalerie explains the hands down thing he's got going
mykalerie Пре месец
@LSD in Wonderland one thing I’ve heard from him was that he intentionally tries to get hit so he could focus more. Fucking awesome
LSD in Wonderland
LSD in Wonderland Пре месец
Slapped himself to get him worked up, only weird that it's during a fight haha
Nick Volhin
Nick Volhin Пре месец
J Believe
J Believe Пре месец
Did someone fart at 6:28 ???
Pete's too good
Pete's too good Пре месец
Pete's too good
Pete's too good Пре месец
Jiri is a problem. Don’t fuckin pass him up I’m telling you. This mans a fuckin MACHINE
wilson rawlin
wilson rawlin Пре месец
Jiri is a beast. On a mission.
DC Los
DC Los Пре месец
I'd be winded just from doing that footwork 💨
Thumbnail looked like Usman vs old Masvidal
Daniel Potyok
Daniel Potyok Пре месец
Jiri Prochazka is a class act. I dont even know how another fighter could dislike him. Gracious, respectful and even in a sport where hurting people is the name of the game he's clearly concerned for the other fighter and doing enough to win without wanting to cause any real injury. He's home a be a champ.
Brian Lane
Brian Lane Пре месец
Jiris foot work really reminds me of max holloway. Which is crazy considering he's a 205er.
Nick Polizzi
Nick Polizzi Пре месец
Mo wearing shoes and kicking!
maxsettings Пре месец
as a American of czech decent I been waiting for a good czech fighter .
Roman Empire
Roman Empire Пре месец
prochazka cardio is on another level.
Ricardo Cortez de la Cruz II
Ricardo Cortez de la Cruz II Пре месец
I’m a Jiri fan, but I admit this is an older King Mo here. I woulda loved to see this 2nd match more in their primes.
Bobby Diamonds
Bobby Diamonds Пре месец
Yeah massive respect to Mo for taking this fight and can't take away his first knockout. Hope Jiri maintains his path
tipene mavoa
tipene mavoa Пре месец
Bro you’re crazy this was Kongo no in his prime
dammy ayo
dammy ayo Пре месец
@Дrthas ΙnfamΘuЅ but mo koed jiri 😏
Дrthas ΙnfamΘuЅ
Дrthas ΙnfamΘuЅ Пре месец
Jiri has improved since this second King Mo fight too, I think the Jiri we see nowadays would've koed Prime King Mo out cold.
Cees Van der Schoot
Cees Van der Schoot Пре месец
Man really love Jiri , how he ecknowledge a hit from king mo
Daynne Lama
Daynne Lama Пре месец
Boring fight
Tony Bloodloss
Tony Bloodloss Пре месец
Когда встретились два вторых номера
daniel213141 Пре месец
They can wear shoes in Risin?
Zombie killa 115
Zombie killa 115 Пре месец
Bunch of band wankers
Lovely slim ladies in the background! Nice to see, in western countries its a sloth fest ;)
v a t o
v a t o Пре месец
Facts, they were dressed nice too, their clothing style compliment the body better
johnny denny
johnny denny Пре месец
And also these announcers suck lol he said Jiri had no power
al swearengen
al swearengen Пре месец
lol i love how jiri nods when he gets hit clean lol
Richard Ponec
Richard Ponec Пре месец
yea its like hes giving props haha 'good one bro' xD
johnny denny
johnny denny Пре месец
He threw the same elbow as the Reyes fight lol 16:48
Tom Turek
Tom Turek Пре месец
Jiri gets hit way too much.Jan will knock him out
Pýtr Пре месец
22:54 That punch could've been deadly if it lands
Robin THIEBAULT Пре 18 дана
Dude you made me lol
Pepz C
Pepz C Пре месец
Chad Weber
Chad Weber Пре месец
Gotta love the respect between Jiri and King Mo at the end. That's true sportsmanship. Grace, even in defeat . Love to see this. This is how you gain fans. No excuses, pay respect, and come back harder next time. 👍
Mr.DJCoon Coon
Mr.DJCoon Coon Пре месец
Stupid as hell commentary....
WhySoSerious Пре месец
"The last 5 years you was my teacher" that's what jiri says to mo at the end , what a respectful fighter , he met his idol an knocked him out , you can't write this story better
Sircumslot Пре 7 дана
@Equilibrium طالب الحق dude im not even that much into kick boxing i like the ufc but u sound just like martin vettori get a grip the dude got knocked out u probly never been in a fight befor
Equilibrium طالب الحق
Equilibrium طالب الحق Пре 7 дана
@Sircumslot if you got punched by him and you was still conscious and someone had stepped in and stopped the fight. This is a technical knockout. Whereas, if you got punched by King Lawal and were knocked unconscious, then you'd realize the obvious difference between getting knocked out and not being kncoked out. You guys are just emotionally attached with your action figure, bunch of treehuggers can't tell a spade from a hoe. A spade will remain a spade. And , a hoe , well you guys already know what that means. Clowns rooting for their action figure too glued to him they can't accept facts. Covid attacked your brain cells. Get help. See a cuckoo doctor. Better yet, take the path of the Sufi.
Sircumslot Пре 7 дана
@Equilibrium طالب الحق u get punched by him then u realize how knockouts work u sound like an idiot
Equilibrium طالب الحق
Equilibrium طالب الحق Пре 17 дана
@Homeless in America everyone's got a plan until they get ..!!.. in the ..?... !
Homeless in America
Homeless in America Пре 17 дана
@Equilibrium طالب الحق not gonna happen, and I like khamzat
طوفان صحرا
طوفان صحرا Пре месец
boring fight
Tommy Day
Tommy Day Пре месец
That ROAR . The epitome of a Warrior.
Spade Haze 08
Spade Haze 08 Пре месец
Who's here after Reyes.
Игорь Мотор
Игорь Мотор Пре месец
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