Nikola Jokic misses the clutch shot, complains to the ref & gets a T 💀

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Nuggets vs Nets

Arvis Пре месец
No foul! As for serbian we were hoping to get better acting. Sit down, D-!
Majinuz Cruz
Majinuz Cruz Пре месец
That's a little body contact
carlosmagno petz
carlosmagno petz Пре месец
soft, slow and all but flop guy
samxyx Пре месец
It's not the refs fault you missed it...
Ra Ro
Ra Ro Пре месец
Ref wants Nets to be the Champs. It was too
Blagoje UK
Blagoje UK Пре месец
We need to export Serbian referees to NBA too
Clyde ghost
Clyde ghost Пре месец
Straight up
Iconic space
Iconic space Пре месец
Refs are then real MVP
Nicole Chokic
Nicole Chokic Пре месец
Joao Marveloso
Joao Marveloso Пре месец
The other ref should have called it
Trump Ameri
Trump Ameri Пре месец
That's is clearly foul..... normally everyone must complain
Mattie Ice
Mattie Ice Пре месец
Getting shafted by the big market refs as usual I won’t go to anymore live games...for this reason...
R Пре месец
That was nothing
sɢ ᴛᴇɴᴋʏᴏɴɢ
sɢ ᴛᴇɴᴋʏᴏɴɢ Пре месец
i say it's karma, zion game tie shot was blocked with fault by jokic so the same thing happening to him is fair lmao
Persian Music
Persian Music Пре месец
Is this your MVP? LOL
Orhan Milanovic
Orhan Milanovic Пре месец
Last one was not a foul but he's rightfully frustrated because of bunch of fouls previously not called
ClipForia. TV
ClipForia. TV Пре месец
Yeah mvp lol
ClipForia. TV
ClipForia. TV Пре месец
@tropickman shut up!!!!
tropickman Пре месец
That seems to be the consensus. Only All Star to have played every single game this season; led his team on his back despite critical injuries; dominated stats for much of the season. The only thing going against him are: He is not super fluent in English & is not big on self advertising on twitter & similar bs.
Phineas N Ferb
Phineas N Ferb Пре месец
Lots of uncalled fouls on him. That instant wasn't a foul tho.
Andrew Jones
Andrew Jones Пре месец
That’s not even close to a foul. Jokic is not the MVP
Petar Nenchev
Petar Nenchev Пре месец
@Andrew Jones when someone did this on random guy shooting 3s its a foul always but this time against MVP its not?
Andrew Jones
Andrew Jones Пре месец
@Stefan Trajkovic. That’s not a foul. Just because there’s a bump doesn’t mean it’s a foul. It’s textbook. Stand there with ur hands up and it’s clean. If u think that’s a foul ur soft AF. This is why NBA is soft now... people like u
Samuel Пре месец
either way they would still lose unless it was an and 1
Alec BUSCEMI Пре месец
Not a foul
MaratinsPlayz Пре месец
Phil B
Phil B Пре месец
The jumpers cannot grab the ball before another player has touched it.
Iconic space
Iconic space Пре месец
Jeff Green touched it
Mile Dobrić
Mile Dobrić Пре месец
or flor
Jonathan Velazquez
Jonathan Velazquez Пре месец
That wasn't even a foul lol
Banana Phone
Banana Phone Пре месец
refs being racist, nothign new
Champ Shurado
Champ Shurado Пре месец
Actually 3 times with a none call for foul this nba really wanted to win this brooklyn nets
Rael Isuela
Rael Isuela Пре месец
0:30 the contact, act of shooting
ufstero polstero
ufstero polstero Пре месец
@Robin Clarijs he's in the act of shooting, I've seen way less called a foul for Jordan or Kobe.
Robin Clarijs
Robin Clarijs Пре месец
That's barely a foul, this isn't the euro league where they call each foul with minimal amount of contact. In the playoffs they would never whistle for this either. Oh well I can understand why he's upset he didn't get many whistles in the last quarter on multiple fouls.
Prasith Warnakula
Prasith Warnakula Пре месец
@Jonathan Velazquez thats a foul imo he moved into jokic
Jonathan Velazquez
Jonathan Velazquez Пре месец
Na it was clean, contact happens all the time
zipteye Пре месец
Jokic slapped dudes hand on the jump ball then threw up some trash lmao shut the fuck up joker 💀
Jayson Magdaraog
Jayson Magdaraog Пре месец
Nasa gitna pa red nyan...tunay na WLA nmn foul iiyak nuggets 20lead 😅😅
Puraman Пре месец
this would be flagrant foul for LA Fakers.
Chief Пре месец
lA fAkErS what a corny thing to say.
Tsogt itgel
Tsogt itgel Пре месец
If you call this a foul, you need to play volleyball. Even if the refs misses and calls foul here, so what? they are still losing
Jeseno Yutrago
Jeseno Yutrago Пре месец
He should put some muscles
Adam McGregor
Adam McGregor Пре месец
Put his muscles where
Sayed Ali
Sayed Ali Пре месец
it would be a foul in the first 47 minutes of a game. Refs dont call this kind of foul in crunchtime.
Going All Out
Going All Out Пре месец
Jokic keeps running up to the referees. I'll be a real problem if he bumps into or slips on a referee. He to big and intimidating to be doing that. They going to T him up like they did DeMarcus Cousins.
Aidan Chung
Aidan Chung Пре месец
He actually did that once but he ref was chill with it
Uriel Berman
Uriel Berman Пре месец
I think that the miss wasn't the worst mistake he made at that moment, it was the play that generated the jumpball, i mean what the hell were Jokic and MPJ doing?
Aidan Chung
Aidan Chung Пре месец
@Petar Nenchev jokic? Or porter?
Petar Nenchev
Petar Nenchev Пре месец
@Aidan Chung and when he starts taking dumb shots with 15seconds left its even more frustrated
Aidan Chung
Aidan Chung Пре месец
@Uriel Berman I mean jokic was mad and mpj is just a sloppy guy, he just looses the ball from his hands at least once a game
Uriel Berman
Uriel Berman Пре месец
@Aidan Chung Yeah, pretty sloppy
Aidan Chung
Aidan Chung Пре месец
Jokic stopped because it was a screen for mpj to get the ball, but mpj decided to stop running and stopped beside jokic and Jeff green slipped in between them grabbing the ball
XboxRacer Пре месец
I feel like in Europe, we are taught the game differently. The rules are much more enforced, the travels, the carries, the fouls... So people think those euro players are "crying" but they just know what a foul is. NBA ball is more entertainment than sport.
zipteye Пре месец
You say we like you played in the league
L'Ours Amer
L'Ours Amer Пре месец
Il y a faute sur l action d'avant de Durant
21jajego1 Denim
21jajego1 Denim Пре месец
Just jewish nba
WILBERT809 Пре месец
Ni le topan a ese llorón
Myrna Oblad
Myrna Oblad Пре месец
Nice 1 ref. Theres no foul
JMAI HOMES Пре месец
Jokic plays like the air pump air dancers displays they put in front of car dealerships
JMAI HOMES Пре месец
@Martyn Schorn yes loll
Martyn Schorn
Martyn Schorn Пре месец
Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm-Flailing Tubeman?>
corkystorky Пре месец
Refs don't buy the crap the guys that big can be shoved like that easily, he flopped, no foul :D
Empty Skies
Empty Skies Пре месец
@Urke 11 I never said he wasn't if you read my comment above.
Urke 11
Urke 11 Пре месец
@Empty Skies you can hate but he is cleat cut MVP
Empty Skies
Empty Skies Пре месец
Exactly. It wasn't even that hard of a contact. Kinda why I'm not a Jokic fan. Guy pretty much moves like he getting fouled all the time flailing and shit. He does have an awesome shooting touch.
Rick Jr
Rick Jr Пре месец
I'm a brooklyn nets fan but these refs suck it's like they've gotten worse
sta bilo
sta bilo Пре месец
it was foul on GREEN!!!
mago97615 Пре месец
Is this your MVP? Meanwhile Embiid gets clutch with 29 pts in 22 mins on 85% ( yes you read that) shooting in a W. Embiid still my MVP #EmbiidMVP
Truth Hurts
Truth Hurts Пре месец
How many free throws he get?
ROWE Channel
ROWE Channel Пре месец
Fuck joker I don't know why he is MVP this year. He is wayward/one manshow/Selfish too much. Ok. He play better but not MVP for me.
S_AME Пре месец
soft af
Hadi Taleb
Hadi Taleb Пре месец
Karma, he fouled Zion for a block and was not counted.
David Noci
David Noci Пре месец
I absolutely love Jokić and Dončić, they are geniuses, but they bitch and talk and complain waaaay to much. Excellent no call by the ref 👏
Waaben21 Пре месец
Clear foul, contact on Jokic hand/arm on this upwards motion after having control of ball.
KalmoK Пре месец
Didn't see a foul so why was he whining so much.... Ok losing sucks but c'mon, if you try to fish to yourself some free throws don't get angry to the refs if you don't get them
Jj W
Jj W Пре месец
Looked pretty clean, I didn’t see any foul on Jokic
turbishon Пре месец
@Truth Hurts lmao
21jajego1 Denim
21jajego1 Denim Пре месец
Blind 😅
sta bilo
sta bilo Пре месец
@Truth Hurts Jokic is black, something is wrong with your eyes
Truth Hurts
Truth Hurts Пре месец
Joker hits that shot all game every game. That’s why the defender slams his chest into Joker. If joker was black he would get free throws.
sta bilo
sta bilo Пре месец
it was foul on Green, this is why Jokic is Angry, maybe.. look better..
Mr Talk Cartoon Comedy
Mr Talk Cartoon Comedy Пре месец
Already preparing your minds that playoffs won’t be soft . No soft calls . When players knock down players with their shoulders why don’t they run to refs and report “I knock that guy down it’s offensive fouls” 😂
And this is you're mvp ??
Mr Talk Cartoon Comedy
Mr Talk Cartoon Comedy Пре месец
Jokic if you are complaining on that runner shot what will steph Curry say 😂😂😂. Jokic is time you start receiving tough defense bc u are always just free with little pressure .
Mr Talk Cartoon Comedy
Mr Talk Cartoon Comedy Пре месец
@Urke 11 😂😂😂😂 u r funny
Urke 11
Urke 11 Пре месец
Your knowlage of basketball is really cartoon as your nickname says
Aka Пре месец
He's been double-teamed for the last few months u clearly don't watch the games. He wasn't fouled here but there are plenty of examples where he doesn't get calls which is why mike Malone put in a complaint to the NBA.
isimsiz arkadaş
isimsiz arkadaş Пре месец
Not foul sorry,
디루디루 Пре месец
New rule must be put for punishing the refs who make the wrong calls. Even a normal NBA fan can tell that is a foul for 10000%. Fuck the refs
Hot CoCo Gamer
Hot CoCo Gamer Пре месец
That's a foul they love the nets
jan stegu
jan stegu Пре месец
jokic is soft
roljavi Пре месец
Jokic had 4-5 games in a row without a single free throw as a center. The guy was being robbed by referees entire season.
Milos Krstic
Milos Krstic Пре месец
That was a good foul, easy for refs to miss it tbh
greg monroe
greg monroe Пре месец
just hold this L and cry hahaha
Mookie Blaylock
Mookie Blaylock Пре месец
We are fed up with Reffs clutch decisions giving some like LeChina some more rings.
Chief Пре месец
lEcHiNa man you're corny. InB4 I get called a bRoNsExUaL or any other overused lame insult lmao
zipteye Пре месец
Lakers in 5
Makarije Father
Makarije Father Пре месец
Srpski MVP
toby vigil
toby vigil Пре месец
It’s ok I’m glad that we’re able to contest with these guys it says a lot about our team we need Morris and Barton
tropickman Пре месец
Murray, Gordon, Barton, Morris, Dozier, Millsap. Nuggets played without SIX critical players! Its truly amazing they would have beat the Nets had the refs not robbed Denver blind in last minute of the game. Nuggets put up an awesome battle during game vs Jazz; and led after 3 quarters at 99-98. Once Jokic subbed off for 5 minutes to begin Q4, Nuggets collapsed to 103-109, after scoring only 4 points in 5 minutes w/o Joker.
Iconic space
Iconic space Пре месец
@Desmond Lavin I use to think the same thing about Barton, and if we had Murray I'd agree we don't need him, but we need at least 1 mf that can score rn. Thrill can get some buckets when he's on. And we need his energy fs
Hayden Sigurdson
Hayden Sigurdson Пре месец
@Desmond Lavin He has the skill level of Norman Powell but plays like he Kobe
Desmond Lavin
Desmond Lavin Пре месец
@Hayden Sigurdson he would be a great starter if he was ok with being a role player but he tries to hard to be kobe
Hayden Sigurdson
Hayden Sigurdson Пре месец
@Desmond Lavin I still think 20 minutes of him off the bench could be interesting if he’s making shots but if not bench his ass
Branko Jelic
Branko Jelic Пре месец
Nba refs are all assholes. Facts
Dienelo Leo
Dienelo Leo Пре месец
And people gonna pick him over cp3, embiid and curry 🤣 all he does is cry and whine and miss clutch shots like kyrie
Truth Hurts
Truth Hurts Пре месец
In the last three seasons, joker has three times as many buzzer beaters as any player in the league
Old School
Old School Пре месец
And CP3 has only 0.5 more assists then Jokic. He kicks his ass in every stat category. CP3 would be robery. He would be the guy with the shittiest year winning the MVP
Old School
Old School Пре месец
Common bro, he is clearly the MVP this year. Dont bring up curry into the discussion with his 10th seed in the west. Cant be taken serious. Or Embiid who played 50games this year. He is the MVP this year, its not a discussion...and BTW this was not a foul I agree
mirshad razil
mirshad razil Пре месец
1:42 𝐂𝐥𝐢𝐜𝐤 𝐇𝐞𝐫𝐞 ➜ 》》 iPhone Giveaway 《《 在整個人類歷史上,強者,富人和具有狡猾特質的人捕食部落,氏族,城鎮,城市和鄉村中的弱者,無`'守和貧窮成員。然而,人類的生存意願迫使那些被拒絕,被剝奪或摧毀的基本需求的人們找到了一種生活方式,並繼續將其DNA融入不斷發展的人類社會。 說到食物,不要以為那些被拒絕的人只吃垃圾。相反,他們學會了在被忽視的肉類和蔬菜中尋找營養。他們學會了清潔,切塊,調味和慢燉慢燉的野菜和肉類,在食品市場上被忽略的部分家用蔬菜和肉類,並且學會了使用芳香的木煙(如山核桃,山核桃和豆科灌木 來調味食物煮的時候%^%^ 1620544732
Baldski Пре месец
Tomić Rade
Tomić Rade Пре месец
have 20 criteria
Tomić Rade
Tomić Rade Пре месец
Judges in the NBA are very bad referees, they are a disaster not because of this, but overall
Thatoneguy Пре месец
@Green Right Hand And you are racist. I think Jokic deserves mvp by a longshot, but to me all there was was a small push.
Green Right Hand
Green Right Hand Пре месец
@Thatoneguy and you Are either black or blind or both
Trump Ameri
Trump Ameri Пре месец
@Thatoneguy watch closely again
Thatoneguy Пре месец
@Trump Ameri bro ur either blind or a nuggets fan mans didn't touch him
Trump Ameri
Trump Ameri Пре месец
@Thatoneguy 100% foul
明日乃城団平 Пре месец
very very very NO FOUL
mr ghostdog
mr ghostdog Пре месец
very very very stupid YOU ARE
Jason Myer
Jason Myer Пре месец
Naah that’s not a foul.
Mr Multiverse
Mr Multiverse Пре месец
He cant take the ball anyway but the play just before KD hits him right in the face and refs didn't call it
Gays stole the Rainbow
Gays stole the Rainbow Пре месец
It's like he doesn't want to win the MVP. What a waste...
Skyy Skyy
Skyy Skyy Пре месец
That's what always he does. Luca aswel
Urke 11
Urke 11 Пре месец
Only because the refs do not give them the calls like they do for the black stars
MidWest Ent.
MidWest Ent. Пре месец
that was a good no call he had 15 seconds thats more than a enough time to set up a good shot but instead he tried to get saved by the refs
Empty Skies
Empty Skies Пре месец
Rushing it with probably the notion that he'd get a call from it. It's annoying that Jokic's whole schtick is flopping around like he ain't a big guy tryna get fouls called. If he just didn't act that way, I'd root for him.
xSkysplitter777 Пре месец
Bruhh curry and the joker barely get calls for how often they get fouled.
Chief Пре месец
Curry gets calls once the refs activate playoff mode.
Kenji Dos
Kenji Dos Пре месец
Ai jokic
Philip Cyriac
Philip Cyriac Пре месец
Come on djmeechymeech do your thing we need a voiceover for this
Thatoneguy Пре месец
lol u know him to
KM Wong
KM Wong Пре месец
Jokic needs to get used to it in playoffs. When the Nuggets play against NBA chosen teams, it will become a 5-against-8 games.
Trump Ameri
Trump Ameri Пре месец
If you can't defeat him you must join him.... old rules
R Пре месец
@mago97615 It was literally proved in the early 00s how the games were rigged in favor of the Lakers. This is not a conspiracy. And I am a Lakers fan, there's no reason to deny the clear advantages, many fans started to root for the Lakers because the franchise consistently had strong rosters
T Challa
T Challa Пре месец
The excuses have begun
nowitzki lam
nowitzki lam Пре месец
Especially against lakers and blazers
Jerome Yudiet
Jerome Yudiet Пре месец
@mago97615 there's a conspiracy? And it's rent free? I knew it!!
michael acosta
michael acosta Пре месец
If you dont want any contact play chess...
Truth Hurts
Truth Hurts Пре месец
He gets hacked on a nightly basis more than anyone in the league and still dominates. It’s not that he doesn’t want contact. It’s that he wants the free throws every other star gets in the league
Baller Doge
Baller Doge Пре месец
I don't blame him. That shot wasn't quire a foul but he got cheated all 4th quarter
tropickman Пре месец
This was the very last play that finally caused him to snap; and understandably so. He was fouled on 3 separate occasions in the last 60 second of a 1 point game! Jokic was first fouled by Harris with 1 minute left in Q4. This was an obvious foul with Harris moving his feet & chest bumping Jokic as he was in the air, getting him out of balance. 20 or so seconds later, Durant attempts to block Jokic & ends up yanking on his jersey (under left armpit) in a strong tugging motion, just as Jokic went up to shoot. This affected his balance & shot. No foul was called. See top down view at the very end of video here: Finally, Claxton used his shoulder & left arm to interfere with Jokic's path & two handed jump shot. Claxton can be seen jumping sideways, clipping Jokic's left arm with his left arm.
Thurl Sixers Fan
Thurl Sixers Fan Пре месец
Nah he just flops lol
せねはなとぅい Пре месец
That’s a foul, no question.
Tan9 Пре месец
NBA doesn’t want a guy from Europe get the MVP
Secc2li Пре месец
U r so rude , u should be live in 20s with this thinking
Zack Пре месец
If NBA didn't want Europe they wouldn't bring Doncic, Bogdanovic and all these Europeans. You guys are the same dudes who complained back in the 80s against Celtics because they were the only team that didn't had black basketball players and we're winning chips. After that they decided to get black people and still dominated and y'all suddenly stopped crying. Bunch of old fools who always bring race to everything.
lance Pager
lance Pager Пре месец
Giannis, fckng casual
PistolPete Пре месец
@RunOfTheTrill it is not because he's white it's because he's from serbia
geox488 Пре месец
@Gcanno sure, but numbers says Jokić is the best. MVP, not team position.
J Riot
J Riot Пре месец
European players always bitching complaining and flopping, thats why I call euro league soft
Go! Cherry Picker
Go! Cherry Picker Пре месец
krwjdebs q
krwjdebs q Пре месец
Lol how is that a foul🤣🤣 Jockitch aint the joker he is just clown🤢🤡🤡
Avenz Rock
Avenz Rock Пре месец
Need more acting like an actor😆
Fidel Sales
Fidel Sales Пре месец
no blood no foul rules😅
Jeha Hwang
Jeha Hwang Пре месец
Use my comment as a discussion thing
DKTheDarkKnight Пре месец
Ballers are almost as bad as soccer players with their complaining.
David Noci
David Noci Пре месец
Facts... Clean play here and he's crying like he got clabbed in the face
J P Пре месец
no foul, clean
Christian A
Christian A Пре месец
its the nbas fault. You wanna make it so if you breathe its a foul the players just gonna complain they feel it
Madferit Пре месец
nah that ain't a foul
Grab A Book From the Library
Grab A Book From the Library Пре месец
No four on that foul
神控球 Пре месец
Marx Conrad
Marx Conrad Пре месец
Casuals be saying it wasn't a foul. Lol.
Urke 11
Urke 11 Пре месец
@OhayoART lol you can hate, but he is mvp and it is not even close
zzfoe Пре месец
@HoodyKD imagine having KD and Kyrie and still using Harden as crutch bum ass
HoodyKD Пре месец
@zzfoe both bucks game were winnable and that was without Harden lmaoooo Nets in 4
Rachel Пре месец
@zzfoe Yeah huhuhu 😭😂 Let me gave you this...not 1 not 2 not 3 but 20 piece ✌️👌 🤣😘
zzfoe Пре месец
@Rachel You still lost, hold an L and go cry
Royal Gavin
Royal Gavin Пре месец
Curry for mvp 💪🏻
Xi Jinping
Xi Jinping Пре месец
Jokic is so cute😊😊😊
Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan Пре месец
No he’s actually kinda ugly
Mashed Potato
Mashed Potato Пре месец
Xi Jinpingae
adingdingdiiing Пре месец
@WESTBEASTツΨඞ i read this in that interviewers voice. 🤣
Yap Weng Yew
Yap Weng Yew Пре месец
Y u gae
WESTBEASTツΨඞ Пре месец
VegTheory Пре месец
This is why Nikola Jokic won't win the MVP!
Trafalgar D. Water Law
Trafalgar D. Water Law Пре месец
The nuggets commentator needs to get his eyes checked. There’s barely any contact in the replay.
MidWest Ent.
MidWest Ent. Пре месец
@Petar Nenchev its called flopping
Petar Nenchev
Petar Nenchev Пре месец
If there is no foul then why Jokic body went behind or you think he invent new lay up style
MidWest Ent.
MidWest Ent. Пре месец
they get paid to be bias towards their players
The Oana Fam
The Oana Fam Пре месец
You can clearly see in the replay that he got pushed before he jumped.
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Zvezde Granda - Cela emisija 72 - ZG 2020/21 - 19.06.2021
Zvezde Granda
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SAT: Patrola do Crne Gore i novi auto-put
RTS SAT - Zvanični kanal
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Novak Djokovic: 2021 Roland Garros Final Win Interview
Tennis Channel
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Måneskin - Beggin' (Lyrics/Testo)
Vibe Music
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Oko: Rušenje crkve, uživo
RTS Oko - Zvanični kanal
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Južni vetar
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