Stephen A. reacts to the Knicks losing to the Nuggets | First Take

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Stephen A. reacts to the Knicks losing to the Nuggets | First Take
Stephen A. Smith reacts to the New York Knicks losing to the Denver Nuggets 113-97.
0:00 Flashback to Stephen A.'s Knicks rant.
0:40 Stephen A. brushes off the Knicks' loss to the Nuggets.
3:45 Max Kellerman breaks down the Eastern Conference standings.

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Dre L
Dre L Пре месец
Knicks has been and still is the Buffalo Bills of the Past.. Destin to lose no matter how good they look
玩家一 Пре месец
Nuggets got busy!
Nick "Sticks" Russo Official
Nick "Sticks" Russo Official Пре месец
Who's here after the Knicks beat the Clippers
Marcus Andrews
Marcus Andrews Пре месец
Got one, just like he said
Donnell F
Donnell F Пре месец
Haliburton can't stay healthy...Topping will prove everyone that doubts him wrong.
Nice Пре месец
A team that was planned to be where we are now instead of two years is a success. It would be delusional for anyone to think that this team will have over 30 wins by the end of the season. News flash, they are up passing expectation above 37 wins, and I still see them winning more. We can all agree that this is not a super team. But to see them being where they are today far exceeds expectations and shows that they are having success with the cards they have been dealt with. As an organization, you guys have to Stop being too subjective regarding anything that comes from the Knicks and start giving props when credit is due. As much as I see that the point you guys do what you do is for entertainment, Molly and Max Remember that when you guys don't call it right. And attack an organization. You are also attacking the fan base. The last time I checked, this is the #1 Franchise when it comes to basketball, and the reason for that is because these fans are loyal and continue to be devoted to their team.
C VADER Пре месец
Molly at the
Spidashaw Пре месец
Knicks are going to kill the Lakers
Anthony Rodriguez
Anthony Rodriguez Пре месец
4:44 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Max Heimann
Max Heimann Пре месец
man the joker ruled gotham... he blew up the whole knicks franchise. remember when they said the clippers are the worst run franchise in sports - here come your 2k ny knicks... in 2 yrs theres a 50th anniversary coming: half a century without a title!
dubsrevo Пре месец
Yo Molly's a lame with her little hater vibes lol
Black & Yellow
Black & Yellow Пре месец
She's like a teenage girl.
Gimshan Пре месец
ESPN did Stephen A dirty there😪
Strongman Express
Strongman Express Пре месец
Who cares about Knicks?
J 47
J 47 Пре месец
Max called them midpack lol
Trey Bens
Trey Bens Пре месец
I didn’t realize how much SAS and Skip are alike until today
Love @NBA 🏀✅
Love @NBA 🏀✅ Пре месец
Msg lit..Stephen A. n Max we have to call out people who had a problem with Austin Rivers contract in LA he is a winning play teammate and even coach of the year coach Tim signed him because of merit...sometimes we have
Flamingo_000 0
Flamingo_000 0 Пре месец
@Andy Broqueza Knicks played well against the suns. Its just the suns have more talent to close the game
Andy Broqueza
Andy Broqueza Пре месец
Knicks been overhyping and Thib is not COTY. Did you saw what Monty Williams did to your Knicks earlier? He out coached him so Monty Williams COTY. Sorry not sorry.
Nicolas Owens
Nicolas Owens Пре месец
Keisuke Yoshida
Keisuke Yoshida Пре месец
How does molly still have this job lol
Jireh Emanuel Martinez
Jireh Emanuel Martinez Пре месец
Molly STFU!!!!!😡😡
Josh Villarreal
Josh Villarreal Пре месец
You can't fix biased pricks
bahamasc Пре месец
Remember when Max Kellerman had the Heat in the Finals...oh wait.
GreaterSociety Пре месец
I dont like the female host
Uncle Droo
Uncle Droo Пре месец
As a Knicks fan, I hate watching ESPN especially when I see that Molly speaking.
L A Пре месец
Kellerman is a HATER!!!💯 WE'RE BEATING TEAMS WE'RE SUPPOSED TO SMASH!! Something we weren't doing last year...LET'S GO KNICKS!!!🟠🔵
Andy Broqueza
Andy Broqueza Пре месец
Yeah you’re supposed to beat mediocre and low level teams and you did it. But can you defeat or swept the elite teams? Sorry, but the Knicks can’t. Not a hater, but stop this Knicks overhype because they are not the teams who had the better comeback story this season.
JR Crashin
JR Crashin Пре месец
Lmao the flashback
Will Stepney
Will Stepney Пре месец
Hey Mr. Smith let's nuild up those Knicks up up up so they can fall hard sound like the Cowboys right Mr.Smith Go COWBOYS
s p
s p Пре месец
Molly jokes are not funny
Justin Rivera
Justin Rivera Пре месец
Molly is the most annoying person to host a tv show I swear
Sean Bucksss
Sean Bucksss Пре месец
The fact that ESPN can disrespect a team like this on national TV is crazy to me mind you this team is 4th in the East Atleast give them the respect of saying they have a chance against any team they play
Andy Broqueza
Andy Broqueza Пре месец
They did not disrespect the Knicks tho. SAS even openly admitted he supports the Knicks and the Knicks winning streaks have been overly broadcasted in ESPN and both Max and Molly congratulated the Knicks for their wins. But, the bigger question is the Top #4 Knicks can win against the elite teams especially in the West? The answer is no and they are speaking the truth. This overhype for the Knicks in the media had suddenly went away because they lost to the Nuggets and the Suns.
White Knight
White Knight Пре месец
Stephen racist
Ryan Martin
Ryan Martin Пре месец
i didnt care about Molly before but now she just too much bruh
Suspense07 Пре месец
Molly is so annoying 🤦🏾‍♂️ I love the way they tried to play Stephen A like as soon as the Knicks loose it’s like “see I told u they were trash”
Andy Broqueza
Andy Broqueza Пре месец
Nobody said the Knicks are trash. The problem is the Knicks are overhype by SAS himself. Like SAS made the Knicks look the best team in the league in his Instagram and in ESPN and the Knicks are not even in the Top 5 Power rankings team in the league. This SAS overhype of the Knicks ended when the Knicks can’t even win against now from the Nuggets and the Suns.
KDC23 Пре месец
Meanwhile the Nets out there just lost 4 straight....
E Prince
E Prince Пре месец
I don't agree with Max and his logic at all. Doesn't matter who's healthy or not. If you stay ready, you don't have to get ready. Thats why this is a TEAM game.
DeejThyself Пре месец
Everytime someone put "sas" i think of the spurs smh
brs rafal
brs rafal Пре месец
Knicks 1 star away from championship potential jokic is no joke prob real mvp this year
Andy Broqueza
Andy Broqueza Пре месец
1 star away? Knicks isn’t included in the Top 5 Power rankings of the NBA and the Knicks are 1 star away from Championship potential? The Knicks may not even pass the 1st round if they continue to lose to the elite teams in the west.
arsen world123
arsen world123 Пре месец
Ok so clearly this is why god doesn't allow the Knicks to be good often their fans are unbearable a 4th seed and they act like they are finals favourites lol
Andy Broqueza
Andy Broqueza Пре месец
Super true 😂
Richard Sareth
Richard Sareth Пре месец
Can someone tell Molly and Max to let SAS have his moment. No one is saying the Knicks is going to beat the Sixers, Nets, or Bucks in a 7 game series. But the Knicks will make those series as difficult as possible. Even if they get swept. Also, the few games the Knicks lost to the Sixers and Nets all came down to the final possession.
Richard Sareth
Richard Sareth Пре месец
@Andy Broqueza why not? Knicks shown they can keep us with the Hawks with or without Trae
Andy Broqueza
Andy Broqueza Пре месец
The bigger question is, can Knicks even pass the 1st round? 💁‍♂️🙃
Perfect SusanoQ
Perfect SusanoQ Пре месец
2:31 come on Nobody seen that they need to fine the refs
Jose Rodriguez
Jose Rodriguez Пре месец
They lost because of that first quarter they out scored the nuggets every other quarter
Ke'Jon Robinson
Ke'Jon Robinson Пре месец
Molly is annoying af
Bon Ryan Ligeralde
Bon Ryan Ligeralde Пре месец
As a fan knick the playoff is already a good season inspite of the players. Nxt year they will be a contender
Stormrage Пре месец
Jesus, why American anchors have to act like clowns? This is so cringe.
userLURK05 Пре месец
Max Kellerman said we can’t beat elite teams but we beat the Bucks by 20 this season and we also beat the Warriors by 15 and the Jazz by over 10 points🤦🏾‍♂️
Mataio Viliamu
Mataio Viliamu Пре месец
just needs to say 'dawn of a new age' and he'd basically be a cowboys fan :D
KinG oD
KinG oD Пре месец
joseph jefferson
joseph jefferson Пре месец
The Nuggets loss shows our Knicks need a Center who can play BOTH sides of the hoop. I'm looking at Utah State's Neemias Queta.
Liew Wai Hins
Liew Wai Hins Пре месец
Joker mvp
hotman718 Пре месец
In defense of the Knicks, they were ice cold that game vs the Nuggets and they got scorched in the 1st quarter but they actually won the remainder of the 3 quarters.
Russell Ny
Russell Ny Пре месец
They couldn’t hit a shot in the first quarter. That was the problem. When you score less than 15 in the first quarter you ain’t gonna win. Worst 1st quarter I’ve ever witnessed.
Jerry Lawyer
Jerry Lawyer Пре месец
Why did we start taking it easy on Molly, she jus sounds so cocky now
diana h
diana h Пре месец
Bro can we get Molly off the show.
Betelgeuser Пре месец
Them doing stephen A dirty with that flashback lol
Marc Conner
Marc Conner Пре месец
covid-case-21 Пре месец
if joke wins mvp then 3 year ina row a euro player won the nba mvp! that's bad look.
Jay Fareway
Jay Fareway Пре месец
4:43 Stephen a caught slipping 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Philip Benhard B. Velasco
Philip Benhard B. Velasco Пре месец
yooo, Jokic hates the knicks he had to dunk 2 handed! thats very rare for him
Mister Ceo
Mister Ceo Пре месец
The way Max broke down the teams the knicks beat vs the teams they lost too. Wow….better than sorry teams but not on the level of elite teams
Al-tariq Brown
Al-tariq Brown Пре месец
Mere bag of shells lol, quote from my best t.v. Show. Honeymooners 😂😂😭
MM MM Пре месец
SAS gonna go nuts if knicks eliminate nets in the playoffs
Abuadam0723 Пре месец
knicks did destroy bucks earlier this season
Abuadam0723 Пре месец
nuggets crushed knicks the 1st qt but knicks beat them the next 3 but wasnt enough for the win that shows you they still had grit for the rest of the game
Vizun IP
Vizun IP Пре месец
Hey I'm left handed
Parrish Harris
Parrish Harris Пре месец
The funny thing is that the Knicks aren't a finish product just yet, they're going to add better talent real soon.
DuranimusPrime Пре месец
LOL, It's hilarious vids man. When he goes all fanboy over the Knicks. It's good seeing this kind of enthusiasm! The Knicks could cause an upset if they make the second round! That's why it's called an UPSET! There have been bigger upsets in sports. So, who knows? The Knicks get home-court advantage in the first round??-- they can beat the Hawks in the first round. If they get a banged-up Nets or whoever in the second round, who knows? I think if the Knicks make it to the second round-- that is an unbelievably successful season! That I feel at this point is the goal- make the playoffs in that 4/5th seed and push for the second round!
DuranimusPrime Пре месец
@Andy Broqueza You can come up with all the scenarios you want and hate on the Knicks-- that's your right to clown off. But, regardless, this has been a successful season for the franchise. The Knicks have been a losing team for years. As an organization, they're making progress. btw, they beat the Clips and might come out of the west trip at worst, splitting wins and losses.
Andy Broqueza
Andy Broqueza Пре месец
The Knicks right now may even fall to the play-in tournament with their streak loss and faced the Top 3 teams in the East in the 1st round 😂
Ira Joseph
Ira Joseph Пре месец
The Knicks are gonna beat one of those teams
Ira Joseph
Ira Joseph Пре месец
@Andy Broqueza lol naw we'll win one of them for sure
Andy Broqueza
Andy Broqueza Пре месец
Sorry, but the Nuggets, Suns, Clippers and the Lakers said: YOU SHALL NOT PASS 😂
Urbain Delva
Urbain Delva Пре месец
I still don't know why Obi Toppin is only playing 11 MPG. This guy was the 8th overall pick. Let him play, Thibs.
Jordan Jones
Jordan Jones Пре месец
Max named 10 playoff or at least play in teams
KennyCobbShow Пре месец
The Jokic highlight starts and it's just sad. Traveling, carrying the basketball, fouling.. etc etc...
Derrez Gines
Derrez Gines Пре месец
As a lefty they go left too much 😂😂😂
Imanawalah Malak Dawadah
Imanawalah Malak Dawadah Пре месец
The Knicks are 12-2 in the last 14 and they are making a big deal about a lost. Every team in the league get this work at some point over the long season.
Andy Broqueza
Andy Broqueza Пре месец
So now, the Suns had 14-2 winning streak this season and they are not even broadcasted especially in ESPN. And you’re mad that it is a big deal for them that you lose wherein fact the Knicks have been overhype last month with their winning streak. As of today, the Knicks streak were 12-3 and may end up 12-5 if they lose against the clippers or the lakers. You should thank them that despite the loss you’re still broadcasted wherein the Suns have been left behind and didn’t recognize with their winning streak which is more than the winning streak of the Knicks.
Abe Haile
Abe Haile Пре месец
The nuggets SMACKED the Knicks, but the entire story is still about a mediocre NY team?
Abe Haile
Abe Haile Пре месец
@Andy Broqueza facts
Andy Broqueza
Andy Broqueza Пре месец
Because the Knicks are overhyped by SAS himself
Neworld Пре месец
Alternate title: jokic humbles stephen
Zac Warburton
Zac Warburton Пре месец
molly needs to stfu
Hari Krishnan
Hari Krishnan Пре месец
Lol the Nets lost to Mavs..
Joey beanbags
Joey beanbags Пре месец
Dominic Spinelli
Dominic Spinelli Пре месец
Look at them, we lose 2 in our last 14 and they tryna hate… i hate non knicks fans lmaoo
Andy Broqueza
Andy Broqueza Пре месец
They are definitely not hating. The problem is when SAS himself discussed that the Knicks can defeat all the elite teams in the NBA. But now, it turns out they can only beat mediocre teams at best. The truth slaps him hard when now both the Nuggets and the Suns defeated your Knicks 💁‍♂️
Neal Robbins
Neal Robbins Пре месец
Joker MVP, Knicks Stank.
El Jefe Sinnaman
El Jefe Sinnaman Пре месец
Why is Molly such a hater?
hollywood evans
hollywood evans Пре месец
Knicks can beat 6ers
tupac Wright
tupac Wright Пре месец
So happy for d rose 💪
IG’s Im_Just_Nino
IG’s Im_Just_Nino Пре месец
Knicks beat the Nuggets 3 out of 4 quarters, that was a hard freaking 1st quarter to comeback from ..
Andy Broqueza
Andy Broqueza Пре месец
What? The Knicks beat the Nuggets in those quarters what????? Wherein in fact the Nuggets maintained their lead from the 1st quarter until the end 🥴
Aleksandar Videkanic
Aleksandar Videkanic Пре месец
Jokić didnt played last quater, Knicks need good center for next season, just upgrade this team
Frank Mac
Frank Mac Пре месец
Knicks have impressed me this year
danny Rey
danny Rey Пре месец
I say there are 8 teams better than the Knicks. That's great! Add another bona-fide star and they may move up to top 4. I say that's that's win. Nothing to hate on.
danny Rey
danny Rey Пре месец
@Andy Broqueza that's debatable. Better talent? Yes. If we going by talent knicks have 12 teams in the east better than them. If by stats of defense and offense only 8 in my opinion. Especially in playoffs where they allow more physical play.
Andy Broqueza
Andy Broqueza Пре месец
8 teams you serious? There’s 12 teams better than the Knicks right now 7 from the West and 5 from the east which includes Heat and Celtics. The Knicks are not even in the Top 10 in the power rankings so stop being delusional. If you put the Knicks in the West they will be in the play-in tournament with their seeding and you think there were 8 teams better than them? Whatttt?????? And if you add another star for sure the Knicks will not end up in the NBA Top 5 rankings.
Guy Robinson
Guy Robinson Пре месец
Molly is so annoying
The 5th Wave
The 5th Wave Пре месец
Molly should be charged with a flagarant 2 whenever she opens her mouth. 2 free throws for Harden.
Charlie King
Charlie King Пре месец
Knicks lost the 1 quarter but they did win the 2quarter ,3quarter,4quarter GO KNICK'S
Charlie King
Charlie King Пре месец
Knicks lost from the first quarter GO KNICK'S
Charlie King
Charlie King Пре месец
Josh Polson
Josh Polson Пре месец
Knicks won 3 quarters to 1 v Denver. Just a shame that the one they did lose, they lost big. They’ve proven that they can stand and trade with the top teams of the NBA
Andy Broqueza
Andy Broqueza Пре месец
That take is ridiculous and absurd. You win in the 3 quarters and then you still lose in the end so in the end they can’t stand against top teams in the NBA. It’s not about who wins in the first 3 quarters because that’s not a factor. A mediocre or low level teams can also win the first 3 quarters but lose in the end so that take is pretty dumb.
Dovid getes
Dovid getes Пре месец
Fluke loss by knicks
jonathan christ
jonathan christ Пре месец
knicks WON 3 quarters and lost 1. also they missed 10 or so foul shots.
Makai Stallworth
Makai Stallworth Пре месец
We 2-1 against the bucks blew em out by 25 one game too 🤷🏾‍♂️
mdace15 Пре месец
Max was over there playing Tic Tac Toe against himself...
ThatNBAGuy Пре месец
why we actin like the knicks didn’t play one of the top 3 teams in the west?
Jay El Llorca
Jay El Llorca Пре месец
props to knicks. being above .500 is already an achievement for this season.
norrisb1981 Пре месец
Against Brooklyn, Philly and Miami the Knicks have lost all those games by a margin of two or three points. They got blown out by Milwaukee but not before their first win of the season which is a twenty point victory against the same Milwaukee Bucks. They also blew out the Jazz before getting blown out by Utah later. Max wants to point out all of the subpar teams the Knicks beat during the streak but somehow doesn't want to acknowledge the fact that all the other elite teams have beat the same subpar teams in order to have their records...that's how it works! By the way the same Nuggets that just blew out the Knicks are the same Nuggets that lost to the Lakers without LeBron. At the same time the Knicks were getting blown out so were the Phoenix Suns by the Hawks, a team the Knicks have swept this season. What does it amount to? Nothing. Once again, Max slants facts to suit his own agenda which is discrediting the Knicks. Once again, Stephen A. fails to make the sound argument to debate Max. I just want a crack at Max. Honestly, you don't have to pay me anything, all I want is a shot in a head to head debate with Max about the Knicks and a witness. That's it.
walter hank
walter hank Пре месец
Knicks team be like: Stephen A is happy we don’t need to play anymore
Roel A.
Roel A. Пре месец
How's the Knicks now SAS? 🤣🤣🤣🤣..... My Denver winning or losing, they're very quite in face of the media....
Joel Guevara
Joel Guevara Пре месец
That lady most do a gooood bj Don't see what also she can be good at
yusuf Saahir
yusuf Saahir Пре месец
Imma die easy knicks fan 😭😭😭 i love they got they city buzzing again....
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