Volts For The People | 2021 Volkswagen ID.4 First Drive

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Volkswagen is making some big promises with their new EVs, the would like you to look at the ID.4 not as a novelty for luxury shoppers, or a performance car wrapped in green clothes, but as an EV alternative to the Tiguan, RAV4, and CR-V. This is a novel proposition and the ID.4 indeed checks all the boxes being about the same size as many compact crossovers in the USA, but is that enough to convince folks to go electric? Is it good enough to have a solid electric "alternative" or do shoppers need something extra to get them to jump to electrons?
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sphaera Пре 2 дана
This is one of my favorite ev cars offerings today. Its practicality and design is what gets me excited about it... I’ll wait a year though to give VW a chance to fix big bugs...
btLB426 Пре 3 дана
Fantastic Review!!!
NUNO LP Пре 4 дана
Amazing car!
00 00
00 00 Пре 10 дана
buggy software, not buying this preproduction-production model.
Andrew Le
Andrew Le Пре 13 дана
I agree with you, I never liked one-pedal driving... always too abrupt... I find it easier to use the foot brake and be in control of braking behaviour... I'm tempted to get this (Lease it for 3-years) just for the 3-years of free charging! That's definitely a selling point for me (similar to when Nissan did free 2-year charging for its LEAF a few years back)...
RKGSD Пре 14 дана
VW: From Dieselgate to EV.
koung DY
koung DY Пре 16 дана
Look nice
YJ B Пре 17 дана
Come back soon for the full review? Our ideas of soon seem to be different.
TeslaTidbits Know
TeslaTidbits Know Пре 18 дана
How do you charge the ID.4 using the app+Electrify America public charging station? Is it easy like the Tesla?
cmscms123456 Пре 20 дана
I REFUSE to plug a German car into my house. My house will start leaking oil, the havoc system will fail, and the windows will no longer open and close properly.
Dara M
Dara M Пре 21 дан
Just looked at the 1st edition specs, vs the Life, Family & Max. The 1st has worse consumption than the rest...lovely motor, even over the Tesla M3
Becca Hargate
Becca Hargate Пре 22 дана
You were deceptive in how you quoted the price. When you mentioned the $7,500 tax credit, you said the price would be that much lower. That's not exactly true. That's only if you have that much of a tax liability.
Becca Hargate
Becca Hargate Пре 22 дана
Ha. Just a few minutes after I left my comment, you did explain it correctly. Thanks. Otherwise, I do love your reviews.
Jolly Green
Jolly Green Пре 23 дана
Minus 7500 tax credit, and add 5000 dealer upchatge
GC S Пре 23 дана
They nailed the price on this thing. It's a great daily errand mobile for the average sized family. You do miss out on road trips though, especially from the convenience angle.
victimoffame23 Пре 24 дана
It is better to buy this over Rav4 Prime
Dieter Preiser
Dieter Preiser Пре 28 дана
Based on your comment about one pedal driving, you obviously don't own a Tesla. Also, I drove the ID4 and it does have one pedal driving. Maybe not quite as aggressive as in the Tesla, but still it is something you can do.
TheWolfdoctor Пре 29 дана
I actually like the idea of no front trunk. It makes maintenance a lot easier. I've seen Tesla videos where it takes a half hour to remove all sorts of barriers in order to get to what needs attention.
Stephen Ludwig
Stephen Ludwig Пре 29 дана
Some testers of the Mach E have had issues with the Plug and Charge connectivity with EA. That might be why VW is waiting to update the software till that feature works well. I love VWs but will wait for the 2023 ID Buzz for a VW to join my 2018 BMW i3 in my garage.
J Stephens
J Stephens Пре месец
It makes perfect sense that the recommended charge stations are not VW's. Since they are giving you free charges for the first three years, they would rather have you go elsewhere and pay than use their energy.
The Artificial Society
The Artificial Society Пре месец
You know what, Tesla can drive itself which can save your life. And Tesla has charging stations all over plus all the others whereas the other cars can only go to the smaller subset.
Jeremy Wheeler
Jeremy Wheeler Пре месец
It's Voltswagen LOL!
E M Пре месец
I like that is doesn’t look anything like a Prius.
Bjørn Пре месец
Boooring design.
Michael Goad
Michael Goad Пре месец
I like this sooooo much more than the model y
Johnny K
Johnny K Пре месец
VW/Audi design are very simple and clean. i really like this design language. hope the reliability is better compare to their ICE vehicles
davidsixtwo Пре месец
If there's a modern EV beetle, it's the ID3, I wish we got that in the States here
Brian Green
Brian Green Пре месец
Alex, great review! The VW dealers bought the 1st Editions and are selling them. I bought one this week.
Teacher Tony Cars
Teacher Tony Cars Пре месец
John Mitchinson
John Mitchinson Пре месец
The VW developers are useless and can't hack their way out of a paper bag.
John Doe
John Doe Пре месец
How is this the 21 Beetle? The Beetle was built to be a affordable car for the masses. This thing cost $40,000 and if the middle class are struggling to affords a regular car in the lower $20,000 they sure as hell can't afford this.
Frank Parsons
Frank Parsons Пре месец
it has one pedal. see B vs D.
Matthew Zielinski
Matthew Zielinski Пре месец
The pointless toilet neurally prepare because dictionary secondly balance pace a repulsive may. safe, plucky basketball
Emma Cat
Emma Cat Пре месец
More like Volts for people who like large SUVS and sport utilities.
Zeeshan B
Zeeshan B Пре месец
Couple of days ago I was at my local VW dealership & they have one ID 4 for demo. Look way better than in person than on media. It's really nice inside & outside. Beautiful clean high tech interior. Nice finish build & quality. Loved it
Keith Luken
Keith Luken Пре месец
Nice review as always. Agree mostly on 1 Pedal, I get used to it and wish VW would add it. What I don't like is the car rolls easily without the brake being applied. On a slight slope if I take foot of the pedal the car started to roll back a little.
Keith Luken
Keith Luken Пре месец
@jh5kl Both my gas cars have Auto Hold and Hill Start assist as more and more cars add that VW should be out in front. It is a no brainer software update and it can be disabled by default. Both my card you have to enable Brake Hold each time you start it. They just got lazy.
jh5kl Пре месец
VW has it, but id4 was specifically targeted at fuel car drivers, to convince them to buy an ev, so its not an id4 feature
"for the people" ?.... $40,000 min. is for the people ?... Electric cars are much more simple than the gas cars. Even the extra cost of the battery pack does not justify their price.
david Lakeisha
david Lakeisha Пре месец
The adorable driver dolly answer because taxi suprisingly whirl in a hungry stream. snotty, halting operation
Protect Animals
Protect Animals Пре месец
It bothers me the foundation of VW. The whole Adolf Hitler & Nazi thing is too sickening. I’m going with Tesla.
Brian Parkinson
Brian Parkinson Пре месец
I was stopped at a light in Rancho Mirage, CA yesterday and a car carrier went by with two ID 4s. Later in the day we visited Palm Springs VW and were able to see one and we were impressed. It's even better looking in person. Since it was a pre-ordered 1st Edition we weren't able to drive it but the dealership will be maintaining one as a demo and when that one comes in we'll get a first drive. Our lease ends in 10 months on our Niro EV and we were certain the Model Y would be our next EV but now I'm not so certain as the ID 4 looks to be a strong contender. Great video, as usual. Thank you!
Brian Parkinson
Brian Parkinson Пре месец
UPDATE: We were able to drive our dealership's demo ID 4 1st Edition and we love it. Super comfortable with all the tech and torque we require. In my opinion, VW has hit the ball out of the park with this EV. After we left the dealership we test drove a Model Y and we didn't like it at all. We love the Model 3 but the Y feels like a bloated, less fun to drive, uncomfortable version of the Model 3 and although I love the tech it will not be in the running for our next EV.
YK Chan
YK Chan Пре месец
This iD4 is less likely to turn the table with Tesla. The only model for VW in this case is the legendary model - VW Mini Van.
Ajitesh Das
Ajitesh Das Пре месец
Drum brakes at the rear 👎
CKLWOHIO Пре месец
Alex you give the most information in the least amount of time. Always a great job.
Kevin Siok
Kevin Siok Пре месец
I’ve watched many hours of VW ID 4 videos in the past six months. This was amongst the very best! Nice job..... Count me in as a new Alex subscriber!
B B Пре месец
This car will never be equivalent to the VW Beetle it's too expensive many people can not afford a 40k vehicle so it's "not the people's car". Next it looks like crap nothing that stands out at all. The beetle was quirky, fun and had tons of personality. I think Ford Mach E is the crossover to compete with. It has everything this ID4 lacks which is loads of style and charisma. Ford got it right!
OldCountryman Пре месец
Until EVs can be charged in a lot less than 40 minutes they aren’t going to be practical for interstate travel, not unless there are way more charging stations than there are gas pumps now. Can you imagine pulling off the Interstate to find that you’ll have a 40 minute wait for the station and another 40 minutes to charge?
OldCountryman Пре месец
Trying to market electric cars as muscle cars is just weird. Lookin’ at you Tesla and Ford.
acchaladka Пре месец
The pricing section Alex around 26 mins in....this is a tremendous deal. Also i see that interior and think in winter and with a few updates, i think that this, with the handling and the towing, this will be a perfect first EV as family CUV for millions. Though everyone will make their own calculations, to me the Mach-E as a family hauler, especially in winter - skinny tires, no ski pass through, no tow rating - seems like a poor man's Tesla rather than a super vehicle for the purpose.
MiroBG Пре месец
tax payers giving welfare to the rich so they can buy electric cars
rollingrecliner Пре месец
They should endearingly call it the "Voltswagon"
PeaceChanel Пре месец
Peace… Shalom… Salam... Namaste and Thank You Everybody for All that you are doing to Heal our Mother Earth 🙏🏻 😊 🌈 ✌ 🌷 ☮️❤️
Jeff E
Jeff E Пре месец
It's a VoltsWagen 😂
Bee Cars - INTERIOR Пре месец
this car motivates me to make an effort in life in order to afford nice things.
Daniel Gross
Daniel Gross Пре месец
Volkswagen is only building these BEVs because they were forced to by governments worldwide after the horrendous DieselGate scandal.... otherwise, VWGroup would have been bankrupted from all of the various governmental entities lawsuits and colossal environmental impact fines. VW didn't go Electric for no reason. It was self-preservation motive.
James Пре месец
This is the kind of vehicle the EV market in the US has needed to really get EV's rolling, not stupid teslas. The glass roof is still a no for me though, when will they start making those optional? Especially since every pound matters in an EV
Outstanding review. Great job as always Alex!
Eric Parkerson
Eric Parkerson Пре месец
The Ioniq5 is the 21st Century Beetle.
Rascha Пре месец
Seriously ? the 21st Century Beetle.at a price tag of 63.000 $ ???
635574 Пре месец
This is made for someone who is new to EVs and so plenty of stuff is half asses like no frunk or useless button and other complaints I heard elsewhere.
shreyasg Пре месец
Frunks are bad at usability. I would prefer to use a bigger rear trunk and enjoy a smaller hood.
AWI - ماليـــة عراقيــة
AWI - ماليـــة عراقيــة Пре месец
You mentioned Ford Mach-E more than VW ID.4 😁
David Cosgrove
David Cosgrove Пре месец
So many can afford 39 K , get a grip and realize 50% or more of the population cannot afford over 15 k for car and to find a charging station!
Twiin Central
Twiin Central Пре месец
Great review. Considering the clean slate they had, disappointed by the design of this car. If you googled ‘bland car’ I feel this car would show up.
John E
John E Пре месец
Damn -- I hate touchscreens, particularly if I am trying to drive and watch the road.
TheWolfdoctor Пре 29 дана
@John E True, but most young people are irresponsible and don't care about being distracted, so they push for fewer knows and switches.
John E
John E Пре 29 дана
@TheWolfdoctor Not just for seniors like us. Touchscreens are visually distracting, and operating them can be as bad as texting on the cellphone.
TheWolfdoctor Пре 29 дана
Yes, the more knobs and switches the better, especially for a senior like me.
Tony Vitale
Tony Vitale Пре месец
No mention of tow hitch , but overall a pretty good review , thank you
FredTheFailLord Пре месец
Great, "this will come in a later update" and other software development shenanigans are going to ruin cars.
Paul Ho
Paul Ho Пре месец
This feels like a Spark EV, so underwhelming and kind of a let down considering how much of a splash they were trying to make.
biz4two biz4
biz4two biz4 Пре месец
VW offering FREE 3yrs worth of charging. But, does not program Nav to take advantage?? Hmmm, surprising? Nah, it's VW and they are gimmick after gimmick. Anybody remember dieselgate?? Lol
Zeeshan B
Zeeshan B Пре месец
Alex what's the mileage range for the bigger battery pack (dual motor)?
Tracy Prell
Tracy Prell Пре месец
Nice car but a lot of drawbacks. The Bolt has GM's bare bones Super Cruise - even the full blown Super Cruise can not compare to Tesla's Autopilot/FSD since Super Cruise only works in Lidar-mapped areas vs Tesla's FSD operates on all streets and highways.
Spin Mouth
Spin Mouth Пре месец
Alex your videos are crispy even on low res, what camera & setup are you using?
Spin Mouth
Spin Mouth Пре месец
+ Ground clearance, + cargo capacity, + head room, + battery capacity, & lower lease price. Baby steps towards getting more of a Rivian R1S design, cargo capacity, ground clearance, and range for less money. Yay!
Kyle Ling
Kyle Ling Пре месец
12:33 made me laugh, love your video
Kyle Ling
Kyle Ling Пре месец
4600lb? Wow! How heavy is CRV and Rav4?
Kenneth Segovia
Kenneth Segovia Пре месец
I guess it’s the first non-compliance Voltswagen in Volkswagen.
canonlybeme4life Пре месец
Excellent Review Alex. That charging decision by VW is a head scratcher especially considering that they own Electrify America.
Chosen Architect
Chosen Architect Пре месец
Where would one put the stuff that's located in the front.. wouldn't it take up space else where like trunk or leg room?
Cameron Burks
Cameron Burks Пре месец
73 mins of exercise? Respect sir
John McAndrew
John McAndrew Пре месец
How does it compare to the Kia Niro EV? On paper the Niro is faster 0-60, has vented seats and about the same range. It might not have the same hood ornament appeal but everything else looks pretty comparable. Your thoughts before I go out there and purchase one of these?
Baron Von Jo
Baron Von Jo Пре месец
I wouldn't say this is a car for the people with a price tag that high
Baron Von Jo
Baron Von Jo Пре месец
@Rascha Me too
Rascha Пре месец
I wouldn't say TESLA is a car for the people even with a much higher price tag
Alex Wei
Alex Wei Пре месец
250 miles of range is not nearly enough, and that will be much less in winter, tho
EV Geek
EV Geek Пре месец
Great review. Do you know if you can use the built-in front camera as a dashcam?
Svik DK
Svik DK Пре месец
Nice balanced review. Not that I am surprised. But I do wonder why you don´t seem to get the AR hud in the US cars. That is one of the best features from VW. Also, are the headlights not Matrix LED like in europe. I drive an ID.3, that you cant have. And that have even better handling and more punch due to its lower weight and smaller size. Biggest problem with VW, is that they still haven´t solved the huge amount of software failures, that the current owners have to deal with. Look forward to the final review, until that keep up the good work :) Ps. again not sure if you have it in US, but the cars abillity to maintain the correct speed and break down before sharp turns, roundabouts etc. is really a great feature too. Almost makes it selfdriving. And the fact, that you dont need to "nag" the steering wheel, but just need to have a sligth grib, is really relaxing compared to all the competitions :)
Rockport1911 Пре месец
8:30 Thats because the software and development of these new VAG electric cars is rushed and not finished yet. I would rather wait for a higher spec- Audi EV on the same platform that will offer all the promised features. Its a new car with a new EV- plattform so there will be some bugs and cost- cutting involved...
Mac Tonite88
Mac Tonite88 Пре месец
I’m not sure if I should get a Leaf, Bolt, or ID.4. Great video as usual, Alex.
Thankz4sharing Пре месец
Alex doesn't like one-pedal driving. Fine. He should have that option, but those who disagree should also have a choice. I insist on it in an EV. Not having it is an absolute deal breaker. I could work around the terrible navigation system that ignores Electrify America, but that's a serious demerit.
Grape Пре месец
Looks like a Honda CRV
tjs114 Пре месец
Maybe VW doesn't send the id4 to Electrify America sites in route planning because they are being petty and don't want to pay for the charging?
rizzle razzleuno
rizzle razzleuno Пре месец
Electric Avenue rsplayer.info/will/video/fohqpX-k3I2o0nk.html I do prefer disco when driving my electric vehicle. Thanks for a great intro to the ID4. When it is being built in TN and a new generation of battery tech is available I just may get one, but for now it is not a good replacement for my Golf Sportwagen.
Trey’s Email
Trey’s Email Пре месец
The slow motion when showing the charging port was a little bit awkward....
BaileyBailey Пре месец
As this video shows, Alex is by far the best RSplayer car reviewer. Why he doesn't have 10x as many subscribers is hard to understand.
Green&Blue Productions
Green&Blue Productions Пре месец
It looks really good except the Mach-e while not as CUV like it has a slightly better back seat and front trunk. So I am still leaning toward the Mach-E especially since you can't find one for MSRP only below. Also, I can't wait for the People's BEV vs the Universal BEV!
R Zu
R Zu Пре месец
Fairly expensive for a car with a vinyl interior.
Priyananth Premakanthan
Priyananth Premakanthan Пре месец
German power
Mr. Yamaguchi
Mr. Yamaguchi Пре месец
No thanks Ill wait for the Audi Q4 E Iron
Mist Soalar
Mist Soalar Пре месец
is it a business decision not showing EA station on the nav?
Slawek L
Slawek L Пре месец
🥵...No one pedal driving....Good bay id4😔
Rascha Пре месец
I personally HATE one-pedal driving... so Hello ID.4 !
A O'Connor
A O'Connor Пре месец
It make very happy moment for me
Viva Las Vegas
Viva Las Vegas Пре месец
The interior material is so low class, the Ford is better outside/inside/handling.
abcd Пре месец
I've tried it and for me ID.4 is better than Model 3 in therm of design, engineering and quality
Joseph Пре месец
21st century Beetle? Can you get one for 15k? Then, no. It's not.
Frank Stocker
Frank Stocker Пре месец
VW can write software to fool ICE car's emissions but they can't write the software to charge their EV cars with a VW charger I think it has something to do with the three years free charging offer. I wouldn't trust this company with a bucket & spade on the beach.
Twiin Central
Twiin Central Пре месец
Exactly this. Some committee decided not to make it too easy during the first 3 years. And yeah, definitely do not trust the VW brand
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